20 Reasons to Choose Wax Pens Over Other Vaporizers

Using a wax pen has its own sets of benefits, which is why it’s not surprising to see it become one of the fastest growing platforms in the vaporizer industry. However, there’s more to just its small and compact form factor as well as its ability to vaporize wax concentrates that makes dab pens such viable devices. Let’s look at 20 reasons why you should choose wax pens over other vaporizers.

  1. Wax Pens are Cheap

Not "cheap” cheap, but what we’d like to say is that compared to other wax vaporizers, like eRigs and conventional dab rigs, investing in a wax pen is more affordable. Larger devices involve larger components and far more intricate technologies which means increased production costs and therefore a more expensive price tag.

If you’re a beginner wanting to see if wax consumption is for you, dab pens are the way to go.

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  1. Wax pens are easy to use

Not only are they cheap, but they’re also easy to use and operate. Typical wax pens will sport a single power button paired with a variable voltage battery. What this means is that with just a few clicks of a button, you get to change the temperature setting, power the wax pen on and off, and activate the heating element.

  1. They hold a small amount of material.

Because these devices are usually small and compact, the wax atomizers or the coils can only hold a small amount of wax concentrates. This is great because it allows you to microdose and reap the benefits of your extracts without the extreme psychoactive effects. This means just the right amount of body buzz to keep you functional during the day.

  1. Wax pens are easy to clean.

Because they hold only a reasonable amount of wax, dab pens are fairly easy to clean just like dry herb vaporizers. You’ll get some melted wax here and there and maybe some residual buildup if you’re not cleaning it regularly. Some parts of your wax pen can be soaked in isopropyl alcohol and can later be dried out using a cotton swab. Because they’re easy to clean, the faster you can get the job done. This also means you can get back to your session in no time.

  1. Wax pens are easy to maintain.

Your average dab pen is typically made up of only three parts; a battery, a coil, and a mouthpiece. These components are also usually connected using threads and, in some cases, magnets. This means removing and replacing parts to maintain your dab pen is made easy, that even beginners will feel comfortable with it.

  1. Replacement parts are available.

Because they’re cheap and they’re small, one would think that they’re disposable. Many of today’s wax pens are designed with replaceable parts including mouthpiece, batteries, and coils. Heck, some manufacturers even sell replacement chargers and charging cables.

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  1. You can share the experience.

Because wax pens aren’t connected to any wires or require to be plugged in unless charging, sharing the experience with a friend is quite straightforward. Unlike with a desktop vaporizer where you actually have to sit around a table, you can simply pass a wax pen around so your friends can partake in the experience.

  1. They can be a great gift idea.

Because wax pens are affordable and are a healthier alternative to smoking the actual plant matter, they make for a great gift idea for a friend or a loved one whom you’d want to see switch to a safer option. Using a good quality wax pen lets you inhale just the vaporized material instead of the fumes that come with using a butane powered torch lighter.


  1. Wax pens are safer.

Picture this, you’re wielding a fire hazard when you’re lifted and medicated. Now that’s scary.  Using a battery powered device with a small heating element, on the other hand, is not. That said, wax pens offer a far safer experience for you, your property, and your loved ones.

  1. Wax pens are discreet. 

Okay, if you’re the type of consumer who dabs almost anywhere you go, having a device that’s discreet and stealthy is your best bet at consuming your wax concentrates at peace. Whipping out a brick of a wax vaporizer doesn’t exactly take you off the radar. A lot of consumers do it for a slew of reasons; patients dealing with stress and anxiety dab to help them cope up with their depression. Athletes take advantage of the curative benefits of CBD for their pre- and post-workout routine. A small device the size of a pen lets you take quick hits without raising the red flag.

  1. Wax pens are versatile.

Wax pens come with different features that can suit everyone’s consumption needs. Some dab pens have single heat settings while others have variable voltage batteries. Furthermore, earlier wax pen models use 510-threaded vape pen connections so you can connect a wide variety of atomizers and coils.

  1. They’re accessible.

Compared to other devices, finding a wax pen near you is easier. They’re fast-moving products so head shops and dispensaries typically have them on stock.

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  1. It’s easy to move on.

New wax pen models are released almost every year and having the latest dab pen is slowly becoming a trend. That said, because they’re cheap, it’s easier to move to a different device and a newer model. Compared to having invested in a hundred-dollar rig, letting go of a dab pen is easier.

  1. Wax pens are customizable.

As we’ve briefly covered above, some wax pens use variable voltage settings. This means you can adjust its performance depending on your needs and your preferences. A lower heat setting lets you enjoy flavorful vapors while cranking the heat up a notch intensifies its potent effects.

  1. Wax pens do not smell.

Love the effects but hate the smell of burnt buds? You should try dabbing with a wax pen. You reap all the benefits your select materials offer without the bad smell. It’s not odorless but it definitely does not smell as bad.

  1. There’s a wax pen for the rudimentary and the tech savvy.

While most dab pens are simple and straightforward, there’s also wax pens that have all the latest bells and whistles as far as tech is concerned. You’ve got ones that have smart memory functions, pass-through charging, precision temp settings, and even ones that are compatible with a downloadable smartphone app. Whether you’re a simple freak or a die-hard geek, there’s always a wax pen for you.

  1. Some can be multi-functional.

If you’re the kind that’s a fan of wax, flowers, and oil, you’d be happy to know that some dab pens function as other types of vaporizers. This way you can enjoy a wide variety of materials in just one pen.

  1. Some can be used with your water pipe.

Have an old water pipe laying around? Why not invest in a wax pen that is compatible with a water pipe adapter so you can turn your bong into an instant dab rig.

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  1. Some wax pens can store extracts.

Creative design and engineering have led to the unique features you can find in a wax pen. That said, some wax pen models are outfitted with a wax compartment usually at the bottom of the unit. This way you no longer have to carry a wax jar. Some models even have integrated dab tools and so on.


  1. They’re just fun to use.

A wax pen was a device invented out of necessity. Dab rigs were daunting devices that made beginners shy away from using them. That said, down its core, a dab pen is a device designed and engineered with fun and convenience in mind. 

So, have you decided on what wax pen to get today? Check out our wide collection of dab pens here at Vape Vet Store Online Vape Shop!

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