Can I Boil My Bubbler To Clean It?

Bubblers are a wonderful option for those who love the water filtration that bongs offer but hate the large, cumbersome size. With the convenience that a small size brings also comes challenges, especially with cleaning. Bubblers are notoriously hard to clean, and many smokers are willing to try any method to try to give their pipe a thorough clean, including boiling them. Is boiling a safe way for cleaning bubblers?

Can I Boil My Bubbler to Clean It?

Yes! You can boil your bubbler to give it a thorough clean. However, using boiling water is the most dangerous method of cleaning for both you and your pipe. To make sure you protect your pipe, and yourself, from harm, you’ll need to be vigilant during the cleaning process, as well as follow these key steps:

1. Find a Pot That Can Hold Your Entire Pipe Underwater

If you have a tiny pot, the boiling method isn’t going to work. It is imperative that there are no temperature differences in different parts of your pipe. If part of the pipe is in the boiling water and part is sticking out of it, the likelihood of it shattering is very high. Heat can also travel up the pipe, so while it may not break, you may forget that you cannot touch it and end up burning yourself.

2. Fill the Pot With Lukewarm Water and Place the Pipe Inside

Do NOT boil your water first and then put your bubbler in the pot. This is the best way for your pipe to shatter due to the sudden temperature shift. Instead, fill the pot with lukewarm water and place your bubbler in that. This will allow your bubbler to adjust to the heat as it slowly reaches the boiling point without stressing the glass.

3. Bring the Water to Boiling and Remove From Heat

Once the water begins to boil, you will not boil your bubbler for an extended period. Again, this is another way that your bubbler could end up shattering. Once the water reaches a boil, remove the pot from the heat. Do not attempt to remove the pipe! Not only will you burn yourself, but the sudden temperature change from hot to cold could also cause your bubbler to burst.

4. After Water Has Cooled, Remove from Pot and Examine

Once the water has returned to a lukewarm temperature, it is safe to remove the bubbler from the pot. Dump out any water that has gotten its way inside the bubbler, and then examine the pipe for any stubborn residue. If it looks clean, let your pipe dry, and you are good to go! If it still looks dirty, repeat the process.

Cleaning Alternatives for Bubblers

Boiling is a tricky cleaning process. Perform any of these steps incorrectly, and you risk ruining your pipe or burning yourself! If you are interested in a simpler cleaning process, you have a lot of options. There are different cleaning methods you could try, and regular cleanings help reduce residue from building inside of your pipe. Consider the following steps!

Dump the Bubbler Water Out Every Day and Clean Weekly

You should never store water inside your bubbler, especially after you have used the pipe for smoking. That nasty bubbler water is just going to sit and leave residue all over the inside of the pipe. Bubbler water should be dumped out after each smoking session or, at least, daily. Weekly cleanings also prevent residue from hardening, so cleanings are more relaxed and less intense. Doing a little bit of work every day and every week will save you from long, laborious cleanings.

Use a Specialty Cleaner

A specialty cleaner is the easiest, safest way to keep your bubbler clean. We recommend Formula 420 since it was designed specifically for glass and silicone pipes. There is no risk of damage to your pipe, no health risk to you, and no fire hazard like there is with isopropyl alcohol.

Use Saltwater

If there is residue in the nooks and crannies of your pipe that is resisting soaking and boiling cleanings, then you may want to try using saltwater! The little particles of salt act as micro-brushes and can scrape and clean residue off of the inside of your bubbler. If you are struggling to get your pipe clean, try saltwater!

Consider a Silicone Bubbler Instead of Glass

Silicone bubblers are almost always made with two separate pieces. This allows them to be taken apart, which makes all the cleaning processes much more manageable. Not only is it easier to get inside the hard to reach places for a good clean, but if you choose to boil your silicone pipe, there is no risk of it shattering. The melting point of silicone is much higher than the boiling point of water, so boiling a silicone pipe is a much more effective cleaning process than boiling a glass bubbler.

Where Can I Find Bubblers and Specialty Cleaners?

Your local headshop or vape pen shop might have a limited selection of bubblers to choose from, but online retailers will always have a better variety. It is also much easier for you to find cleaners, like Formula 420, online instead of physical retail locations. You can find both of them here at, too! Your bubblers and cleaners will be delivered to you with always FREE U.S. shipping, with no purchase minimum required!

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