10 Smoking Pipes and Accessories Everyone Wants

There are so many types of smoking pipes and accessories that it can be confusing what you need for either your smoking or vaping needs. Do you need an on the go combustion vape? or do you need accessories for your joints, such as a rolling tray, ashtray, or joint holder? Below is a list of the 10 best smoking pipes and accessories that are essential for anyone's collection. 

Finger Ring Joint Holder

Finger Ring Joint Holder

This product is pretty straight forward but that doesn’t take away from any of it’s utility! Anyone who has ever held onto a joint knows that it will certainly make your hands smell. Not to mention that, unless you throw it away unfinished, it can easily burn your fingers. Worry no more! This convenient ring will take away all the fuss from enjoying an excellent joint.

Game of Thrones Rolling Tray

Game Of Thrones Rolling Trays

Rolling is an art form. For some others, it can be quite a messy process. Nothing is worse than having to comb through a carpet or on furniture for scraps. Instead, save time and trouble by having a convenient, themed platform to do all the rolling and even a great place to keep all the rolling materials together. Not a Game of Thrones fan? There are plenty of other rolling trays available. These things are too handy to ignore.

Double Barrel Dugout Pipes

Double Barrel Dugout Pipes

Know what’s better than having one dugout pipe? Obviously, two! First of all, all jokes aside, it can be extremely handy to have more than one little dugout pipe. Especially for couples or people who just like to smoke with someone else. More importantly, the quality of these products is absolutely fantastic. Made from hand-picked wood, these one-hitter dugout pipes are milled right here in the USA and are absolutely unique because each pipe is made from different parts and types of wood. The grain pattern is almost guaranteed to be completely individualized.

The Bukket Pipe

Bukket Pipe Gravity Bong

This handy little gadget is a classic. From ancient times before vaporizers, gravity bongs were easily some of the heaviest-hitting pieces of hardware on the market. They were sometimes inconvenient because they required water (like any other bong). Enter the Bukket pipe. Portable, concealable, great hits, but most importantly there was absolutely no need for water. This makes the maintenance and transport of the Bukket pipe 1000x better than any regular gravity bong. Of course, it will cost more than most homemade gravity bongs but it’s hard to imagine it’s not worth every penny. No more bong water spills or having to search far and wide for water on a camping trip.

Swan Bubbler Pipe

Swan Bubbler Pipe - Made of Silicone and Glass

These glass and silicone beauties are some of the handiest, prettiest bubblers on the market – especially given how affordable they are. Costing almost nothing, these bubblers are made of quality glass and silicone that will endure for years and years. The hits on this thing are smooth, clean, and as powerful as anyone can want. Maintenance is made easy by the translucent glass letting you know how grimy the innards of the swan pipe. All in all, this is one of the best deals out there.

Death Star Herb Grinder

Death Star Herb Grinder

An herb grinder is an absolute necessity for anyone that enjoys being able to have a clean and solid burn when they’re smoking. Nothing is worse than having chunks of herb stuck underneath piles of ash. That being the case, there is absolutely no reason why that grinder cannot be themed like the infamous Death Star from Star Wars! