Are Dab Pens and Vape Pens the Same?

A Dab Pen is a Type of Vape Pen

If you are setting out as a fresh vaper, you may take a dab pen as a vape pen, and that is not entirely wrong. Vape pens come in various types but are mostly a tank with an atomizer, battery, and a mouthpiece. So while a dab pen is a kind of vape pen, and all dab pens are vape pens, not all vape pens are dab pens.

A vape pen sucks in extracts and then slowly melts them such that it changes from the liquid state into vapor. The mechanism of extract vaporization is just one aspect of vaping that continues to evolve.

Dab pens, on the other hand, go by many names, including wax pens, shatter pens, and the likes. Dab pens and wax pens are pretty much the same thing, and both are famed for the sole purpose of dabbing. Dabbing is vapor inhalation from a waxy extract or concentrate. Dab pens are currently the most used because of their compactness and easy-to-use design.

To understand the difference between vape pens and dab pens, we should take a look at a number of their similarities. Here’s why they appear similar; they have similar structures and build. Both are shaped as pens. They are small, portable, and have coils as their heat medium. Furthermore, they fit into your pocket and produce odorless vapor.

Differences between Dab Pens and Other Vapes

It is vital to bear in mind that both pens are made up of similar components. They also work mostly in the same way. The significant difference between dab pens and vape pens lies in their functions.

Materials Used in Dab Pens and Other Vape Pens

First of all, we have established the fact that dab pens, as well as wax pens, use wax concentrates and dabs. Other vape pens use liquids, oils, or e-juice. There are also vape pens for dry herbs too. 

Heating Temperatures of Dab Pens and Vapes

Usually, vape pens heat up at a rather low temperature when compared to a dab pen. A dab pen will only function optimally at higher temperature range often between 450°F to 900°F while 300°F to 600°F range works for eliquid or oil vape pens. Dry Herb Vape Pens can range between 300°F and 435°F.

Loading Methods For Dab Pens and Other Vape Pens

In SteamCloud vape pens for instance, you only need to load up your device with the desired concentrate, and you’re good to go. They use preloaded cartridges too, so loading is straightforward. Dab pens, in contrast, make use of dab tools or stirring tools to load in small amounts of concentrate or wax. For dry herb vape pens, you simply load your ground up herbs in the heating chamber.

Inhalation Techniques for All Vape Pens

Wax pens during the process of loading tend to get messy and sticky; they are the messier pens. Therefore, they need a lot of attending to; clean ups and scraping off. As a result, you may need to replace the coils more often, and that is an extra cost. Dab pens are much less so, and their coils follow a different design and conformation. These coils are available in various standard types for both oil and herb pens. Vape pens do not require as much maintenance. You could go for many sessions without cleaning. So, their coils last a bit longer.

In the end, these pens each have their advantages and ultimately unique functions. For vape lovers, that is all that matters.

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