15 Things to Remember When Traveling with a Vape Pen

Using your vape pen has been a part of your everyday routine and traveling without it would not be any fun. Because of its portability, your vape pen is your go-to companion in any place you want. Have fun vaping while enjoying new surroundings and making pleasurable experiences. To ensure more awesome moments when traveling with a vape pen, we have listed down 15 things you should remember.

List of 15 Vape Traveling Tips

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  1. Bring a quality Vape Pen

When traveling far from home, it is best to have a quality vape pen with you. Having a good vape pen that can withstand any situation is your best shot at having a worthwhile experience. If your device is made out of tough materials and can do more than what is designed for, you can have a pleasant experience when using it. You can travel with ease knowing that you have a quality device that you can trust.

  1. Carry an extra unit

If you happen to drop your vape pen while traveling and suddenly it stopped working, that can cause you more harm than good. Instead of focusing on your trip, you get distracted about your broken device and want to get a new one immediately. Being in a different place, you are unfamiliar with where you can go to replace your device. Bringing an extra unit as backup can help you avoid this situation.

Charge your vape batteries on your trip
  1. Charge Vape batteries

This is an important thing to remember when traveling with your vape pen. You do not want your unit to stop functioning by the time you need it.  To prolong your use and ensure your battery lasts longer, you want your vape pen to be fully charged. Focus your attention on your travel agenda instead of looking for areas where you can charge your vape pen batteries. Also, it is hard to find a charging spot in a place you just have discovered. Charging in public areas may not be allowed.

  1. Secure spare batteries

Having extra sets of batteries can keep your mind at ease. Make sure to have one ready just in case there might be unpredictable changes or malfunction in your current vape pen battery. If you are going to different locations with unpredictable weather, your current battery might get damaged. The extra battery serves as a replacement to your worn out battery, so you can continue vaping as you wish. If you have more than one battery with you, be sure to keep them in safe plastic battery cases to avoid accidents.

  1. Bring essential vaping accessories

With a limited luggage capacity, you should only pack the things that you will need for a good vaping experience. You do not have to carry other unnecessary items that will only be bulky in your traveling bag. Remember to bring only what you need and try to travel light.

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  1. Do not forget your charger

To make sure that your vape pen can last within the duration of your travel, you must pack your vape charger with you. Traveling without a charger is not going to give you the best vaping experience.  Not only does our vaping sessions stop, but it also distracts you from accomplishing your travel agenda. Avoid this from happening by making sure that your charger is together with your device and it is secured safely with your other items.

  1. Use a vape pen pouch

Keep in mind to pack your vaping needs in one pouch where you can get them all in one go. Using a vape pen pouch can help you stay organized and be aware of where you placed all your vaping products. You should pack your vaping items in your carry-on, and they should be properly secured and wrapped properly to avoid any spills. Also, when you have a pouch, you can keep your device and accessories from easily getting wet or damaged.

  1. Empty your vape

Check your device and be sure that it is empty. When traveling, your vape pen can cause some spills or leakages. If you are in an airplane, it can even put some pressure on your device, resulting in safety hazards. An empty vape can prevent any issues from happening. Keep note that a vape pen that is not emptied can cause potential fire dangers or pose some health risks.

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  1. Store batteries separately

Before you travel, it is a good idea to disconnect your batteries from your vape pen. Turn off any manual batteries and take out those removable ones. The lithium batteries that power modern vape pens will ignite at altitude if not stored properly. Bring a vape battery case to hold your batteries throughout your trip. For safety purposes, separate your batteries from your unit to avoid any exposure to heat.

  1. Use a big herb or wax container

Bringing enough vaping supply to last you for the duration of your trip is necessary. You also want to avoid any spillage from happening. When you have a big container for your vaping materials not only can you store them properly, but you can also preserve their quality and condition. You can avoid any leaks or spills when you have this on hand.

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  1. Know the vaping regulations

There are rules to follow when traveling with your vape pen. You must make sure that you know where and when is the best time and place to vape. Follow the safety protocols about vaping that is implemented in your travel location. Before traveling, research and familiarize yourself with certain regulations and restrictions. Keep note that vaping regulations vary from country to country. Being aware of those can help you make the most out of your travel and vaping experience.

  1. Be mindful of elevation changes

This is specifically useful when you are traveling at different altitudes. If you are riding a plane, be sure to check your vape pen and see to it that it is turned off and is properly secured. Some devices react to the pressure that can occur while traveling in the sky. Review your vape pen's user manual and see its specifications to know how you can properly handle it. Do the necessary research if you are unsure about your device and if it can withstand elevation changes.

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  1. Practice courtesy

As a sign of respect, be sure to follow the basic rules of courtesy and vape only in places where it is legal and allowed. You should be a responsible tourist and keep in mind that other people around you might get uncomfortable when they see you vaping near them. Also, do not blow the vapor right into their faces and avoid standing too close to them. Make sure that you are in an area where vaping is allowed.

  1. Check for designated vaping areas

There is a proper time and place for vaping. Just because you feel like vaping does not mean that you can do just that, especially in public areas. If you are in an airport, ask an airport crew to direct you to a designated lounge to vape. When you are in an airplane, strictly follow the necessary protocols and do not attempt to vape inside. Instead of taking a risk, it would be best not to. Consider the safety and comfort of everyone on board. Take note that you can get fined for vaping on the plane. Avoid any trouble with airport security by being patient and reasonable. Practice good judgment and be mindful of those around you.

  1. Check vape travel policies

Make sure to be a responsible traveler who follows the basic rules when vaping in another location. You should know the necessary information about vaping regulations and strictly comply with them. What rules apply to vaping in the country you are visiting? Get some current details before you leave. If you are traveling within the United States, or to Canada, Mexico, or Europe, you would not have any trouble bringing and using your vape pen in those places.

Some countries do not allow people of a certain age group to vape and others have prohibited vaping altogether and If you get caught, there may be consequences. To avoid all of that, just make sure you do enough research if you want to enjoy vaping to where you are going. Take note that vaping laws can change quickly, so it is best to prepare and be informed about them.

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Final Vaping Thoughts

Get the same vaping experience anywhere in the world by following these tips we shared with you. Travel easy with a vape pen and make the most out of your experience.

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