Dab Rig Cleaning 101: How to Do it Like a Pro

The fun does not have to end just because your dab rig is no longer giving you the same satisfaction when you first bought it. There might just be some residue left inside of it that is preventing you from having a more potent hit. Cleaning your smoking device can change that for you.

To make the most out of your smoking experience, it is better to get rid of the sticky concentrates stuck in your dab rig. This way, you get an authentic and flavorful vapor every time just like dry herb vaporizers and vape pens. Let us dive into the topic more through this guide on how to clean your dab rig.

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Why You Need to Clean your Dab Rig

You might have the idea that cleaning a dab rig is an overwhelming task, but the truth is it can be very simple like cleaning a dry herb vaporizer if you just know what to do. Smokers like you should not be intimidated when it comes to cleaning your smoking device. You only have to dedicate a fraction of your time and be patient while doing so.

For starters, you should understand the reason why you are cleaning your dab rig. As mentioned earlier, having a clean smoking device can enhance the quality of your experience. In addition, it would also keep you from buying a new one.

Things You Need

To begin the cleaning process, you should have the following things with you to proceed:

  • Cotton Swabs
  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Anti-bacterial Wipes or Any Sterile Cloth
  • One Large Resealable Plastic Bag or Container
  • A Torch Lighter
  • Coarse Sea Salt
To do checklist for dab rigs

Steps to Cleaning a Dab Rig

  1. Dump Dirty Dab Rig Water

Before you start cleaning your smoking device, make sure to throw out the old water into a drain or sink. If you often use your dab rig, you should always replace and change the water as much as possible. This will prevent any residue from staying inside your smoking device.  After you remove the water out of your dab rig, start manually cleaning your dab rig using your hands under running water. Try to remove any remaining dirt before using the items you have with you. Fill the dab rig with hot water and shake it to start loosening the concentrate inside your device.

  1. Remove Wax Residue Buildup on Rig

You can go and start to scrape off the sticky substance as much as possible using a cotton swab that is soaked in alcohol. Make sure to reach any buildup that is stuck on the edges of your smoking device. If you have trouble with removing the sticky concentrate, grab your torch lighter to ease the process. Use it to burn the substance off the surfaces. This will help release the concentrate and make it easier for it to stay off the edges. Afterwards, rinse it with warm water and let the water run down the hard-to-reach areas where there is buildup.

glass dab rig with two cleaning solution bottles being sprayed
  1. Wipe down dab rig exterior features

There are times where you end up touching the smoking material and have your hands filled with the sticky concentrate, chances are that you leave some of the messy residues on the dab rig itself. After using the torch lighter and manually cleaning it with hot water, use an alcohol-soaked cotton swab or you can choose to wet it with warm water and clean all the edges that you can reach. Wipe it thoroughly and make sure that all the grime is well removed. Do it more than once until you achieve a cleaner exterior. Wipe down the interior areas that you can reach. You can also use an anti-bacterial wipe or cloth to wipe your dabbing rig for thorough cleaning.

  1. Fill the Container with Alcohol and Salt

Grab the resealable container or plastic bag and place the dab rig inside it. Add in an enough amount of the isopropyl alcohol and the coarse sea salt. Shake the bag vigorously to start the cleaning process. The coarse sea salt has cleaning properties, so make sure that the coarse salt comes into contact with your dab rig. If in any case that your dab rig has a hard time getting rid of the remaining sticky residue on its surfaces then soak it for a longer period of time or repeat the process as needed.

blue and black silicone dab rig having water poured
  1. Rinse after Soaking to Clear Remaining Residue

Shake the resealable bag or container once again before opening it . Remove your dab rig as you see some of the floating residues leave its surface. Make sure that you rinse it thoroughly to fully clean the device. After running it under warm or hot water, wipe out the interior and exterior surfaces of your dab rig to let the drying process begin. If there are areas of your dab rig that are still wet or moist, leave it for a few minutes to air out the remaining water.

Remember that if you want your dab rig to work at its best, you will need to maintain it on a regular basis. Replace the water as often as possible and clean your nail with a cotton swab with alcohol or water after use. Cleaning it regularly will reduce the need for deep cleaning, ensuring that you have a smoother and faster cleaning process. Now that you have cleaned your dab rig, you can further enjoy your shiny and newly cleaned smoking device until your next session.

Other Things You Can Do to Maintain Your Dab Rig

You can do a lot of things to maintain your dabbing rig other than just cleaning it. It all boils down to how you use it as well. If you properly and responsibly use your smoking device then you are off to a great start.

5 tips to maintain a dab rig

5 Tips to Maintain a Dab Rig

  1. Take each hit slowly and avoid dabbing too much. Learn how to control your intake and take some interval dabs. This way, your dab rig would not be too overused. Prolonging your dab rig’s effectiveness and efficiency. 
  1. Use your dab rig at lower temperatures to avoid an unpleasant inhalation process. Allow some time for it to cool after heating it and using it all over again. You can keep your smoking device in a better condition by doing so.
  1. Protect your hands from the concentrate's slimy texture through the use of gloves. This can also avoid spreading the slippery consistency to the outer side of your dab rig. This also helps speed up the cleaning process.
  1. Every time you place your smoking device down on a hard surface, make sure to easily place it to avoid any cracks that can affect your dabbing experience. A simple and careless placement can lead to tiny cracks that can spread throughout the whole dab rig.
  1. If you share your dab rig with other people, the chances of it becoming dirty and sticky are high. To appear presentable in the presence of others, your dab rig should be well-maintained. One thing you can do is to use a replaceable mouthpiece and change it often. Doing this can avoid any residue to stick to the surface of your smoking device. This can also be helpful in preventing any spread of illnesses.

Above all these tips mentioned, you should stay disciplined in regularly cleaning your dab rig. Follow this guide to help keep your dab rig properly maintained and be as good as your previous use.

Knowing how to meticulously clean it can make it last longer. If you put cleaning aside for a long time, the more likely it is to end up giving you an unpleasant encounter. Clean your dab rig to preserve the flavor of your smoking material.

Four wax dabs being smoked with football player dancing

Dabbing Rig Conclusion

Cleaning your dab rig is not difficult to do. It gets easier as you consistently prevent the residue to stay too long on it. This will improve your experience while prolonging the shelf life of your dab rig and at the same time keeping it fresh and clean.

Always keep note that the longer you let the residue or sticky substance linger onto the surfaces of your dab rig, the harder it is to remove any residue that is left after using your dab rig. Start to make this cleaning routine a regular practice. This way, you can enhance your smoking experience every time.

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