Arizer Solo 2 Vaporizer Review

Described as being Arizer’s most powerful portable vape pen devices they have developed, the Arizer Solo 2 has great portability without sacrificing power, taste, and functionality. This is the third portable vaporizer made by Arizer with the first being the Solo and the second being the Air. The Solo models are not necessarily known for ultimate portability compared to other slightly more compact models - but rather for having very impressive battery life and vapor quality.

New Portable Design

The Solo 2 is very portable, but more of a midsize model that may be too big for easily carrying around in your pocket. While this is the case, the increased battery life and extraordinary vapor quality are the upsides of this tradeoff. The average battery life is close to three hours on a full charge with the Solo 2, which is ahead of most similar models in its class. That equates to about 15-20 sessions without needing to charge. The Solo heats up in less than 20 seconds, which can be tracked from the included digital LED display where you can control temperature and keep track of your battery life. Compared to previous models, the Solo 2 is slimmer and less heavy, making it easier to take with you on outdoor adventures.

What's In The Kit

What Comes in the Arizer Solo II Kit?

Here’s what’s included with the Solo 2 Vaporizer:

  • Two mouthpieces (with silicone caps), one short and one long.
  • Dry Herb dish
  • External DC wall charger
  • Carrying case.
  • Cleaning tools
  • Extra screens

Having an extra charged battery or two on hand is recommended, and can help to extend the battery life as far out as you need for any type of trip you may want to bring it on. If you do decide to take it with you on the road, it is recommended that you remove the glass mouthpiece and store them safely and separately so you don’t risk broken glass in your pocket while out being active.

Why Buy an Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer?

The Solo 2 is a great portable vaporizer for around the house and can also be easily taken with you on the go. Some of its best features include:

Arizer Solo II Vaporizer Superior Vapor Quality

Arizer vaporizers are known for producing superior taste over the competition with smooth and cool vapor. The Solo 2 is no different, and they have used the most powerful heater yet in the Solo 2. This unit is capable of producing giant clouds with no problem at all. The faster heat up time also allows for this process to happen much quicker and with less down time.

Arizer Solo II Vape Has Improved Draw Resistance

Not only is the heater more powerful, but they also decreased the overall draw resistance making it much easier and smoother to draw vapor from the piece. Compared to the previous model, the draws from the mouthpiece are effortless and free of any resistance. As long as you maintain the piece and keep the airflow chambers free of any debris, this will remain constant throughout the piece’s lifespan. Make sure you brush out the bowl immediately after a session when possible and to try and clean the unit fully at least 1-2 times a month.

Digital Display and Custom Session Settings are Excellent

When you first start using the Solo 2, you’ll notice it has a new LCD digital display and three front buttons that give us access to all the new features - so there is no need to use a smartphone app. The biggest addition is the full digital temperature control from 50° to 220° Celsius or 122° to 428° Fahrenheit that is adjustable in one to ten-degree increments. This precise control gives the Solo 2 ultimate control and makes it a perfect vape sidekick that is more functional than most mini vapes and very similar to the precision that desktop vaporizers offer.

You can now adjust the auto-shutoff timer from 5 to 15 minutes to match your session preferences, and the volume of the beep indicator can be turned down or all the way off. The display brightness can also be adjusted on high, medium, or low for situations that require discreet rips. The Solo 2 turns on just like the original, but now the length of press required to turn it on can be set to 4, 6, or 8 seconds to protect you from an accidental power on.

How to Use Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer

Using the Solo 2 is a very easy process. First, load the glass aroma tube with dry herb by pressing the end of the glass tube into a container with coarsely ground flower. Be sure not to press too hard. Next, insert the glass tube back into the device and press the up arrow and “M” buttons to power on the unit. Now set the temperature and let the device heat up. Once it is heated, simply draw and enjoy! The included glass aroma dish can also be attached with your favorite botanicals to freshen the scent in any room you are smoking in. 


Tips for Using the Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer

It is important to make sure to use a grinderand to achieve a medium coarse grind for the best results and even burn for your flower. A fine powdery grind will produce the thickest clouds but also runs the risk of getting some small particles in your mouth mid hit. Finer materials will also clog up the screen faster which increases draw resistance and routine maintenance.

Also, try to slow down your draw until you feel barely any resistance. Take small pulls rather than giant pulls to get more out of your packed bowls. There is no need to burn them quickly just for the sake of huge clouds every hit, as the flavor will diminish greatly if you do this.

Lastly, if you’re trying to save herb for another session or keep down on the smell, I recommend turning off the unit towards the end of your session and continuing to take a couple rips until it cools down. This will help get the most out of your herbs and also save a bit of battery life.

How to Clean the Arizer Solo II Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Cleaning is easy, especially if you don’t overpack your stems and get the bottom of the oven dirty.

  • If you get the oven dirty, just lightly soak a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol (91% alcohol and up works best) and rub the dirty spots while holding the unit upside down to keep alcohol from dripping into the mechanical parts of the unit.
  • Then be sure to do a couple of burnoff sessions by turning the Solo 2 on high and letting it run until it auto-shuts down. Do this until the alcohol smell is gone because the taste will be ruined if you still have any alcohol leftover after this step.

The stems will collect almost all of the oils and buildup and is where you will focus your cleaning.

  • Soak the stems in isopropyl alcohol for an hour or two. I like to soak mine in a glass tray. Then rinse them in hot water until all the debris comes off.
  • Repeat as necessary and rinse them thoroughly before using so you don’t get that nasty alcohol taste.
  • Make sure they are dry before using.
Solo I vs. Solo 2

Solo Vape vs Solo II Vaporizer

The Solo 2 is thinner and more portable than the original, heats up 4 times faster, delivers 50% more battery life, smoother and easier pulls, and gives you full on-board session controls. It also comes standard with all the little improvements made to the original Solo over the years such as the recessed heat jets. The oven and stems are the same so all the accessories for the original Solo will work with the Solo II. While the vapor quality is largely the same, the pulls and smoother design of the new model make it seem like the vapor tastes much better from the overall improved experience.

Who is the Solo 2 Made For?

The Solo 2 was made for anyone wanting great vapor quality in a portable unit at a reasonable price. It’s perfect for around the house, hiking, smaller parties, and the vapor quality should satisfy you for a long time and with every one of your favorite strains. If you’ve been waiting for the Solo to have more features, a quicker heat up time and better airflow, this is the vape for you. While it is almost too big to fit in your pocket to take with you on outdoor adventures, it can be done and the new slim design on the Solo 2 makes this more realistic as long as you are mindful of the glass accessories it requires.

The Solo 2 is the perfect size vape that is not quite a tiny micro vape, but also not a stay at home desktop dry herb vaporizer. The vape is very portable even if it is not quite pocketable, but makes up for it as far as vapor quality, battery life, airflow, and aesthetic. Arizer has answered nearly all of the recommendations from their users, and the Solo 2 has improved where it really counts. It heats up quicker, includes an intuitive digital design, and also pulls smoother than any other vape in its class. The Arizer Solo 2 is a great choice for anyone looking for a go to vaporizer that will never let you down.

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