Can You Have Dry Herbs Delivered from a Dispensary?

We have come a long way from the illegal days of purchasing dry herb, in many ways. One of the ways that shock consumers the most is that the legal market now offers door-to-door delivery of your favorite dispensary products. You longer have to wait around for hours for your “guy” to show up with a plastic bag of schwag herb. You can now simply place an order online, wait a little bit and have dry herb appear magically at your door.

But how does this system work exactly? And can you get dry herb delivered anywhere in the United States? Read on to learn more before you get too excited about ordering your dry herb and pizza for delivery next Friday night.

How Does Dispensary Delivery Work?

Licensed dispensaries are offering delivery service more often, especially with this past year’s recent shift to heavy online shopping. However, it is not as simple as finding a delivery driver to have a dispensary offer this service. It takes a bit more licensing, time, and investment than that. Thankfully, dispensary directories have also been working to make customers lives a little easier. If you use a dispensary directory to find a licensed location that offers an online menu and online ordering, then you are in luck. These directories will also offer a system for placing orders for delivery as well if the dispensary chooses to do so. If you create an account as a customer on one of these dispensary directories, then you can easily browse dispensary menus and place an order.

Dispensary delivery orders are fulfilled by the dispensary of your choice, packed up, and sent straight to your door with the delivery option. When your order arrives, you will have to show the delivery driver your ID and pay with cash, and a tip for your driver preferably. It’s very similar to placing an order for pizza delivery or on Postmates, but with dry herb. However, not all customers are lucky enough to enjoy this luxury.

Where Does Dispensary Delivery Work?

The regulations for dispensaries and delivery services will depend on the specific regulations in the state you are purchasing in. Every state operates by a slightly different set of laws, and dispensaries are subject to local or regional regulations as well. Even if a state has legalized recreational dispensaries, it does not mean that they also allow delivery.

For example, California and Maine have legalized recreational dispensaries, medical dispensaries, and delivery for all dispensary customers. However, Oregon legalized both recreational and medical dispensaries, but offers limited delivery options due to local laws. On the other hand, Massachusetts has legalized delivery but is still in the works of making it happen. And Nevada and Michigan are allowing delivery services, but only under emergency rules. There are also currently twelve states that allow medical delivery services, but some still do not offer recreational delivery.  These states include Arizona, California, Florida, Maines, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Oregon, for now.

To make this question of dispensary delivery legality even more confusing, there are some states that are also seeing illegal delivery services pop up. In states such as New York, Washington, and Colorado, delivery is not yet legalized but recreational and medical dispensaries are. That makes it very tempting for these dispensaries to keep up with the current industry trends and find ways to make deliveries happen. However, if dispensary delivery is not specifically legalized in your state or area, then a dispensary offering this service is breaking state and federal regulations. As a customer, it is also best to double-check the laws for yourself, so that you know exactly where you are getting your dry herb from.

What Should You Consider When Having Your Herb Delivered?

Once you’ve determined if dispensary delivery is a legal option where you live, it’s time to consider all the different delivery services available. The dispensary delivery services in your area will vary based on more than just the distance the dispensary is from you. They will also offer different delivery times, prices, menus, and minimum order sizes. When ordering dry herb for delivery, it’s ideal to know exactly what you are looking for or chat with a Budtender before ordering. It’s a lot more difficult to switch your order up when it is getting delivered.

There are also different types of delivery services currently offered, including on-demand, scheduled, subscription, and membership delivery services. These each cater to different kinds of customers and offer different conveniences. On-demand delivery is perfect for a lazy Sunday when you are hanging around your house and want to pick up more dry herb without going out. This type of delivery will drop off your order as soon as possible, but will also often have a limited menu. Scheduled delivery might be ideal for having your order arrive just after you’ve gotten home from work during the week. You can typically schedule your order to arrive within a day or two, and the menus for scheduled deliveries tend to be a bit more extensive. If you purchase products regularly from the dispensary though, you could go with a subscription or membership delivery service. These delivery services are like wine club memberships and often offer the highest quality products, at a price, or budget prices for a lot of dry herb.

You should take a look around your area and see what delivery services are currently offering and keep an eye out for new ones sure to come soon! Having your dry herb in a state where this service is legal, is a convenient and safe option for restocking your stash. Although not all of us get to take advantage of this luxury yet, it is becoming increasingly popular across the United States.


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