Can You Fix a Leaky Vape Tank?

One of the most common and annoying things vapers will deal with are leaky vape tanks. These leaks can happen at any time, any place. Unfortunately, no matter when or where it happens, you are the one left to clean up the mess.

While it may be awkward or embarrassing if the leak occurs in public and/or if you stain your clothes, in order to stop the leak, you have to know more than your vape pen is leaking. You need to figure out the source of the leak, and depending upon the issue, apply the best solutions to ensure your device is operating correctly.

Detecting a leaky Vape Tank?

While it may seem like you should always know when you have a leak in your tank, it is not always as simple as it sounds. This is especially true if your device is not in use and in storage. Sometimes leaks are very easy to notice because they have a steady leak that is tough to miss. Other times, it may only leak a drop here or there, so you may not realize it has a leak until there is a significant mess.

One of the easiest ways to know you have a leaky vape tank is by understanding your device. You need to be aware of exactly how your device works, what type of components you can use, and the overall shape of your device. If you observe any type of wet or stickiness when you remove your device from your carrying case or pocket, you most likely have a leak.

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Fixing a leaky Vape Tank

In order to fix a leaky vape tank, you first have to pinpoint what the issue is. While it may seem like a daunting task, it can be surprising for many users just how easy it is to troubleshoot and fix a tank leak. In fact, sometimes it can take less time and frustration to fix the issue with your vaping device than it does to clean up the mess it caused. 

Why Is My Vape Tank Leaking?

While it would be wonderful to have some form of a universal answer, a leaky vape tank can occur for a wide variety of reasons. This could include a defect in the design, errors in the manufacturing, improper handling of your vape tank (or your vaping device), using the wrong parts or concentrates, as well as a wide variety of other reasons. Some of the most common reasons for tank leakage is due to:

Improperly Filling Your Vape Tank

One of the most common causes for leakage is due to improperly filling your vape tank. While it may seem like a simple task, there are actually certain methods and procedures you should be following. In fact, the most common mistake with filling up the vape tank is allowing the concentrate to spill into the central tube. This tube leads to the vaping device’s mouthpiece. Therefore, any concentrate inside this tube can lead to leakage. Thankfully, even if you do get some concentrate into the central tube, you can easily clean it out. All you need to do is hold a tissue at the end of the tube and carefully blow into the tube removing the excess concentrate into the tissue.

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Not Maintaining Your Device

Cleaning and proper maintenance are vital to any device. You need to continually perform proper care (such as cleaning your device and tank), and make sure to replace parts (such as the rubber rings) at the first sign of damage to help avoid leaks. If needed, you can also add additional seals.

Overfilling the Vape Tank

Another common mistake vapers make with their device is to overfill the vape tank. After all, it can be very tempting to completely fill your tank in the hopes of extending the time frame between refills. Unfortunately, overfilling a vape tank does not work this way. Instead of more time between refills, you will only end up wasting concentrate and causing leaks in your tank. Plus to top it off, you will have a sticky mess to clean up. The reason for this is there is a fill line in your vape tank, this is to ensure the user leaves a gap for a small pocket of air inside the tank. While it may not seem important, this air pocket actually creates a natural vacuum within the vape tank which holds in the concentrate and helps to reduce and prevent vape tank leakage.

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Incorrectly Tightening Your Tank

Whether you are refilling your vape tank, putting your device together, or replacing parts; it is imperative your tank is put together correctly. For example, if you do not tighten your vape tank enough, the rubber rings will not seal against leaks as they are designed to do. Any gaps in the ring or the threads of the tank can cause concentrate to leak out. On the other hand, tightening your tank too much can create just as many problems, such as damaging the rubber rings used for the seal. This in turn allows the concentrate to seep out.

Not Properly Storing Your Device

Although it may seem unimportant, storage of your device is just as important as the maintenance and care you provide your device. To help prevent leaks, you should always store your device in a vertical position. This is especially true if your vape tank is less than half full, as improper storage can allow the concentrate to seep through the natural holes created in the coil.

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