A List Of The Best Ceramic Dab Nails

Dabbing depends mostly on preference, but accessorizing to suit your style and requirement can make a significant difference. Ceramic nails have become popular as a unique form of accessory due to their exceptional quality. Essentially, they allow you dab with your choice of oil or wax and are not as dramatic or sensitive as other types are. Wax and oils tend to stain ceramic, but they are easy to clean with water and soap or isopropyl.

Ceramic nails have gained a place because of their superiority functionality. They are more heat tolerant and retaining than other nails. In fact, the more you torch it up, the more tolerant it gets, leaving a lasting burst of rich taste. Usually, the function of each may be attributed to their names, thus highlighting their features. A lot of their functions are accompanied by extra tools including silicone dab containers, a generous dab hole diameter, as well as dab plates.

Generally, ceramic dab nails are better at heat retention and less expensive. Heat retention from a heat source is quite reasonable for users in colder environments. Being ceramic means they undergo slow heating but can be heated and reheated. With this, the taste gets better.

Male Ceramic Dab Nail

Male Ceramic Dab Nail

A male ceramic dab nail is a proud alpha – strong and reliable. It can be used alongside dab rigs and the combo is a symbol of perfection. With a 5mm dab hole, it is easy to get a mouthful of pure wonder. This dab nail is superior to others in its league – made from quartz or titanium – and therefore better at retaining heat. It is also highly durable and provides a burst of flavor.

Choosing it offers you a dab tool and silicone dab container that makes accessorizing easier. The dab tool is useful for scooping wax oil. When you are not having a mouthful, conserve smoke by covering up with the carb cap.

Ceramic Domeless Nail – fits most dab rigs

Ceramic Domeless Nail – fits most dab rigs

A universal kind of domeless dab nail. It works by fitting into a range of rigs – almost all types actually, including male to female types. Furthermore, the broader and wider variety fits right into or over the rig stem. With a dab hole diameter of 6mm, you will appreciate the convenience and efficiency of use. The exchangeable design includes a fit into both male and female rig stems thereby enhancing a rise in wax concentrates.

The single dab system is easy to access and contains heat for extended periods. This ceramic element keeps wax at an ideal temperature so that your flavor is well-maintained. They are highly recommended for new and existing extract enthusiasts.

Female Ceramic Dab Nail

Female Ceramic Dab Nail

This dab nail is suitable for low heat lovers. The entire step-like structure fits into all micro and nano silicone dab rigs within a range of 14mm.  It is particularly suitable for male downstem rigs around the same figure. A dab nail of this kind is popular because of its ease of compatibility with a male downstem rig.

Like every traditional ceramic dab nail, light up your butane fire and hold until temperature is right. When you keep at it, the flavor is more pronounced. It can be repeatedly seasoned and heated to achieve the ultimate pull and robust flavor.

The height works because it is convenient for every user. If you love a downstem rig and like to explore, this rig is just for you.

Ceramic Nail with Dab Rig Adapter

Ceramic Nail with Dab Rig Adapter

In appearance, this ceramic nail dab is unique and exquisite. The fact that it comes with an adapter that enables you to fit in an extra dab rig stem makes it even more appealing. It accommodates 14-19mm male and female joints. Therefore, you have a tastier vapor while dabbing.

The endpoint of the dab has been designed to fit into your choice of extra dab rig perfectly and directly—not too big, not too narrow, just right. You will find this connection to be highly heat-resistant and therefore produce a flavorful aftereffect. The diverse functions allows you to save on costs and wax.

Interchangeable Ceramic Domeless Nail for 14MM and 19MM rigs

Interchangeable Ceramic Domeless Nail

This dab nail is often called “interchangeable” because of its interchangeable dimensions. First, users with multiple dab rigs will find this useful as it is the perfect dab rig for multi-users. Nevertheless, it is better when their rigs are within the 14mm to 19mm range because you obtain a maximum result.

