9 Incognito Smoking Pipes We All Need

Thankfully, the market is full of discreet, clever pieces of glass that keep the mystery hidden and don’t let everybody know our personal habits. From pipes that look just like bracelets to ballpoint pens with carbs, there’s the perfect incognito smoking pipe out there for you. And, to make the search less overwhelming, we’ve listed nine of our favorites.

Bracelet Pipe

As one of the most stylish pipe options on the market, the bracelet pipe is here to help you smoke and keep you looking fresh. With most coming in various color options and made out of sleek metal, these bracelets are completely gender neutral and will look good on any wrist.

With a bracelet pipe, you can take it anywhere with ease. Simply slip it on your wrist--packed or unpacked--and enjoy whenever you deem appropriate.

Cigarette One Hitter

Cigarette one hitters are a staple within incognito smoking pipes. Made to look just like your classic cigarette, these pipes are loaded with just enough substance for you to get one (or maybe a few) hits before packing more. With these, you look like you’re just puffin’ on a cigarette, and no one can tell otherwise.

Flashlight Pipe

As you can probably guess, a flashlight pipe is just as it sounds: a mini flashlight with a stash area and bowl to smoke. For most of these types of pipes, all you need to do is screw off the top, and voil! Inside, you’ll find the perfect compartment to load a stealthy bowl.

Flashlights are tools that can be kept anywhere: your car, your purse, or any place you may need a backup light. Because of that, this specific pipe can be seamlessly brought practically anywhere without question. 

Football Keychain Spoon Pipe

What could be better than bringing a pipe with you every time you had your keys? By purchasing a football keychain spoon pipe, you’ll never be without your incognito mode of smoking.

Simply hang this innocent looking football keychain from your keys. When you slide the two halves of the football, the keychain reveals a spoon pipe with the perfect-sized bowl for your on-the-go adventures. Not to mention, these multicolored options are silicon, so you don’t have to worry about breakage or damage.

Highlighter Pipe

You never know when you may need to highlight something important, right? Well, for this clever pipe, that’s definitely true. Designed to look identical to a regular highlighter marker, these colorful pens are way more than that. When you pop the cap of this highlighter, you’ll discover a fully-functioning pipe waiting for you inside. Simply put this “highlighter” inside your pencil and pen case, you’re good to go.

Lipstick Pipe

Why go anywhere without your lipstick? For all the ladies out there, you never know when you may need to touch up your makeup--or take a hit. Lipstick pipes are delicately crafted mini pipes that, at first glance, look just like your typical lipstick. When the cap comes off, however, a deep bowl is revealed.

These guys are easily concealed within a purse or next to other makeup products, With lipstick pipes, smoking during your night out has never been easier.

Pen Pipe

Everybody has their favorite pen. For you and me, ours might be a little different than your traditional ballpoint pen: ours is also a pipe. Available in sleek styles and different colors, these pens come equipped with a tiny, incognito place for you to store your stash that is revealed with a simple twist. When we’re on the go and consistently working, a discreet pipe like this can be a game-changer. Just put it in your pocket and you’re ready for paperwork (and to reward yourself after).

Spark Plug Pipe

While most spark plugs provide power to your vehicle’s engine, this one provides smoke to your lungs. Perfect for road trips or storing in a tool box, these spark plug pipes will blend in perfectly with your other vehicle components.

Entirely detachable and made out of durable, steady materials, this pipe will keep your stuff stashed, cooled, and completely concealed. Even your automobile-obsessed friends won’t be able to tell that this pipe is anything more than a spark plug.

Sunglasses Pipe

Festivals, concerts, and any other outdoor event just got a lot more exciting. Sunglasses pipes are exactly how they sound: a pair of sunglasses that have a discreet, clever pipe attachment right on the arm of glasses. On the side of the arm, you can easily slide back a hidden compartment that holds the bowl. Your mouth goes on the end of that arm, and suddenly you’re able to enjoy smoking practically anywhere.

Super stylish on their own, these sunglasses will add a layer of fun in the sun no matter where you’re going.

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