Do I Need a Grinder with a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

A dry herb vaporizer is a vape pen device that is used by those who would rather vape their herbs rather than smoke them. This offers a much more discreet experience, as well as more of a controlled experience for the user. The device heats up the herbs and creates a vapor that contains the plant material. In doing this, the user will feel the effects when inhaling the vapor.

There are many different types of dry herb vaporizers, however they all fit in to two categories: portable and desktop. A portable vaporizer gets its name from its compact size, which makes it easy to travel with, or to put away in a drawer when it’s not being used anymore. A desktop vaporizer is much larger however, and require a power source to plug into. A well-known example of a portable dry herb vaporizer is the E-CLIPSE dry herb vaporizer. Desktop vaporizers are generally more powerful, which makes them great for a group setting, and since they are larger, they can hold more herb than a portable vaporizer. An example of a desktop vaporizer is the Arizer Extreme Q.

E-Clipse dry herb vaporizer and what is it?

How Herb Vapes Work

Dry herb vaporizers work by heating up whatever herbs that are put into the chamber, creating a vapor. There are two ways to do this: combustion and convection. The first way uses direct contact with the coils to heat up the herbs in the vaporizer. Convection heating is done using hot air to heat the herbs. The hot air surrounds the herbs each time you take a hit, heating up the herbs and creating a vapor. Since the herbs are not combusted in convection vaporizers, they are considered to be better than combustion vaporizers as there is no risk of burning the herbs.

How to Use an Herb Vape

In order to use a dry herb vaporizer, follow these steps!

  1. Grind your herbs: It is important that you grind your dry herb as best as you can in order for them to evenly heat up. That way the herb won’t burn, and you can avoid a burnt taste during your vape experience.
  2. Fill the chamber: Loosely pack the chamber with your herb. Depending on how the vape heats up, you may be able to pack it tighter, but all vaporizers need room to allow air to pass through.
  3. Heat up the vaporizer: This type of device needs time to heat up before using, ranging anywhere from 10 seconds (typically combustion vapes) to roughly a minute depending on the device. Most of these devices have temperature control, and their settings fall between 315°F and 440°F.
  4. Take a hit: Once the device is entirely heated up, you are free to take a hit and enjoy!
Dry Herb Vaporizer grinder for dry herb

What is an Herb Grinder?

Since a dry herb vaporizer requires your herbs to be finely ground in order for it to work properly, it might prove useful to purchase an herb grinder. That way, your herbs can be ground evenly and can be used in a variety of ways other than in a dry herb vaporizer.

Grinders are commonly made out of metal so that they are strong enough to break up herbs, as well as last the longest. There are also grinders made out of acrylic and wood, if you want to stand out or if you want different options in terms of shapes and colors.

There are also different types of grinders. Most grinders are 3-part grinders, which means they have the top part where you put the herb in, a screened section where the ground herb sits, and then the pollen that falls off the herb goes through the screen into the final chamber. There are also 2-part grinders, which are the simplest grinders and simply grind and collect herbs. On the more advanced side of things, there are 4-part grinders that have a pollen screen, but also a scraper.

How does an Herb Grinder work

Using a grinder is fairly simple, but it may seem complicated once you get to the 3- and 4-part grinders. When you open the top of the grinder, there will be a number of “teeth” that are used to break up your herbs. The number of teeth in the grinder will depend on how big your grinder is. Place your herbs on the teeth part of the grinder. It is important to put the herb on the teeth and not between them; if you do this the herb will not grind.

Once you have placed enough herb in the grinder, put the lid back on and rotate the lid until all the herb falls through the holes. If necessary, you can give the side a tap, or use a pencil/scissor to make sure all of it goes through the holes. After that, take the chamber with the teeth off to reveal all the ground up herb! 

do dry herbs need to be ground up for a dry herb vaporizer

Do I Need a Grinder with a Dry Herb Vaporizer?

In short, yes. It will make it a lot easier to grind up your herbs evenly, giving you the ultimate vaping experience. The chamber inside the vaporizer is too small to squeeze any unground herbs up, and they will smoke unevenly. If you cannot get your hands on a grinder, there are several ways to grind up your favorite herbs so that you can use a dry herb vaporizer. Using your hands is probably the cheapest option, even though it is not the most effective. Finding a grinder is not impossible—most smoke shops have a wide variety of grinders of different shapes, sizes, and colors for you to choose from. Finding a good dry herb vaporizer is also possible at a smoke shop, and someone there can offer knowledge about how the device works. Both of these products are also easily available online and can be delivered right to you!

Visiting a smoke shop is best if you have any questions about a dry herb vaporizer or a grinder. They will be able to find you what you need and tell you about your specific device and the device’s needs.

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