Before dabbing with this interchangeable ceramic domeless nail, any residual substance on the nail should be burnt off or removed. After which you can season to taste and enjoy. When you have used up the wax on the tip of a carb cap, cover the top and continue to inhale until you have had enough. You get to enjoy this with friends as long as their rigs are fitting.

Ceramic Dab Nail Adapters

One of the multi-functional gears made from ceramic. It exhibits the underlying characteristic of heat retention and reuse. Also easy to fit into more than one dab rig stem size.

This ceramic nail is a smart purchase as it will work for two dab rings of different sizes, preferably the 14mm and 19mm male and female joints.

When you light your nail and place the mouthpiece on your mouth, you can maneuver your dab tool. It is such that the wax burns and enters the rig when you begin to inhale.  However, you can start to scoop in smaller quantities before making bigger ones.

Ceramic Universal Honey Bucket

Ceramic Universal Honey Bucket

A honey bucket nail maybe a little bit more complicated than the regular dab nail. It is not hard to figure out either. All you need to do is light up the swingarm. The function of the arm is to first trap the vapor and keep it channeled through your down stem.

This particular piece is great because of its medical-grade heat retention. The swingarm protects your hand and head from molten wax as well as burns. Furthermore, the ceramic universal honey bucket fits both 14.5 mm and 18.5 mm joints. You get to choose a male or female connector to compliment.

Ceramic Nail for Male Joints

Ceramic Nail for Male Joints

This is a perfect one for low temperature dabbing for male joints. In addition to this, it is of medical grade and an excellent addition to your accessories. Your hits are void of ugly aftertastes.

You can fit in a 10mm male joint for optimal use. Having a ceramic dab nail that can accommodate an extra rig is handy—convenience at the peak. You get to use one ceramic nail in two rigs, especially as they differ in joint size.

Remember to snag on the carb cap for an after the waxing experience. You can keep inhaling healthy stuff until you have a fill. This piece is a great upgrade option if you are seeking one.

Universal Ceramic Nail

Universal Ceramic Nail

The term universal is only befitting since it correctly describes the uniqueness of this piece. Fitting accommodates six different joints. As you may have imagined, these rigs include a 10mm male 14mm male as well as an 18mm male dab rigs. With the natural law of things working in two ways, the universal ceramic nail can be flipped over. This means that the fit with exact calibration works for female dab rigs. That makes sense since connections are almost always opposite to attract the opposite. Should you decide on this, you can be sure of sweet compatibility. The good news is that since all components are made from ceramic, the taste is sufficiently flavored and encompassing.

Fully Adjustable Ceramic Nail

Fully Adjustable Ceramic Nail

The ideal ceramic nail will be one that is healthy, easy to move, and adjustable. This is exactly what you stand to enjoy in this gear. It is built to manage your edible wax or oil efficiently.

You can adjust according to the height of your dome and comfortability. With dab nails of this kind, you have one of the healthiest and cleanest dabs. Not to worry, the color and layout of the gear support the claim.

You should opt for this because they are better at heat retention than any other kind. Compact and easy to use. They are totally worth it.

Domeless Ceramic Nail for 14mm and 10mm Male Joints

Ceramic Nail for 14mm and 10mm Nail Joints

Like every ceramic nail, this kind is white, well designed and unique in its function. Aside from being a better alternative to quartz or titanium gears, male rig joints of 10mm -14.5mm will connect to it easily.

In addition to holding temperature at a reasonable rate, it is a great pick for concentrate satisfaction. It has a female fitting that spans between 10mm and 14mm. Subsequently, male fittings within the 14mm / 18mm range can be obtained.

Final Thoughts

One primary concern about ceramic nails is fragility. They can break easily when mishandled. The same could happen to your phone if you dropped it. Therefore, taking precautions will enable sufficient reuse and ultimate value for your money. If you must use isopropyl to clean your gear, rinse off before next use as alcohol is highly flammable and we care about you.

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