Can You Vape Inside?

One of the best arguments for making the switch from smoking to vaping is that vapor leaves little to no residue behind. Although you can blow big clouds, the vapor clouds won’t linger as long as smoke. Vapor clouds also do not carry any tobacco residue, which can cause damage to fabrics and furniture. However, even if vaping has less of an impact than smoking, it does not always mean that it is alright to vape in any space you please. Vaping indoors can still affect those around you and the space you are vaping in. Read on to learn about when and where vaping should be avoided indoors.

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Can You Vape At Home?

No matter if you are vaping nicotine e-liquid, flavored e-liquid, oil, waxes, or dry herb vaporizers, most laws allow you to vape in the privacy of your home. However, there are a few additional factors that you should consider before legally vaping in any indoor space. Although vapor clouds do not have nearly as much impact as clouds of smoke, they do have temporary side-effects.

With vaping, the residue left behind from your nicotine intake won’t cause long-term damage to clothing, fixtures, or furniture.  But while a vapor cloud is not thick like smoke, it does contain tiny particles of liquids or solids within a gas. Therefore, the vapor residue still contains the ingredients you inhaled in the first place.  However, the original substance is diffused and dissipated within the gas cloud. This cloud then clears a lot faster than your average cloud of smoke. Over time though, it can leave an accumulation of tiny particles behind. It is always best practice to air out a space after you have vaped, and make sure you have proper air circulation while you are vaping. This can help your clouds dissipate faster and leave less PG, VG, nicotine, flavoring, oil, or dry herb particles behind. Although these particles are too tiny to see, you will see the side effects of their accumulation after extended periods of vaping without airflow. Vapor clouds and a little bit of dirt can be the perfect combination to create mold in all kinds of unexpected places.

Another factor to consider before blowing big clouds is who is in your immediate surroundings. It is important to be careful to avoid vaping in front of minors, especially when it comes to nicotine e-liquid and CBD oil. Although there are studies still researching the side effects of second-hand vapor, it’s best to avoid passing along vapor to minors in any sense.

Even after you’ve cleared all the minors out of the room and opened a few windows for proper air circulation, you should still pause before creating big vapor clouds. If you are sharing the space with anyone else it is common courtesy to ask before vaping in the same space. Not everyone is comfortable with smoking or vaping for a variety of reasons. It’s always a good idea to err on the side of being conscious over inconsiderate though.

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Can You Vape In Public Spaces?

When you want to vape in a public space there are many more factors to consider. About half of the states in the U.S. currently include vaporizers, or “e-cigarettes”, in their definition of “tobacco products”. This means that half the country places vaporizers under the same regulations as cigarettes. This can include anything from selling vaporizers to customers over the age of 18, 19, or 21 years old, depending on the state you are in, to designating where you can us a vape pen in public.

In many indoor places in the United States, vaping is subject to a partial or full ban, unless you are in a private residence. Because similar regulations have existed on cigarettes for quite some time, it can be easiest to think of vaping as being subject to the same restrictions. This means that you typically cannot vape in restaurants, shops, malls, concert halls, bars, clubs, movie theaters, and or similar public indoor spaces. However, you can often vape nicotine in a designated outdoor smoking section. At bars or restaurants, this is typically an outdoor area that is designated with ashtrays and signage. If there is not a designated area for smoking and vaping within a public business, then it is best to assume that all vaping must happen at least 25 feet from the building’s entrance. Although these regulations can be seen as an unfair inconvenience at times, the intent is to not pass along secondhand smoke or vapor to others in public.

vaping in public in a crowded place

However, these laws and regulations will vary depending on what city, state, or country you are in. Many countries have more relaxed regulations when it comes to smoking and vaping, but it is always best to ask for permission instead of forgiveness when it comes to this. If all else fails, ask an employee or manager at the business you are frequenting if they allow vaping indoors. If vaping is not allowed or if it is unclear, then it doesn’t hurt to excuse yourself and step outside to vape.

Before pulling out your vape to blow big clouds, it is best to pause and ask where vaping is allowed. If you are the person who can give permission, then it is all up to you. But if a business manager asks you to kindly step outside before vaping, it is best to accommodate their request. Vaping where it is illegal to partake can lead to large fines or being banished from businesses in the long run. Until more research is done to clarify the side-effects of secondhand vapor, vaping will often be subject to the same regulations as smoking tobacco. For now, it is best to play it safe and accommodate requests to vape outdoors and away from the crowd.

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