Do Vape Pens Have Filters?

If you are new to vaping, you may be overwhelmed by the number of components that you can find in a vape pen. There are many parts that can be removed, cleaned, and even replaced with upgrades or attachments that better fit your vaping needs. In all the hustle and bustle that is the internal components of a vape pen, you may be wondering whether or not vape pens have filter screens. After all, traditional cigarettes have filters! Do vape pens have filters?

Do Vape Pens Have Filters?

It depends on the vape, but yes, many vape pens do have filters. You will usually see filter screens in dry herb vapes. This is because as the dry herbs are vaporized, they become more dried and brittle. With the constant flow of air caused by you taking a hit, little pieces of spent debris are going to want to hitch a ride! Since it would be problematic to potentially inhale pieces of dry herbs as you are trying to vape, filter screens (or mesh screens) are a very necessary component to keeping your dry herb vaping experience a comfortable, enjoyable one!

In addition to the mesh filter that prevents dry herb debris from entering the vapor pathway, dry herb vapes often have glass or ceramic screens near their heating element. This will only be true of dry herb vapes that use heating coils instead of heating chambers. Vapes that use heating coils will usually create smoke instead of vapor through a process called combustion. However, you may not always be in a position to be able to smoke, regardless of how discrete a dry herb vape pen allows you to be.

This is where the glass or ceramic screen comes in. This screen rests above the heating coil, preventing the dry herbs from making direct contact with the heating coil. Since the dry herbs do not come in contact with the heat source, they never combust or produce smoke. Instead, the air around the dry herbs is heated enough to cause the dry herbs to produce vapor, a process called convection. Not all dry herb vape pens have the option to switch between combustion and convection modes, so if this is a feature you want to have, be sure you double-check the product description before you buy!

Do Oil Vape Pens Have Filters?

Nope! Oil vape pens do not have filters because there is not anything to filter! The vape oil is stored in a cartridge or vape tank in close proximity to the heating element. When the device is powered on, the vapor is produced from the chamber and follows a very thin, narrow path until it reaches the mouthpiece. There is no danger of anything clogging the vapor path like in a dry herb vape pen, so you do not need filter screens in an oil vape pen.

Do Wax Vape Pens Have Filters?

Wax vape pens also do not have filters for similar reasons to oil vape pens. Wax concentrate is solid and sticky, and when you heat it, it turns to a liquid and then a vapor. Much like with oil vape pens, there is on debris that will fly up and get caught in the vapor path during vaping, so there is no need for a filter screen. Also, like oil vape pens, wax concentrate has to have physical contact with the heating element in order to produce vapor, so there will not be any glass or ceramic screen by the heating coils, either.

However, unlike oil pens, wax pens can develop clogs if stored improperly. The wax concentrate might be liquid while vaping, but when the pen cools down, any leftover wax becomes hard again. If you allowed wax to flow into the vapor path or outside of the heating chamber due to mishandling, that wax could harden inside the vapor path, preventing you from being able to use the wax vape. To prevent this, you should always store wax pens upright, and you should never overfill the heating chamber of a wax pen.

How Do I Clean Mesh Filter Screens?

Since the filter screens are hard at work preventing dry herb debris from entering the vapor path, they will slowly get clogged by the ash, debris, and residue that they collect. Eventually, this will block airflow in your dry herb pen, preventing the pen from being used. Luckily, cleaning mesh screens is a simple process. Most dry herb vapes come with a wire cleaning brush (if yours did not, getting one will be a helpful cleaning tool). That wire brush is perfect for knocking away debris and getting into the tiny holes in the screen. Regularly cleaning your vape in this way will do a great job of keeping your pen in working order.

Eventually, that mesh filter screen will be beyond cleaning. Most dry herb vapes are built so the filter screen can be easily replaced since they are the part of the dry herb vape that gets the nastiest the fastest. In fact, your dry herb vape probably came with some spare filter screens for this very reason. If not, the manufacturer usually provides compatible mesh screens depending on what dry herb vape you are using. For example, if you have a Titan 1 or Titan 2, mesh vape screen replacements are readily available at reasonable prices.

How Do I Clean Glass or Ceramic Filters?

Glass or ceramic filters can be a little more challenging to clean. They are both in direct contact with your dry herb as well as very, very close to the heating element. Both of these factors in close proximity mean that your glass or ceramic filter will quickly build residue. While a little bit of residue is to be expected, if you go too long without cleaning the filter, it can begin to affect the taste of your vapor. Regular checking and cleaning will be paramount to keeping your vaping experience as high of quality as possible!

Fortunately, the process of cleaning your glass or ceramic filter is straightforward. First, you’ll want to allow the device to cool completely after use. Once that is done, open the heating chamber and gently remove the glass screen. Then, soak the filter in a cleaning solution. We recommend Formula 420, as it is a powerful, safe option for getting your glass or ceramic pieces as clean as possible. If you do not have access to a specialty cleaner like Formula 420, isopropyl alcohol can also be used.

After the glass screen has soaked (usually 40 minutes to an hour), remove it from the cleaning solution, thoroughly rinse off any remaining cleaner or residue, and allow the screen to air dry completely. This step is especially important if you are using isopropyl alcohol, as it presents a significant fire hazard if you do not allow all the alcohol time to evaporate off of the piece.

That’s it! Cleaning glass or ceramic screens is easy. However, to ensure that you do not have an interruption to your vaping schedule, we recommend having several glass or ceramic screens on hand. Much like mesh filter screens, you can find glass screens that are made specifically for the vape that you have. You also have the option of buying generic or universal glass screens if your device does specifically make this part available.

Where Can I Buy Mesh, Glass, or Ceramic Filters?

You may have some luck finding filters at your local vape store, but vape parts are generally not kept in physical locations. Your best bet to finding spare parts like filters is going online to either the manufacturer’s website or a retailer that sells your vape pen. For example, we have a wide range of mesh, glass, and ceramic filters available, both for specific vape models as well as universal parts. With any vape part you buy from us, you’ll always get FREE U.S. shipping with no order minimum required!

If you are not sure if a product is right for you, reach out to us! Our customer service can make sure that you get a compatible screen on the first purchase!

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