5 Common Mistakes Vaping Beginners Make

When many think of switching from vaping to cigarette smoking, they think it is basically the same thing. Light it up and inhale its content. But there’s more to it that you should know.

Vaping has its own processes. When we talk about smoking, you have to choose the right cigarette and that is that. But with vaping, you not only have to choose the right type of vaping device, you also need to choose your preferred nicotine level. There is also the choice of flavor, which are of very many different types. Furthermore, the device comes with different components like coil, tank, and the e-juice, all of which you should know about.

Just like everything new and different, there are high chances you might commit some mistakes when you just venture into vaping. To the uninitiated, it can get pretty overwhelming and complicated fast but once you know the pitfalls to avoid, it is pretty straightforward from then on and you’ll most likely not want to return back to cigarettes.

If you are looking to buy and use a vape for the first time, here are some of the common vaping mistakes beginners make that you should avoid.

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  1. Not Doing Enough Research

While it is possible to go in blindly and try your first vape without learning the basics, the risks far outweigh the benefits. The purpose of research is to ensure you don’t make many mistakes on your first try. Ultimately, learning more about vaping before launching in sets you in the right direction on which ones to use, and how to use them.

Many first-time vapers cannot tell the difference between high-quality vapesand substandard vapes. Because they have failed to carry out adequate research, they spend large amounts of money on poor quality e-cigarettes. This leads them to frustration, as they experience a myriad of problems when the vapes begin to function improperly. 

To avoid these beginner problems, take time to do your research. Browse the internet. Talk to friends who have more knowledge and experience in vaping. This will save you lots of money and time wasted in trying different vapes. It will also give you enough time to kick back and enjoy your vaping experience.

You don’t have to learn everything there is to know about vaping to begin. You just have to learn enough to start.

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  1. Going Cheap On E-Cigs

No, you don’t have to break the bank getting your first e-cig. You don’t also have to be too skimpy when purchasing your first e-cigarette. The trick is finding a high-quality piece at a cool price.

However, many manufacturers of low-quality e-cigs have infiltrated the vaping market, making it slightly difficult to point out high-quality vape pens from their substandard versions. Low-quality e-cigs are not so hard to point out. Malfunctioning, horrible oil taste, poor battery life/charging accessories, leaks and being easily breakable are strong indicators of low-quality vapes.

With this in mind, it is always advisable to have a generous budget for your first e-cig. This ensures that you are not forced to compromise on quality due to a slim budget. There are numerous outlets for good quality e-cigarettes at pocket-friendly prices.

Don’t allow cheap e-cigs to ruin your vaping experience. A high-quality e-cigarette helps you appreciate and enjoy the misty art of vaping.

  1. Not Taking Good Care of Your E-Cigs

Like most electronic devices, there’s a great need to keep your e-cig in optimum condition. This is in order to reap the full benefits of owning a vape.

Many beginners fail to see the need for this and give up on vaping due to the resulting poor vaping experience. Maintaining your e-cig is non-negotiable if you are keen on enjoying it to the fullest. 

Constantly charging the vape battery and having spare batteries is a good place to start. Following the instructions on the manual as well helps to keep vaping tools in good shape. 

Just like you’re extra careful with your mobile devices, you need to be cautious about moving your e-cig carelessly. It’s always advisable to get a protective carrier to keep the device protected at all times. You paid for it, so you should protect your investment. 

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  1. Starting with An Advanced Mod

Buying the wrong device when starting out is one of the biggest mistakes most beginner vapers make. To make this worse, numerous vape outlets sell high-end devices to beginners at sky-high prices. This is not ideal as beginners need something easy to use when starting out.

A small, condensed, easy-to-draw vape is what you should look out for when acquiring your first vape. This possesses a tight draw comparable to a cigarette. Coils used in e-cigs can also be modified to produce more vapour with lower draw as time goes on.

Beginning small is not something to be ashamed of. Even the most experienced vapers had a wrong puff at some point in time. It’s a huge advantage if you have a company of close friends to guide you through an advanced mod but in all, it’s always smarter and safer to begin small.

  1. Not Choosing the Right Nicotine Level

Starting out as a vaper often means ditching tobacco cigarettes. This creates a little problem as the levels of nicotine that you have grown used to in cigarettes may slightly differ from the nicotine levels in vapes.

In case you are quitting cigarettes, there are tons of ways to measure nicotine levels to get used to it coming out of a vape. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to adjusting nicotine levels. You essentially just need to keep adapting till you find the perfect groove.

Basically, do not exceed 6 to 8 milligrams of nicotine if you smoked a few cigarettes per day before switching to vapes. It’s totally up to you to determine the nicotine level that soothes you. This makes the transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes a lot less uncomfortable.

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Vaping Conclusion for Beginners

It is expected that you would make one or two mistakes while exploring vaping hobby but with this article, you now know at least five common mistakes to easily avoid. It is always good for new vape user and dry herb vaporizer users  to learn the ropes before diving into vaping. This helps to tailor the activity to a very enjoyable and less stressful experience in the long run. Vaping has to be a fun activity, not some costly or tedious time out.

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