Desktop Vape vs Bong Differences

Bongs are one of the most recognizable pieces of smokeware used for dry herb smoking. Bongs have been around for decades, as they are one of the best solutions for consistently producing big, cool tasty hits of your favorite dry herbs. While other options for enjoying dry herbs have become popular, like vape pens, many smokers continue to swear by bongs.

However, desktop vapes may offer an enticing alternative to using a bong, though many don't understand the nuanced differences between the two. Below, we'll explore the differences between a desktop vape and a bong, helping you decide which product might be best for you (you may even realize that you'd enjoy having both!)

Vapes Vaporize, Bongs Burn

Desktop vapes, like most vapes, don't create smoke. Instead, they use convection heating to create vapor, which occurs at a lower temperature point that creating smoke. This allows the vapor to be cooler, making it easier to inhale. Vapers also avoid the general harshness of smoke, which is ideal for those that struggle with taking harsher hits as a bong makes.

Bongs use combustion heating, which means that the dry herb actually catches fire and produces smoke. While it's easier to produce large amounts of smoke at a time compared to large amounts of vapor (creating stronger hits faster), the smoke can still be difficult to take a hit from.

However, while other glass pipes don't have a remedy for the harshness of smoke, bongs do, which brings us to our next difference:Arizer Extreme q Vaporizer

Bongs Use Water, Vapes Do Not

Bongs use water filtration to help smooth the hits out to counter how hot and harsh hits from smoke can be. As smoke is forced through the water reservoir in a bong, larger particles that may irritate the lungs are filtered out. The smoke is also cooled by the water, which results in smooth, comfortable hits.

Most desktop vapes don't use any kind of water filtration. This means that the vapor path between what is being vaped and your mouth is unimpeded. This doesn't necessarily mean that your hits from a desktop vape will be significantly harsher since vapor is produced at lower temperatures than smoking.

E-Juices, Dry Herb, and Concentrates

One of the most noticeable differences between desktop vapes not to be confused for the dry herb vaporizers with that saying bongs is what kinds of substances can be used in each setup. Bongs use dry herb exclusively since the bong bowl used to pack dry herb is unable to accommodate other substances.

Desktop vapes, on the other hand, can usually be configured to handle a wide range of substances. The range of temperatures they can handle mean that they can vaporize e-juices and dry herb with burning them but can also be set high enough to produce vapor from concentrates.

One of the biggest appeals of desktop vapes is their ability to use a wide range of substances. If you want to enjoy more than just dry herb, then you should consider a desktop vape.

E Juice

Customizable Vapes, Bongs

Most desktop vapes are compatible with a wide variety of user settings, ranging from precision heating, firing timers, auto-shutoff, and many others. Even for desktop vapes that specialize in a single substance, most users will still be able to find a breadth of options to help cater their vape sessions to their specific wants and needs.

Bongs, as you can imagine, are more limited. You won't find precision heating options or any other feature associated with digital controls. However, bongs are not without their customizable options. You can change the bong bowl type, adjust the down stem to include an ice catcher or percolator, or you can purchase bongs with several percolators builtin already.

If you want the precision customization that comes with modern technology, then you'll want a desktop vape. If that kind of precision control is less important to you, then you may be happy with either a bong or desktop vape.

Travel Capabilities

If you're looking for something you can potentially travel with and easily use, bongs are what you're looking for. You need to be sure to pack them securely, so they don't break, but bongs only require an open flame, a filled reservoir, and a packed bowl to use. While it may not be the most convenient, it's very doable.

Desktop vapes, on the other hand, often require a wall outlet for functioning (many do not have a chargeable battery). This means if you don't have access to a standard wall outlet, you aren't going to be able to use your desktop vape.

Desktop vapes are often designed to be used on a stable, flat surface, which may not be readily accessible while you're on the go. While some desktop vapes have batteries, they still usually aren't an ideal choice for enjoying dry herb or other substances while on the go.

Which Is Better?

Neither a desktop vape nor a bong is inherently "better" than the other. What makes them better or worse is how well or poorly they meet your smoking needs. If water filtration is a must-have for you, then you aren't going to be happy with most desktop vapes. On the other hand, if you want easy access to vaping a wide variety of substances, a bong will leave you feeling disappointed.

Take the time to think about what you want out of a vaping or smoking experience, and then line them up with what desktop vapes and bongs do well. You'll be able to determine which is best for your lifestyle, or you may discover that you would benefit from owning both!

CBD Vape Oil Smoke

Where to Buy Bongs or a Desktop Vapes

Most vape shops and head shops will have some kind of bong available, though your selection may be more limited than you want. Desktop vapes are niche devices, meaning that they'll be much harder to find in brick and mortar stores.

Online vape shops are your best option to find a decent variety of either bongs or desktop vapes. If you want free U.S. shipping on any order and an amazing customer service experience, then consider buying right here at Vape Vet Store!

If you still have questions about the difference between bongs and desktop vapes, reach out to us! We'll help explain each further and will make sure you get a desktop vape or bong that is a perfect fit for your smoking or vaping needs.

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