15 Mistakes You Should Avoid When Buying a Dab Pen

Advice for Buying a Dab Pen

Vaping with a dab pen has become a popular way of consuming wax concentrates. They are small and compact and can easily be used compared to a full-sized dab rig. However, because of the influx of wax pens from manufacturers coming from all parts of the globe, choosing the right one can be challenging. Whether you are buying your first dab pen or if you are looking to add a new wax vaporizer to your growing collection, this article is for you. Here are 15 mistakes you should avoid when buying a dab pen.

  1. Avoid buying an unbranded dab pen

This one should be obvious. Avoid dab pens that are unbranded or those sold and marketed as “standard” devices. Not only will you not have a company to run to when your wax vaporizer breaks down, but you will not get the right support you deserve as a consumer. Companies that are proud of a dab pen they designed are more than willing to risk their names on their product.

  1. Do not buy from shady retailers 

As we have briefly covered above, there has been a steady influx of wax vaporizers on the market. That said, there are also a lot of people who want to jump at the opportunity to cash in. One way of knowing is by reading reviews and feedback from customers who have purchased from a store. Avoid stores teeming with negative feedback and go with ones that earned positive ones. We all heard of horror stories from customers who bought from retailers who show no intention to provide after sales support. Make sure you buy your dab pen from a respected store, like vapevetstore.com.

  1. Avoid buying a dab pen with no sort of warranty

Whether just a guarantee you will receive a working dab pen or some other extended warranty, warranties are there for a reason. They provide consumers with some sort of protection and a means to have the items they purchased repaired or replaced if it does not meet reasonable expectations. With no warranties, the company selling the dab pen will have no responsibility nor any form of ownership whatever happens to your dab pen. You do not want an expensive paperweight.

  1. Do not buy based on trends

Another mistake many dab pen shoppers make is buying based on trends. However, trends do come and go. When you are investing in a dab pen, it is best to put your money in a device that you can use regardless of the trend.

  1. Do not ONLY buy because of promos 

Promos are good, do not get us wrong. But buying a dab pen solely based on a promo may not be the best justification. Vape stores put products on sale or slap a lower price tag on them for many reasons. These dab pens could be hard to sell, they may be old stocks, no longer in production, or out of trend. Unless you have been eyeing that dab pen for a long time, you are better off buying wax vaporizers at full price.

  1. Avoid buying without reading or watching reviews

Watching or even reading reviews about a dab pen you are planning to buy lets you get a good glimpse of the device even before you spend good money on it. You get to know things like pros and cons which can help you decide whether that dab pen is right for you. These reviews can help you make a better buying decision when you are ready to splash the cash.

  1. Do not buy a dab pen ONLY based on price

Just like promos, it may be tempting to buy a cheaper vaporizer over more expensive ones. Remember, in vaping, you always get what you pay for. Avoid relying on price as the only factor affecting your buying decision.

  1. Do not buy used

For obvious reasons, buying a used dab pen is not advisable. It is gross.

  1. Avoid a dab pen with wick atomizers

Newer generation dab pens are outfitted with atomizers that use either quartz or ceramic heating elements. They are safer and provide more effective and efficient results. There is a reason why you do not see as many atomizers with wicks nowadays.

  1. Do not buy a Dab Pen with no replacement parts available 

Just like nicotine vapes with disposable vape pods, your dab pen will require some sort of replacement part along the way. Make sure to go with a dab pen that has some replacement parts made available so you can keep it in good working condition. Things to look out for are atomizers, mouthpieces, and magnetic adapters.

  1. Avoid buying a Dab Pen with cheap components

Dab pens made with cheap vape parts will not last long. Those that use weak plastics and relatively weak metal components will break faster that you clicked on that checkout button. Your dab pen will be constantly exposed to heat and this can take a toll on cheap components causing them to wear off and eventually break. Things you want on your dab pens are Lithium-Ion batteries, heat-resistant plastic, and a housing made from some sort of anodized aluminum.

  1. Do not buy a dab pen with low battery capacity

Your dab pen will rely on its battery to deliver power to the atomizer and heat your wax concentrates. The larger the battery capacity, the more substantial the power is and the longer it will stay on in between charges. Make sure you buy a wax vaporizer with a high battery capacity, around 900mAh or 1100mAh.

  1. Do not buy a dab pen that uses dated technology

Speaking of batteries, make sure you get a dab pen that uses USB technology. Micro-USB is pretty decent still, but you would want to see USB-C when possible. USB technology gives you faster charging times with more stable power delivery. In the same way, go with a dab pen that offers some level of temperature flexibility so you can personalize and customize your sessions. Others have memory functions, integrated dab tools, integrated wax jars - the list of features goes on.

  1. Avoid a dab pen built with glues and toxic adhesives

Earlier dab pens use glues and other adhesives to put together these vaporizers. Back in the days where there was still no standard set in wax consumption, dab pens made with glues were prevalent. However, the chemicals used in these adhesives can be toxic when exposed to heat.

  1. Avoid a dab pen with loud and colorful designs

Although this falls on your own preference, you will most likely be using a vaporizer with loud and striking colors as an occasional vaporizer. Stick to ones with simple and discreet designs as they make for better daily drivers.

Dab Pen Purchase Conclusion

So, that is it, 15 things you should avoid when buying a new dab pen. Use this guide when making a new purchase as these are tried and tested practices from actual wax vaporizer users and wax concentrate consumers.

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