Best Wax Pen is the Magnetic Saber Vape

The Saber vape pen by Dark Side Vapes is one of the best wax vape pens available. It’s compact, portable, and packed with great features. This vaporizer can be used with most concentrates including wax, shatter, sauce and even high-quality bubble extracts. Its intelligent design includes variable voltage temperature control and fully magnetic connections. The variable voltage settings allow you to take smoother, tastier wax hits - or you can bump it up, and take massive dabs if that’s your thing. The fully magnetic connections remove threading issues from the equation making the Saber Vape Pen the easiest dab pen to use. First, we’ll take a look at some key features that set the Saber shatter pen apart from the competition. Then, we’ll guide you through using, cleaning and fixing the Saber vape pen. We’ll also compare the Saber to our other top-selling wax vape, the Yocan Evolve Plus.

Magnetic Parts to Saber Vape

Key Feature 1: Fully Magnetic Connections

Every connection on the Saber wax vape is magnetic, even the charger. This makes it easier to load, use, charge, clean and fix than any other vaporizer. Most other wax or shatter vape pens might have some magnetic connections, but almost all of them have some threaded connections. While there’s nothing wrong with threaded connections, it takes longer to unscrew a threaded connection. With the Saber shatter vape pen, you can pull apart any connection with ease. This really comes into play when loading your shatter, wax or sauce. If you’re used to using oil vape batteries with pre-filled oil cartridges, threaded connections aren’t too troublesome because a cartridge can last a month or two under normal use. However, with wax vape pens, you are reloading it every few hits. Having to unscrew a connection every time you want to load the pen can get tiresome. The Saber vape pen’s magnetic connections take all this trouble out of loading. Just pop off the mouthpiece and load some wax, shatter or sauce, pop the mouthpiece back on, and you are ready to vape.

Variable Temperature Settings

Key Feature 2: Variable Voltage Temperature Control

The variable voltage temperature control is another feature that makes the Saber Vape Pen one of the best shatter vape pens around. The Saber has three heat settings and they are color-coded for ease of use. Click the power button three times to change the heat settings and it will flash the according color. This color will also light up as you hold the power button while using the Saber wax pen - green for low, blue for medium, and red for high. Variable voltage gives you more control over how you vape wax. Set the Saber to low (green) for smooth, flavorful hits. If this isn’t fully vaporizing your concentrate or you want thicker, bigger hits, switch the Saber to medium (blue). To get even harder, dab-like rips, set the Saber Vape to high (red).

Dual Quartz & Ceramic Donut Coils

Key Feature 3: Quartz and Ceramic Coils

There are several atomizer options when it comes to wax pens. Quartz and ceramic heating elements are the two options in all the best wax vape pens. The best part about the Saber is you don’t have to choose. It comes with one atomizer with dual quartz coils and another one with a ceramic doughnut that sits in a ceramic dish. Some users have a personal preference of one material over the other, but here at the Vape Vet Store online vape shop, we love both. Both ceramic and quartz provide excellent flavor, there’s just one key difference. Ceramic maintains it temperature better which means two things - ceramic takes slightly longer to heat up and to cool down. Some vapers prefer ceramic because it provides long, even rips. On the other hand, quartz heats up fast and it’s easier to get thick, massive clouds. With the Saber, you can try out both and use whichever one you prefer.

Saber Vape Details

  • Dimensions: Height - 4.75”, Diameter - 0.5”
  • Battery Capacity: 650 mAh
  • Coil type: Dual Quartz and Ceramic Doughnut
What's In The Kit?

Saber Vape Kit Includes

  • 1x Vape Pen Mouthpiece
  • 1x Heating Chamber with Dual Quartz Coils
  • 1x Heating Chamber with a Ceramic Donut Coils 
  • 1x 650mah Lithium-ion Battery (Grade A)
  • 1x Dab Tool
  • 1x Magnetic Vape Charger
  • 1x User Manual
How to Use the Saber Vape

How to Charge the Saber Vape Pen?

