10 Things to Consider When Buying a Desktop Vaporizer

So, you finally decided to try a healthier alternative, but you are unsure how to start investing in a desktop vaporizer. Do not worry, we are here to help you find the best desktop vaporizer with these 10 things to consider before buying a desktop vaporizer. So, whether you are investing in your first desktop unit or simply upgrading from a vape pen, check out these tried and tested tips you can do before you splash the cash.

Desktop Vaporizer being used in the kitchen
  1. Consider what you are Vaping

When buying a desktop vaporizer, it is important to ask yourself what kind of materials you prefer consuming. There are desktop vaporizers made specifically for heating dry herb strains while there are those specifically designed and engineered for wax concentrates. There are also desktop vaporizers that can accommodate both wax concentrates and botanical plant matter, although many experienced consumers often go with devices that only vaporize one material as they are better calibrated to vaporize only one material.

Once you have decided on what type of material you will most likely be consuming, you can make a better decision in buying your desktop vaporizer. Some of the things you need to be familiar with are dry herb desktop vaporizers and dry herb vaporizers just like vape pens for dry herb strains, dab rigs and e-rigs for wax concentrates, and multi-purpose desktop vaporizers for vaping both wax, herb, and sometimes, even e-juice.

Desktop Vaporizer and considering the price about which one is for you
  1. Consider the Price

Let’s face it, not all vaporizers are made equal and not all of them belong in the same price point. Determining how much you are willing to spend on a desktop vaporizer can help you narrow down your search. Often, in vaporizers you get what you pay for. So, in most cases, the more expensive a desktop vaporizer is, the better the quality of its components and the more advanced its features are. However, there are some exceptions that are known for both their quality and affordability. Determine a price point you are willing to invest in a device and start searching for desktop vaporizers within your budget. Speaking of which…

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  1. Search for Vapes Online

There are a lot of head shops and even dispensaries that sell desktop vaporizers. But because these are considered slow moving commodities because of their price, most stores will only have a small collection to show for. So, the best place to start shopping would be online vape shops. Here, you will be dealing with retail stores who have access to better warehouses that have a better chance of having your desktop vaporizer of choice in stock. Just make sure to visit reliable online retail stores and vape shops, like vapevetstore.com. Vape Vet Store is the home of authentic and original vaporizers that come directly from the source. They also keep their shelves stocked so you will never leave their store disappointed.

  1. Consider the Vape Brand

Pretty much like the store you will be getting your desktop vaporizer from, the brand of the actual desktop vape matters. In most cases brands are an indication of how well a vaporizer will perform as some companies are serious about producing some of the best desktop vaporizers in the business. Brands take years to build and when they are finally on the map, they take good care of their reputation as one wrong move can put them out of business - especially in this day and age. If you’re looking for a long-term investment, go with popular brands. Those who have already stood the test of time and have adapted to the changing needs and demands of consumers. Check for reviews and avoid companies and brands that are met with negative criticism.

Warranty with your vaporizer is very important
  1. Consider the warranty of the Product

This can be related to choosing the brand as warranties are offered by manufacturers as retailers do this in the form of returns and exchange. Companies who are confident in the product they deliver offer warranties that last a lifetime while others come in the form of several years. Go with a company that offers the longest warranty as it gives you the sense of security that you and the product you bought from them are backed with their support. Whether it is the battery of the unit, the hand-blown glass, or the aluminum metal used to house your desktop vaporizer, having a means of support to back you up when things go south is always welcome.

  1. Delivery method

For the uninitiated, desktop vaporizers offer various means of delivery. Some desktop dry herb vaporizers use traditional whip-style mouthpieces while others use balloon bags to hold the vapor. When it comes to wax concentrates, most desktop rigs use a glass attachment that holds water to deliver the vapor. Consider the delivery method as it affects your overall experience with the desktop vaporizer. A whip-style mouthpiece can make your sessions more of a social activity as it is more fun having friends sit around whom you will pass the whip to. A balloon bag, on the other hand, can also be a fun and engaging experience but it is best suited for personal use. E-rigs that have a glass water attachment are better known for adding the element of water filtration and moisture conditioning to your sessions.

Desktop Vaporizer for the best heat levels
  1. Vape Heating technology

Heating is one of the most important considerations you can make. Dry herb vaporizers typically want a convection heater while wax vaporizers will do better with a conduction heater. Convection heating lets you use the power of heated air to activate and release the cannabinoids in the herbs without reaching the point of combustion. This results in better tasting vapors that are clean and smooth. On the other hand, a conduction vaporizer uses the heat directly coming from a heating element like that of a wax atomizer or a heating cup. This makes for faster and more efficient vaporization of your select wax concentrates and also lets you consume every bit of your extracts to the last drop. Convection ovens heat slower while conduction vaporizers deliver faster, almost on-demand results.

  1. Check the Temperature Settings

Another thing to consider that is as valuable as the way your materials are heated is the ability of the desktop vaporizer to offer temperature flexibility. Most dry herb desktop vaporizers use precision temperature heating which allows you to adjust the temperature level accurately down to the last degree. On the other hand, most e-rigs run on presets giving you predetermined temperature profiles to choose from. Precision temperature settings will offer better temperature flexibility but offer a small learning curve while presets can be limited in terms of options but can be user-friendly.

Desktop vaporizers with temperature control led screen
  1. Power supply for Vaporizer

When choosing a desktop vaporizer, knowing where it draws its power from can be an important factor. Say you are getting a desktop vaporizer that only gets power from a wall outlet. You must be ready to use your desktop vaporizer only at home or where there is an available power outlet. Conversely, a battery-operated rig can be a portable option but will need to be plugged in the moment it runs out of power.

  1. Consider Maintenance

When all is said and done, you will have to clean your vaporizer before you put it on the shelf. You do not want to store your vaporizers with dirty chambers and unclean mouthpieces. Make sure to find a desktop vaporizer that is not only easy to disassemble but is also relatively easy to clean.

Volcano desktop vaporizers smoking with friends


So, there we have it, the 10 things you need to consider when buying a desktop vaporizer. Remember not to rush buying a desktop device or jumping the bandwagon just because a new item has been released. Let this be your buying guide not only for desktop vaporizers but for all types of vaporizers as well.

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