AGO Vaporizer Is A Budget Friendly Vape Pen

The AGO Vaporizer makes for a great travel pen. It is a combustion dry herb vaporizer. These tend to work well in wet and windy conditions so the AGO is perfect for a trip to the mountains.

AGO Vaporizer Kit and Accessories

What’s in the Kit

The AGO vape pen comes with a 650 mAh battery and either a dry herb or wax atomizer. If you want both, each atomizer can be purchased separately. It also comes in a protective carrying case, complete with a user manual, silicone container, scraping tool, cleaning brush, USB charger, and wall charger.

Top Attributes

When looking for a vape pen, there are several qualities we like to compare. We look at its functionality and features. In addition, we assess value as many customers have a limited budget and cannot afford spending $100 or more on a portable vaporizer. Finally, we look at its portability as most users want a portable vape pen that does not take up a lot of space.

Multi-use Vape Pen

The AGO is one of the most budget-friendly vape pens that can be set up to vape both dry herbs and concentrates like wax and shatter. The dry herb atomizer uses combustion to vape dry herbs. This gives a vaping experience more similar to smoking as the herbs have direct contact with the atomizer. This method is preferred for those who want a smoking experience without the hassle of a lighter, papers or pipe.

The wax atomizer uses a wick coil to vaporize wax. This efficiently vaporizes wax and other concentrates and can generate a decent vapor. However, this will not provide the massive dab like rips you can get from larger, more powerful dab pens.

Budget Friendly

The AGO vape pen is a budget-friendly vape that does not sacrifice quality or features. It can vape both wax and dry herbs with the proper atomizers. It also features an LED screen that displays battery life and puff count. Like most vape pens, the AGO has a 5-click safety function so that it will not accidentally turn on when stored in a bag or pocket. This pen has 710 threading which is slightly different than the industry standard 510 threading. The only main difference in these threadings is that you cannot interchange parts between 510 and 710 components. Since the AGO has both dry herb and wax atomizers available, this does not really create any issues. It is easy to operate and can easily fit in your pocket.

Discreet, Compact and Easy to Use

The AGO vape pen is 6 ¼ inches tall and only a half inch wide. It is pen-shaped so it is easy to hold, compact and discreet. With its LED screen displaying both battery life and puff count, you will always know when you need to charge it before it dies. The puff count display is great for medicinal patients who like to keep track of their dosage. With a single-button design, the AGO could not be easier to use.

Using the AGO Vaporizer Pen

How to Use the AGO Vape

Using the AGO as a dry herb vaporizer

First, make sure your vape pen is charged. To charge the AGO, use the included micro USB cable or any micro USB cable and charger. A full charge takes about an hour and will last a day or two with normal use. Then, remove the mouthpiece to access the atomizer. When using dry herbs, it is important to grind your herbs with a quality grinder before packing. We have many excellent choices available on Vape Vet Store. Pack the ground herbs into the atomizer so that they fill the heating chamber and slightly compress. After that, replace the mouthpiece and turn on the AGO by pressing the power button five times consecutively. It is now ready to use. Hold the power button down to activate the atomizer and take a long, smooth pull from the vape pen.

Using the AGO Vaporizer for Dry Herbs

Using the AGO as a wax vaporizer

First, connect the wick wax atomizer to the AGO batteryand make sure the battery is fully charged. Then, use the dabbing tool to grab a dab about the size of a grain of rice and load it directly onto the wick coil. The included silicone container is an excellent place to store your wax. After packing the atomizer, replace the mouthpiece and activate the pen by pressing the power button five times consecutively. You can either choose to pre-heat the wax by holding the power button down for a few seconds before taking a puff or just hold down the power button and inhale. Preheating a fresh dab of wax will result in thicker, more powerful vapor.

Maintaining and Cleaning the AGO Vape

The exterior of the AGO vape can be wiped down with a paper towel dipped in rubbing alcohol if needed. The mouthpiece can be removed and soaked in rubbing alcohol followed by a warm water rinse. You can use the included cleaning brush to remove excess resin build-up. The best way to keep the dry herb atomizer clean is to empty it completely after each load. To clean the dry herb chamber, use the included scraping tool or cleaning brush to remove any debris. You can also use a q-tip moistened with rubbing alcohol to clean the sides of the chamber but don’t press too hard where the q-tip might drip. Wait for the alcohol to evaporate and then heat the empty chamber to burn off any excess alcohol before packing it.

To keep the wax atomizer clean, burn off all wax before loading in a fresh dab. When resin builds up around the atomizer, you can use a dab tool to scrape the sides of the chamber and load this back onto the coil. Just be careful not to press down on the coil when scraping the wax chamber.

If either the dry herb or wax atomizer gets to much build up and still has a funky taste after cleaning, we recommend changing out the atomizer. You can order replacement atomizers in our store.

AGO Vaporizer Compared to Other Vapes

How the AGO Vape Compares to Other Vapes

The AGO is a budget-friendly vape pen that can be used with both dry herb and wax atomizers. The AGO dry herb vape uses combustion to burn herbs providing an experience similar to smoking. If you want to buy a dry herb vaporizer that provides a cooler vapor, your best bet is picking up a convection dry herb vaporizer like the E-CLIPSE, Pax 2, Pax 3, or DaVinci IQ. Most convection dry herb vapes come with a higher price tag, but they provide true vaporization. The E-CLIPSE is the best value convection vape and provides great-tasting, smooth vapor. However, the DaVinci IQ delivers the ultimate dry herb vaping experience and is made of the highest quality components.

The AGO is a great vape pen if you want the option of vaping both dry herbs and wax with a simple atomizer swap. It vaporizes wax well and provides great-tasting vapor. However, this pen features just a single wick coil so you cannot get massive, thick rips like some dab pens. The best hitting dab pens are the Yocan Evolve Plus XL, Yocan Pandon, Yocan Magneto, and APX wax vape. The Evolve Plus XL features quad quartz coils in a single chamber and the Pandon has two pairs of quartz coils so it can be used as a quad or dual coil portable dab pen. These are the heaviest hitting dab pens. The Yocan Magneto features a dual layer, ceramic atomizer that is built for the true wax connoisseur. The APX delivers solid dabs with its triple quartz coils and has a glass mouthpiece for that ultimate flavor. These are all solid dab pens and will provide much thicker, heavier vapor than the AGO. However, if you are on a budget and just want a discreet, portable wax vape, the AGO wax vape gets the job done. It also has the option of swapping out the atomizer to a dry herb atomizer which is one added benefit over other dab pens.

Is the AGO Vape for Me?

The AGO vape is great for those looking for a simple, yet effective compact vaporizer. You can purchase it with either the dry herb or wax atomizer (or both) making this vape the most adaptable budget vape pen. It is a perfect first vape pen for those just getting into vaporizing and do not have the budget for more expensive options. It has solid battery life, delivers quality wax vapor and combusts dry herbs well. It even has an LED screen that displays battery life and puff count. For the price, you cannot beat the AGO vape for dry herbs or wax.

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