Best CBD Vapes for Beginners

The world of CBD is novel and quite vast. The world of vaporizers is even bigger, with brands and models that specialize and accommodate all manner of vaporization modalities. It is common to find vapes that are meant for home-use only (known as desktop vapes) that can either specialize in one particular modality, such as dry herbs, as well as desktop vapes that can also utilize wax and oil concentrates.

These types of vapes are ideal for CBD use since CBD itself is not traditionally known to be a social compound, but more of a therapeutic and medicinal compound that is used to treat everything from pain and arthritis to insomnia and panic attacks. Other users out there prefer a more mobile option for their CBD sessions, and some even prefer the versatility of a combination 3 in 1 vape for different parts of the day, or for varying degrees of their ailments.

If someone felt as though their mornings pains could be alleviated with dry herb CBD as they went to work, then they would most likely use their dry herb vaporizer  on the go. Being a combination vape, they could then decide to use a more potent modality such as wax or an oil concentrate during a flare-up or right before bed as a medicinal session to aid in restful sleep. Here we will be taking a close look at some of these vapes and which ones would be the most suitable for complete beginners.

AGO dry herb vape

Best Dry Herb Vape for Beginners

Depending on whether or not someone is entering the world of vaporization for the first time also happens to be a smoker, using the right type of vape can make entering this realm seamless and easy. If one did happen to be a current or former smoker, then it would be ideal to consider a vape that can combust your dry herbs without the use of external components or accessories, such as a lighter.

This will pave the way for getting used to not having to spark up your dry herbs at every session. For CBD users, a vape such as the AGO by Dark Side Vapes is perfect for the beginner. This vape will ignite your dry herb CBD without the use of a lighter and is also portable, lightweight, and can be used under all weather conditions. Being in the style of a traditional dab pen also makes it great for stealth sessions.

Combined with not having to use a lighter, and you have one discreet little vape. What makes the AGO so great is the option to place a glass screen into it which transforms it into a convection-style vaporizer without combustion. The price point is ideal for beginners and CBD users will especially find this vape to be perfect for their needs.

AGO Vape

Best Wax Vape for Beginners

Assuming your ailments are more serious in nature and require the use of an herbal concentrate such as wax, having the right wax vape can shave off the learning curve to allow you to get right down to medicating with CBD. Some of the best wax vapes out there can also accommodate dry herbs and oil concentrates, making them truly versatile.

For those who know what their ailments require and have no use for the light effects of dry herbs may want to skip a 3 in 1 vape for a portable specialty vape. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is a fine example of a specialty wax vape that is highly efficient and backed by a reputable brand name. What makes a CBD vape like this perfect for beginners is its simplistic design and powerful quad coil technology, which provides the user with truly medicinal hits.

Another bonus for a vape like this is its adjustable airflow path, which can be used to either increase or decrease the volume of a hit without sacrificing on potency. The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is considered to be one of the most compact, portable, and discrete models of CBD wax vapes on the market today.

Yocan Evolve Plus XL

Best Oil Vape for Beginners

Rounding off our list is a powerful 3 in 1 combination vape that is highly advanced using the latest in vaporization technology, incredibly discreet, and is perfect for beginners. Meet the SteamCloud Mini 2.0. This nifty little vape is a true box mod vape that is able to accommodate every modality and utilize the most out of every material. One of the lightest vapes on the market at just 100g and coming in at less than 3 inches tall makes this one of the stealthiest compact vapes out there.

Compatible with most 510 atomizers makes this one of the most versatile and easy to use vapes. CBD users and beginners will appreciate how simple it is to use this vape, all while being able to tailor their vape sessions based on any preference they choose. A variable voltage setting makes this a customizable vape for any modality and is considered to be the most convenient, all-around combination vape pen in the market.

What makes this particular vape perfect for beginners (aside from everything we just mentioned) is its auto-shutoff feature that can come in handy for those who are new to the world of vaping. Some users simply forget to turn off their units which can result in burnt coils, wasted material, and possibly a damaged unit over time.

This is especially common with beginners who are not familiar with their vapes or are simply forgetting to turn off their vaporizers. Vaping CBD has never been easier with the SteamCloud Mini 2.0, a solid choice for on-the-go vaping.

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