Box Mod Vapes vs Vape Pens: Which One is For You?

It is understandable why many beginners tend to get confused with vaporizers. Vaporizers have different types (desktop vapes, portable vapes, and mini vapes) designed and engineered for different uses that those who are just learning about this healthier alternative might feel a bit overwhelmed.

For those on the market for portable vaporizers, vape pens and box mod vapes are two of the most popular choices. Having a hard time putting a finger between these devices? Find out as we pit both varieties against each other.

Vape Portability

While both devices are considered portable vaporizers, vape pens offer better portability than their boxy counterparts. Vaping devices like the SteamCloud EVOD Vape Pen are small and compact, made to resemble an actual pen, in both looks and most importantly, size. That said, you can easily slide a vape pen in and out of your pocket for a quick sesh anywhere you go.

That is why vape pens are the choice vaporizers for those who are always on the go as well as those who consume herbs, waxes, and oils, for medical reasons. That is because vape pens are amongst the vaporizer varieties that can easily be accessed for those quick hits on the fly.

On the other hand, a box mod vape typically comes at a larger size than a smaller vape pen. They can have boxy dimensions that take up space and may require to be kept inside a pouch or a bag when you want to take your sessions with you when you go out and about — at least that is if you do not mind the bulk on your pants.

Stealth Vaping

Another area where vape pens excel over box mod vapes is when it comes to being stealthy and discreet. It is kind of given, thanks to their small size and lighter weight. Consumers can hide their vape pens in places where they can literally keep a pen.

This allows them to easily use their vaporizers in places where it would be hard to. We are talking about restaurants, the movies, and even in the streets.

Since most vape pens are designed to mimic the humble office pen, they can easily be mistaken as the real thing and not a vaping device. That said, many consumers can use their vape pens without really attracting attention and drawing out the red flag.

In addition, vape pens will be only capable of producing light wisps of clouds that are as discreet and stealthy as the vaporizer itself.

Conversely, a box mod vape experience will be difficult to conceal. As we have briefly covered above, they are bulky and will be obvious when slid inside the pocket of your jeans or trousers. To hold a box mod vape in your hand also leaves you conspicuous and tells everyone who sees you that you are indeed vaping.

These devices are also capable of generating large and visible plumes of vapor which can easily be noticed by anyone nearby.

Vape Power

Here is where box mod vapes take an edge over vape pens. See, their large and boxy dimensions actually bring some benefit, and that is power. The larger the space to be occupied, the better batteries a vaporizer can use. And in the case of box mod vapes, they offer better space to pack larger, and more powerful batteries.

Box mod vapes like the Steam Cloud Box Mod Vape can pack as much as 1600mAh of battery capacity compared to the 300-900mAh capacity found on most vape pens. Batteries with as high of a capacity as the Steam Cloud Box Mod Vape can support longer sessions and sustain higher temperature levels.

If you are someone who likes to use your vaporizer outdoors, you might want to consider using a more powerful box mod vape because it does deliver more powerful performance and longer vaping sessions in between charges. You will not have to bother about carrying a portable power bank when you like to use your vaporizer when you take trips and vacations.

Charging for both devices, especially the more modern ones, can be done using a micro-USB charger or a USB-C charging cable. Either way, you can still use the charging cables you use on your mobile devices which means you do not have to carry an extra charger when you decide to travel with your vaporizer.

Box Mod Vaping Temperatures

Box mod vapes also offer better technology for temperature flexibility compared to vape pens. Their larger bodies not only mean that they can carry larger batteries but also allows them to pack better technology to control voltage and temperature in various ways.

Pre-set Temperatures

Most box mod vapes will have preset temperature settings that allow the consumer to adjust the running temperature level. Preset temperature levels are pre-determined temperature settings set by the manufacturer — usually come in low, medium, and high — to give consumers different effects through the various heat settings.

Control from High to Low Temperatures

Lower temperature levels will be best for flavorful sessions as they can extract the flavonoids and the terpenes that give the herbs, and their waxy and oily byproducts, their natural flavor and aroma. On the other hand, a higher temperature level will enhance the potency of the psychoactive compounds of these materials. Meanwhile, the medium setting lets consumers enjoy a balanced effect when vaping.

Some box mod vapes even have precision temperature settings allowing their owners to adjust the temperature level down to the smallest detail.

Vape Pen Temperatures

The majority of vape pens do have some sort of temperature control with preset voltage levels and temperature profiles at best. Those made with earlier technology will typically offer a single temperature setting which limits the owner’s vaping experience.

Final thoughts

Both box mod vapes and vape pens can be convenient portable vaporizers. They have been developed to make vaping as easy as it can be for its users which makes choosing between these varieties more of a personal preference.

If you want to use a vaporizer that offers more power, you will best opt for a box mod vaporizer. Should you need something that is simple and straightforward to use, a vape pen might be a good choice.


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