  • With the Saber’s magnetic connections, you can easily disconnect the battery from the atomizer and mouthpiece section
  • Pop on the USB charger to the battery and plug it in
  • The power light will come on while it charges
  • Once the power light switches off, your Saber wax vape pen is fully charged

How to Load Wax into the Saber Vape Pen?

  • First, simply take off the mouthpiece to expose the atomizer
  • Then turn on the Saber by pressing the power button five times quickly
  • Test your atomizer by holding down the power button - the power light will stay on and the coils will heat up
  • Give the coils a few seconds to cool then using a dab pen, take a dab about the size of a grain of rice and place it on the quartz coils or on the ceramic doughnut
  • Be careful not to press down on the quartz coils as they can get damaged from pressure
  • Pop the mouthpiece back

How to use the Saber Vape Pen?

  • Set the desired temperature by pressing the power button three times - green for low, blue for medium, and red for high
  • Hold the Saber upright and hold down the power button and take a long, smooth inhale - then exhale when ready
  • If you don’t get a big hit on your first inhale, this is because it can take a bit longer to get some concentrates to a vaporizing temperature. Either hold the power button a few seconds before starting your inhale, or just take another pull and you should be good to go
  • To get thicker, heavier clouds, turn up the variable voltage on your Saber vape pen
  • Leave the Saber upright during and after use to prevent leakage.

How to Clean the Saber Vape Pen for Wax

If you follow some simple guidelines, the Saber shatter pen won’t require much cleaning. First, always leave the Saber upright, especially right after use. Second, don’t overload the Saber. Wax and other concentrates will thin out when hot and you don’t want to mess with soupy, sticky concentrates leaking from your wax vape pen. If you follow these guidelines, your Saber pen will stay fairly clean.

If you get a build-up of residue inside the atomizer, you can scrape the edges with a dab tool but be careful not to damage the coils. You can place this residue back on the coils for an extra dab. Coils tend to last about two months under normal use but if they start tasting bad, you can always change out your atomizer before they burn out.

If you do have a spill, you can clean the mouthpiece and the outside of your atomizer and battery with rubbing alcohol. The standard 70% will suffice, but a higher proof isopropyl alcohol will be more effective. The mouthpiece can be soaked in alcohol if it’s reallysticky but use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to clean everything else. Let everything dry completely before using your Saber vape pen. You can also dip the mouthpiece in warm water after cleaning to rinse off any residual alcohol.

How to Fix the Saber Vape Pen for Wax

Always check your coils before loading the Saber wax vape. If your coils won’t heat, you’ll need to replace the vape coils. Always try another atomizer to make sure the first one is dead and there’s not a different issue. Due to the magnetic connections, there are rarely charging problems with the Saber. However, if it’s not charging, make sure you have a good connection and there isn’t anything blocking the connections. Clean the battery if there’s any wax residue that leaked down to it. Sometimes chargers can die, so if it still won’t charge, contact us and we’ll get you a new charger.

Evolve Plus vs. Saber Vape

Saber Vape vs Evolve Plus

Our other best selling wax vape pen is the Yocan Evolve Plus Vape Pen. It has many similarities to the Saber and is a great option if you want to save a few bucks. The mouthpiece is still magnetic, but the other connections are all threaded on the Evolve Plus. Like the Saber, it has a dual quartz atomizer but it does not have the option of a fully ceramic atomizer. In contrast to the Saber, the Evolve Plus features a smart coil top that seals the atomizer to prevent leakage. This makes the Evolve Plus a better option for those prone to spills. It also includes a silicone dab container that screws into the bottom of the pen making it easier to travel with your concentrate. The Evolve doesn’t have variable voltage settings like the Saber so if you really want precise control over the temperature of your wax vape pen, go for the Saber Vape by Dark Side Vapes. Both the Saber and Yocan Evolve Plus have excellent battery life and reliability. They are also both highly rated by our customers and staff.

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