Can I Vape Alcohol in my Oil Vape Pen?

Seasoned oil vaping enthusiasts are always looking for exciting ways to make their vaping experience feel fresh. Many look to change their flavors, nicotine levels, or even completely changing the brand they have grown to love.

While these changes are frequent, others look to change what they dry herb vape entirely, especially if they have oil vape tanks that appear to easily accommodate other kinds of oils. A common question asked is if alcohol can be vaped for a new experience. Is this a safe experience for those that have grown to love their oil vape pens?

Can I Vape Alcohol in My Oil Vape Pen?

To quote a popular meme, “Yes, but actually no.” While it is possible to vape alcohol, it is wildly dangerous and should never be attempted. There a lot of myths surrounding using your oil vape with alcohol (like getting drunk quickly), but the serious dangers are far too grave.

What Are the Dangers of Vaping Alcohol?

There are many, significant dangers to vaping alcohol, all of which are reasons to stick with standard e-juices and vape oils.

Alcohol Bottles With People Vaping Alcohol

You Can't Monitor How Much Alcohol You Have Consumed

When drinking alcohol, you can track how much you consume simply by keeping tabs on how many drinks you have had. When vaping it, there is no way to know how much you have consumed, which makes alcohol poisoning a real concern.

If You Vape Too Much, You Cannot Throw It Up

If you drink too much, your body generally knows and causes you to throw up. If you vape alcohol, you are putting it directly into your bloodstream without a way to get rid of it. This is another real danger to alcohol poisoning.

Alcohol Is Not Meant To Be Vaped

At the end of the day, alcohol is not intended to be consumed by vaping. You risk damaging your lungs, your brain, and your liver by subjecting yourself to intensely high levels of alcohol without any safety net to get it out of your system. Stick to drinking alcohol and vaping products specifically designed to be vaped, like vape oils and e-juices.

Fun Ways To Change up Your Oil Vaping Habits

With that said, there are some fun ways to spice up your oil vaping habit in safe ways!

Change the Flavor

As we have mentioned, changing the flavor of your vape oil is a great way to add some variety to vaping. There are literally hundreds of flavors to choose from, ranging from basic, common flavors to weird combinations you would have never thought of!

Different Brands of E-Juice and a Vape Pen

Change the Brand

You may find that there is a different experience between different vape oil brands, even if the advertised flavors are the same. If you are getting tired of a brand that you have, do not be afraid to branch out to something new!

Change What You Vape

If you are smoking e-juices, consider switching to a vape oil, like one infused with CBD. Likewise, if you are accustomed to vaping CBD for therapeutic reasons, adding a fun vape pen oil just for a new flavor might be the change you need!

Enjoy Your Oil Vape Safely

Regardless of what brand or flavor you decide to choose, you should always stick to routes that are safe. Only vape oils that are designed to be vaped. Only buy from reputable brands, never vape blackmarket cartridges, and always pay attention to your body as you vape. Have fun and be safe!

Written by:  Matthew Hickman

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