Bong vs Vaporizer: Which is better?

While vaporizers have grown in popularity by ushering in a new era of dry herb consumption, some traditional means of reaping the benefits of your botanicals never got out of style - like bongs. Bongs have played a vital role in dry herb consumption that it deserves to be that staple that it is today. That said, we will look into which among bongs and vaporizers is better when it comes to overall herb consumption.

Bong being filled up by water

Bongs uses Water Filtration

Bongs have a compartment to store water. Bongs are designed to allow the smoke from the burnt herbs to pass through the water and act as a form of filter to reduce the number of irritants and impurities in the smoke. The water can remove a reasonable amount of tar and toxic fumes creating a cleaner product, especially when compared to smoking from a joint, a steam roller, or a dugout pipe. Moreover, the water in your bong can add the element of moisture conditioning which can help smoothen up your hits as it conditions the smoke and cools it down as it passes through the water.

Some vaporizers do have water attachments, but they are often small and the amount of water in the glass attachment may not be enough to effectively filter the vapor coming from the vaporizer.

Smoking a dry herb vaporizer getting vapor

Vaporizers Produce Vapor, Not Smoke

Many dry herb vaporizer users will argue that they even need water filtration. That is because vaporizers produce vapor instead of smoke. Vapor does not carry the same negative effects as smoke and is considered purer and more fit for consumption. That said, you might not need to run your vapor over water to filter it out. Vapor is produced by heating the herbs without reaching the point of combustion, so you get to reap the active ingredients without the adverse effects of inhaling smoke. Smoke is produced when the herbs are burned and can be harsh, especially for beginners.

Vaporizers offer Temperature flexibility

Because vape pens and dry herb vaporizers use electronic heating systems, they can be outfitted with technologies that allow consumers to select a particular temperature level. Most good quality vaporizers will be outfitted with precision temperature control which will allow you to select a temperature level accurately. This allows you to get targeted results, especially if you are looking to activate the terpenes and the flavonoids that are native to your select dry herb strains. Compared to bongs that just blaze up your herbs until it turns to ash, a vaporizer will allow you how your botanicals are heated therefore giving you control how it is consumed.

Bong is the best way to smoke for some smokers

Bongs Hit you Harder

Bongs are perfect for when you want a knock off your socks experience. As we have briefly covered above, a bong will require fire from a lighter which will burn your herbs up in a blaze. This allows the herbs to be burned at a high temperature level. Higher temperature levels allow for the extraction of psychoactive compounds in the herbs and even higher temperatures can help intensify these psychedelics. That said, bongs have been the top choice for most recreational consumers while vaporizers are best for medicating patients.

Maintaining Bongs and Vapes

Compared to vaporizers, bongs have very few components. Because most bongs are made out of glass or silicone, they are typically cleaned by running them through water or by soaking them in a cleaning solution. That is something you cannot do with a vaporizer as water can damage it permanently. Moreover, vaporizers have more parts that can be small making them harder to clean, however most parts don’t require much thorough cleaning. Vaporizers require brushes, cleaning wipes, and other maintenance kits to keep it running in good condition. With bongs, unless you break them (which in the case of silicone bongs can be difficult) they will function with very minimal maintenance.

vapes coming in all different colors

Vaporizers use less Herbs

Compared to bongs that consume a higher supply of herbs, vaporizers will only require you to use a small amount to reap its effects. Because of the capability of reaching targeted results through temperature controls, vaporizers will require only a small amount of material. Bongs will burn everything you put in a bowl as soon as you light it up. It can give you a relatively significant hit, but this could mean you are wasting a lot of herbs in the process. If you are someone who likes to micro dose and use smaller amounts of herbs per session, vaporizers would be a good way to consume.

Vaporizers can be more expensive

Because vaporizers are made up of many components, oftentimes boasting the latest technological advancement, vaporizers may sport a higher price tag than bongs. It’s true that some bongs can be quite expensive as they can be made out of the finest glassware and can be hand blown by the best glass makers, but bongs are generally more affordable than vaporizers. Vaporizers that sport better quality components like convection heaters, aircraft-grade aluminum bodies, removable batteries, and precision temperature controls can be really expensive.

Bongs are usually larger

When it comes to portability, vaporizers offer better options than bongs. Bongs are typically larger in size and are longer compared to vaporizers. Because they are also made from glass, acrylic, or silicone, they are usually heavier. Vaporizers, on the other hand, can be as small as a pen allowing you to take your sessions wherever you go.

silicone bong in a multiple of different colors

Bong and Vape Takeaways

Bongs and vaporizers are two different tools although they work towards the same purpose. Choosing between them depends on your preference. If you want something that is easy to maintain but can get you really medicated, you are better off investing in a bong. If you are someone who likes to take your sessions almost anywhere you are, a vaporizer will make for a sounder solution.

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