DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer Review

The Davinci MIQRO is a sleek and well-designed vape that easily fits in your pocket, is easy to transport, and provides superior vapor quality. Davinci is known for providing next level vapor quality and taste, and the new MIQRO is no different. It is designed with a ceramic oven and zirconia ceramic vapor pieces for the vapor path, all of which contribute to this compact piece of equipments ability to provide vapor that rivals the quality of larger and more powerful vapes. Although the smaller battery size limits the longevity of the battery life, it comes with replaceable batteries so that you can double the length of use on outdoor adventures. It also heats up within 30 seconds, eliminating the need to wait around for it to heat up when you are on the go.

At first glance, it is surprising how small this vape really is. The Davinci Miqro is one of the smallest vapes on the market, fitting in the palm of your hand or in your pocket easily. Its supreme portability, clean hits, durable design, and replaceable batteries make it a leader in the portable handheld dry herb vaporizer market.

What's in the Kit?

What comes in the Davinci Miqro Vape Kit:

The Davinci MIQRO gives users everything they need to get started with and maintain the device. The pack comes with:

  1. 10mm mouthpiece
  2. USB Cable
  3. Cleaning Kit
  4. Batteries
  5. Manual

Davinci offers an upgraded package as well that also includes a glove, carrying case, and extra pieces such as gasket, post, and pearl. Out of the box, you get everything you need to get started using the Miqro wherever you go.

Why Buy the Davinci MIQRO Vaporizer?

The Davinci Miqro is perfect for those who are looking for a stylish mini dry herb vaporizer that gives some of the cleanest hits you will ever have for a device of its size. The first thing you will notice about the piece is its exceptional design and sleek look and feel. You will be hard pressed to find another vaporizer that fits as comfortable in your hands and looks as cool - and you can really feel the durability and attention to detail with every rip. One of the most intuitive features of the Miqro is it's easy to load bowl that makes getting a session going easier than ever. Simply loading in the coarsely ground dry herb into the bowl is guided and simple and all you need to do is gently tap the side of the vaporizer to guide all of the dry herb into the oven. The oven holds about a quarter gram of flower if fully packed. The device includes a pearl attachment that can also be fitted into the bowl to lessen the capacity to about a tenth of a gram, making it perfect for packing a simple single hit bowl for lighter hits. Either way, you will notice that the Miqro is very powerful despite its small size. The MIQRO’s air flow depends on how tightly you pack the bowl, and works best when packed with ground up herb that is tamped lightly but still has room for air circulation. It performs best with short to medium draws instead of longer ones using well-packed packed bowls that still have some room for airflow and even heating. It comes with two mouthpieces, one flat and one with a 10mm extension.

The MIQRO heats up in as little as 30 seconds for quick use anywhere on a full charge. A single charge can get you about 4-5 sessions with the Miqro depending on the size of your bowls and rips. The replaceable 18350 900mAh battery is a great feature with impressive battery life given its small size. It charges in as little as 45 minutes on an external charger and can take as long as two hours to charge via USB, however, so we recommend having multiple batteries with you ready to go if you are taking it with you on trips. The battery meter on the unit is surprisingly accurate and useful, with four bars that dropped once with each bowl. The MIQRO can be used while plugged in and charging, but it will still drain the battery faster than it can charge. The Miqro is very easily controlled with only three buttons on the side of the unit that handle all of the temperature control and power settings, as well as its three pre-programmed heating methods. These include both a precision heating control that lets you easily and effectively pinpoint your favorite temperature for whatever strain you may be using. It also includes a very cool smart path setting that offers 4 unique temperature ranges that vary between higher temps for a more potent and couch-locking effect, as well as lower temps that can provide more energizing and focused effects.

The Miqro is simple to use, as outlined below.

How to Use the MIQRO

How to Use the DaVinci MIQRO Vape:

  1. Open the chamber, fill with your choice of herb, then close.
  2. To power-up the MIQRO simply press the power button 5x.
  3. Once powered, use the power button for switching between the Smart Path, precision heating, and Boost modes
  4. Use the up and down buttons for toggling between the Smart Path/temperature modes
  5. Once the heating of the chamber is completed (roughly 40 seconds), begin inhalation!

There are three buttons on the unit: one is the power button, and the others are the up and down controls for the smart paths and temperature. The settings make it easy to customize the temperature to your preferences, and there's also a standby and boost mode—excellent for increasing the temperature for the last few hits in a vaping session.


Tips on Using the Davinci Miqro Vaporizer:

When using the Miqro, always be sure to use a grinder to get the herb down to a fine yet coarse ground. Over grinding can cause leaks of herb into the chambers of the vape pen that will make it very hard to clean and also shrink the overall lifespan of the device if not monitored. In addition, wearing the included glove is also helpful as the vape can become warm to the touch with repeated use due to its small condensed design, although this is not terrible - the vape has very advanced chamber design that minimizes this effect drastically compared to similar models. Be sure to utilize and experiment with the smart path feature to get the most out of your vaping experience with the Miqro, as this is one of the most intuitive features on a mini vape available on the market. Save your favorite temperature ranges and easily access them to streamline all of your vaporizing sessions. It also offers a range of about 5 different temperatures that all are proven to provide slightly different effects depending on what you are looking for. When taking the Miqro with you on the go, always be sure to have the included extra battery charged and ready to make sure you have plenty of power for the day.

How To Clean the DaVinci Miqro Vaporizer:

Because of its small design and easy to access chambers, the Miqro is very easy to clean compared to its larger counterparts. The Zirconium Pearl, vapor path, and mouthpiece are easy to remove and clean. In order to clean the pieces effectively, just drop the vapor path and mouthpiece in some isopropyl alcohol for about 10 minutes, give them a quick wipe down, and then rinse and let them dry before putting them unit back together. The included pipe cleaners work great for cleaning the vapor path quickly and removing any loose debris that may have built up.  If you are not time limited, you can just drop the mouthpiece and vapor path into iso overnight and you won’t even need to use the pipe cleaner. It is important to make sure all of the pieces are completely dried before you reassemble the device. Try to clean the piece at least 1-2 times a month to maintain its like-new feel. Doing the cleaning routine once a week will ensure longer durability and always clean hits and consistently big clouds. Is It For Me?

Is the DaVinci MIQRO Vape for me?

The Miqro is the smallest battery powered vaporizer to hit the market yet and still comes loaded with great features and a strong, sturdy design. This vaporizer gives you everything you'd want in a portable vaporizer and really sacrifices very little for being so small. This is not quite the vaporizer to be using all day around the house and on the go, it is more suited for trips and using here and there to get a quick rip in. The bow size is perfect for a single person, but will be difficult to satisfy large groups without draining the battery and over burning the flower. Overall, it is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a highly advanced vaporizer that is ultra small while still providing very tasty hits and a sturdy and durable build. You can easily pick up the Miqro from home with free shipping at vapevetstore.com!

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