20 Amazing Ways to Enjoy Your Dabbing Sessions

Dabbing, or consuming wax concentrates, has been a popular way to reap the benefits of your favorite plant matter - from which the actual extracts were derived from. However, if you have been dabbing for quite a while now, you might drown in the monotony of repeating the things you do when you dab. And while there is comfort in consistency, there will always be room for exploration and adventure. Today, we are going to look at the 20 things you can do to enjoy your dabbing sessions in no particular order.

two dab rigs locked and loaded
  1. Try different Wax Extracts

It is not uncommon to have favorites whether you are smoking dry herbs or in dabbing wax. There will always be a strain you favor the most, however, trying out new strains can open you to new experiences.

  1. Invite a Friend

Sometimes, it is just not fun having to stare at the wall when you take those hits. Calling in a friend to share the fun can help you enjoy your sessions more. You can engage in a deep or fun conversation and you will have someone to share the memories with.

  1. Play a Movie

Dabbing can get you planted on the couch for a good amount of time. Why not watch a movie? There is a list of classic stoner movies, but you can watch whatever floats your boat.

  1. Play some Music

Playing music before, while dabbing, and even after a session can be enjoyable. Music can set the mood and help you fall into the vibe you are trying to achieve when you hit that dab. Whether you like reminiscing or you want to dive deeper into your own self, music can be a good avenue to help you get to where you need to be.

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  1. Try a Dab Sandwich

Technically it is not dabbing but putting a dab of wax on top of some dry herbs in a bowl can help intensify the effects of your ground botanical plant matter. Your wax concentrates can give you a boost in potency while the actual herbs offer trichomes that give you all the flavor and aromatics. Try it to get the best of both worlds.

  1. Use a Nectar Collector

If you are bored with dabbing from a dab rig or even from a wax pen, a nectar collector can be a fun way to dab. Nectar collectors or honey straws have different varieties. Some are electronic while others need to be torched, some have water attachments while others have none. They are sure to give you the variety you need when consuming wax concentrates. Plus, you can dab straight from your jar, so you do not need to frequently load your wax chamber or banger.

Dab sign talking about temperatures
  1. Try out Different Temperatures

Temperature plays a vital role in dabbing. Lower temperatures let you get more flavor from your wax while high temperature levels can amplify its potency. Trying out different temperatures gives you different effects from your favorite wax concentrates. Depending on your preference, you can get your preferred result just by changing the temperature profile.

  1. Play Video Games

Dabbing has been known to boost your focus. Some strains offer a higher dose of cannabinoids that can get you in the zone. So, whether you like busting out the classics like Super Mario or if you are into more cooperative games like Fortnite, playing after a dabbing session can make for a fun experience.

  1. Play some board games

In the same way, dabbing can also help you enjoy your favorite board games. Some wax concentrates can help you boost your creativity which is something you need when playing narrative games like D&D, Magic: The Gathering, Catan and even Monopoly.

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  1. Eat Food!

This is always a fan favorite. You can always pop some leftovers in the microwave oven, or you can start making munchies from scratch. Dabbing can cause you to get thirsty and hungry, so getting some grub after a session will always be a fun thing to do.

  1. Read a book

Reading a book has been the favorite pastime of wax connoisseurs. Dabbing can help you relax which might put you in a good mood to get back to your reading. As we have covered in the previous entries, some extracts can help boost your focus and creativity, two important things when reading a book.

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  1. Exercise

The plant matter from where wax is derived from is known to have anti-inflammatory and soothing effects. That said, taking a dab pen with you to the gym for an after-exercise session can help you deal with tortuous training sessions and can give you instant relief. Compared to taking pain killers, dabbing is easily the healthier option.

  1. Use different Wax Coils

When dabbing with a vaporizer, choosing a different coil can help shake up your experience. Quartz is better known for fast and immediate results while ceramic are slow to heat up. Quartz is favored when you want potent vapors while ceramic is the choice for when you value flavor.

  1. Dab with Caution

While this one will always be fun, it should be taken with some level of caution. And although no one has ever OD’d from dabbing, it is still best to have some sort of supervision when testing your tolerance. You can always try a tough and potent strain, or you can just keep going even when you have reached your limit.

  1. Take a Bath

Nothing is as relaxing as taking a bath after dabbing. Soaking in warm water calms your nerves and I swear you will feel the warmth down to your soul. And while you are at it, why not try out different aromatic oils and effervescent salts. This can help you relax to help you get ready to face the day ahead.

  1. Rest Post Dab

Dabbing can be tiring. Especially if you are using a dab rig. You will have to set it up, heat your banger with a torch, and then draw the vapor from the mouthpiece. For an experienced dabber, this is nothing. However, for beginners, the first dab can be stressful. So, resting and taking a short nap after a dab session can help you recover from that rush of cannabinoids in your brain. It also recharges you so you can gather the energy for another session. However, you can also dab without a rig, which is much simpler.

  1. Use a Wax Vaporizer

If you feel like using a dab rig is daunting, you can use a vaporizer. It can be as simple as a dab pen or as advanced as an e-rig. Vaporizers are favored by most consumers for their convenience and of its torchless heating. Most vaporizers are also battery operated and are portable so you can take them almost anywhere you go.

  1. Use an Ice Bong for Dabs

Some vaporizers have water pipe adapters allowing you to use it in conjunction with a bong. Some bongs have ice pockets where you can put ice to cool the vapor when you inhale it. This makes for a fun experience because you can get the element of water filtration and moisture conditioning. Plus, you get to use your favorite bong. How cool is that?

  1. Level up your ice bong

We are almost done, but we are not over yet.

Not all bongs are made equal. Some have pockets while others are made of pure ice. Some manufacturers have been playing around with the idea of an ice bong. So, they made a mold where you can put water and freeze it - literally an ice bong!

  1. Do what pleases you

Finally, the best way to enjoy your sessions is to do what pleases you. Whether you like scribbling, playing games, working out, or even watching videos of cute cats, doing what you want to do makes your sessions more fun and enjoyable. Nobody knows yourself better than you, so make sure to do what makes you happy no matter what. Hey, we are not judging.

Conclusion on Dabbing

Dabbing is a fun experience whether you like to do it alone or enjoy the company of friends. No matter what you do, remember that you dab because of you. Whether it is for medicinal or for recreational purposes, you can always find ways to enjoy a dab session.

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