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Vaping devices can be found in all different kinds of places, each with their own advantageous and disadvantageous. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of where you can find vaporizer devices and what special advantageous they may offer.

Vape Shop Online

This is likely the most convenient way to get a vape pen. There are dozens of online stores where you can buy a wide variety of different vape pens. Different websites will offer different perks. For example, here at, you get FREE U.S. shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required. In addition to vape pens, you will also find dab rigs, bongs, glass pipes, and several other related vaping or smoking accessories.

Local Vape Shops

Local Vape Shop

Local vape shops are likely the way many first learned of vape pens, to begin with. These are local, brick-and-mortar stores that carry vape pens for sale. They also usually have vape oils, CBD oils, CBD edibles, and sometimes kratom. Local vape shops will have a more limited selection of vape pens, but they will offer more immediate answers to questions. If you like to get your hands on something before you buy it, local vape shops are a great option.

Head Shops

Head shops have been around for decades, though they are not as quite widespread as local vape shops are. They usually carry bongs, several different kinds of glass pipes, hippie memorabilia, and tie-dye clothing and decorations. Of course, you can usually find vape pens at head shops as well. Their selection will be more limited than dedicated vape shops, but they offer a lot of other items to peruse if you feel like trying to find something else new!

Smoke Shops

A smoke shop is a brick-and-mortar store that is dedicated to selling tobacco and related products. This includes cigars, cigarettes, tobacco pipes, and tobacco. However, since the arrival of vape pens, smoke shops will frequently carry them as well. Your selection will generally be limited to nicotine-type vape juices and e-cigarette-type products (you usually will not see products like CBD available).

Local Dispensary

Local Dispensary Shop

If you live in a state with either legal recreational marijuana or legal medical marijuana, a local dispensary is also a place you can find vape pens. Generally, the oils that the dispensary will sell for vaping will be either CBD or THC (so if you are looking for e-juices that are nicotine-based, you will need to look elsewhere). The selection of vape pens will be relatively limited at a local dispensary, as their focus is on a variety of marijuana or hemp-based products.

Gas Station Vapes

You have probably noticed vape pens available at the front counter of gas stations. If not, you may be surprised to see how commonplace vape pens have become! Selection will be limited at a gas station, and you may find that the quality or longevity of certain products is more limited when compared to other specialty shops. However, if they carry a brand you trust, it is a great and convenient way to pick up a vape pen!

Convenience Stores

For those that live in more urban areas with easy access to convenience stores, you can find vape pens here as well! Similarly to gas stations, product selection will be somewhat limited, and you will need to be sure that the brand of pen you get is one that you trust.

Street Fairs

Even street fairs and open-air markets are beginning to be a place where you can find vape pens. You may even be able to find specialty vaping oils, as well. However, be sure that you are buying brands that you are familiar with, and when looking at vaping products, check ingredients to make sure you are not vaping anything harmful.

Vape Expos

Vape expos are a great place to get an easy view of a huge selection of vape pens and related vaping products. However, these expos are frequently limited stores or other retailers looking to restock inventory. However, it does not hurt to check and see if they are available to the open public!

Vape Wholesalers and Dealers

This is the most casual way to find vape pens and products. This could simply be a seller that you know personally that has access to wholesale prices or a connection of a connection that has cheap access to vape pens. While you may get a good deal, be sure that you are familiar with what you are buying. No use in getting a deal on a vape pen that is low-quality and prone to malfunctioning.


Vape Vet Store Online Shop

Of course, the last option we want to focus on is us! You can find a huge selection of trusted brands for vape pens here at Not only that, but you can also find spare parts for those pens, vape pens that can use oils, dry herb vaporizers , or concentrates, glass pipes, bongs, and more! As we have mentioned, we offer free U.S. shipping on all orders with no minimum purchase required. We also offer a rewards program that lets you earn points and spend them like cash here on the website. If you are interested in shopping for vape pens online but have been hesitant about where to start, we would love to help you take the first step in your shopping journey!

Buy Vape Online vs. Local Vape Shop

We have mentioned some of the pros and cons of buying online vs buying at a local vape shop, but we wanted to take some time to really flesh out the differences between the two. Each offers its own strengths and weaknesses in the shopping process for vape pens.

A local vape shop offers some great conveniences. If they have what you are looking for, you can instantly get your product without having to wait for shipping. You can get immediate answers to questions and guidance on particular products you may be interested in. It is also easy to see and ask about other new products, too. However, those conveniences come at a price. Literally. You will generally be spending more on products in a traditional store than you would online. This is because of local and state sales tax and costs built into the price of items to cover overhead at the store (like local property tax, utilities, etc).

An online vape shop has its great advantages, too. An online store will almost always have a much wider selection of inventory of vape pens than a traditional vape store. You can also expect better prices at an online vape shop since they have less overhead to worry about. You will have to wait for shipping on products you choose, and if you get a product that is not a good fit or is defective, it can be more of a chore to go through the return process than compared to a traditional vape store. You may even have to pay for shipping, depending on where you are buying from (here at, you will never pay for U.S. shipping). Also, if you have questions, not all online vape stores offer quick customer service or chat options, so you may be waiting for questions to get answered.

Both shopping options are good choices! You should definitely check out your local vape store to get a feel for products, and you should definitely check out online vape stores (like to see a huge variety of vape pen options!

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