Box Mod Vapes vs Dry Herb Vaporizers

If you have ever seen someone walking down the street and exhaling a huge puff cloud into the air, your first thought would probably be that you are witnessing smoke being inhaled. The truth is that smoke is lighter than vapor when compared to those exhaled using a box mod. These devices are known for creating some of the thickest clouds out there, which puts them in a class of their own.

People assume that smoke is pretty thick, though what can be said is that it is often a bit thicker than vapor coming from a dry herb vaporizer. Box mod vapor is thick enough to completely cover a person’s face and can linger for a bit into the surrounding environment. Curiously, unlike smoke, any type of vapor will not penetrate the atmosphere and stink up clothing the way smoke traditionally does.

When it comes to comparing a box mod to a dry herb vape, the difference is obvious: dry herb vapes produce a much lighter vapor. The reason why dry herb vape pens remain a contender that can be comparable to box mods is due to their popularity. In this article we will be going into the differences and subtle similarities between these two popular modalities.

Box Mods Vapes

Box Mod Vapes

Box mods are known for their size, being ergonomically handheld devices that are not as discrete as other types of portable vapes. However, there are a few box mods on the market that are truly discrete, with some being under 4 inches tall! The SteamCloud Box Mod and SteamCloud mini 2.0 are perfect examples of box mod vapes such as this. Because box mods are inherently powerful devices that produce the most vapor, it is a misconception that they are also more powerful than dry herb vapes. This is simply untrue.

The reality is that oil concentrates naturally produce intense vapor volume and thick clouds upon exhalation using an oil vape. Box mods are traditionally used for oils and e-juice. Because oil produces clouds such as this, you will commonly find their batteries to be around the 650 mAh range, which is usually half of what a dry herb vape needs. With box mods, less is more, though some models out there are considered to be combination 3 in 1 vapes and so their battery power may be considerably higher than 650 mAh.

Traditional box mods use the standard 510 battery thread which can accommodate a wide range of third-party accessories. This makes them super-convenient and versatile compared to dry herb vapes. Even without a combination vape, a box mod atomizer is removable for easy refilling and maintenance.

Most box mods will need routine maintenance such as replacement coils and the usual cleaning of the mouthpiece, though not as rigorous in comparison to a dry herb vape, which requires a little more attention in the long run. The only caveat in some models is to beware of tipping your tank backwards and risking leakage from your atomizer, though some models can mitigate this issue entirely.

Another bonus to the box mod is its inherent simplicity in vaping, with a streamlined approach of preset heat settings. Some of them are even powered the moment you inhale! Without a doubt, box mods are the most popular type of portable vaporizers on the market today.

SteamCloud Mini Cartridges

Dry Herb Vapes

Dry herb vapes are very popular due to their entry-level familiarity and ease. Some models out there are designed for those transitioning into the world of vaping by offering combination combustion/convection vapes. The AGO remains one of the best examples of this, offering the option of both combustion and convection by way of a glass screen. This is ideal for those who are or were former smokers and beginners looking to go back and forth to see what suits them best.

Another benefit to this approach of combustion is its lack of chemicals to get the job done. Unlike a lighter which uses butane, the AGO has no need for external components and can be used in all weather conditions. For other dry herb vapes, convection is the gold standard. Most dry herb vapes provide the consumer with more control over their vaping experience by putting the power of precision temperature control right in their hands.

Vapes such as the E-CLIPSE and the Titan 2 from Darkside Vapes are prime examples of dry herb vapes that offer precision temperature control. Because of this type of technology, battery consumption demands a stronger output, and so it is common to find vapes with 1100 mAh or higher. Due to these demands, battery life may be slightly shorter despite having a more powerful output in comparison to box mods.

Titan 2

Which Vape is Better?

Ultimately, it is up to the consumer to decide the answer to this question based on their own unique preferences. Some people prefer the luxury of having precision temperature control and opt for a dry herb vape, while others need a more potent means of delivering their vapors in which case a box mod would be ideal.

In our opinion, the best type of vape would be capable of these things, and so considering a combination 3 in 1 vape would be the best all-around type of vape to accommodate every type of user and preference out there. Still, it would be wise to familiarize oneself with the intricacies of their individual vapes and come to know their wants, limits, and preferences.

Box mods are great if you want thick clouds and hard-hitting sessions, whereas dry herb vapes are perfect for those wanting more control over their experience by starting out low and working their way up. This can be further enhanced through a 3 in 1 vape.

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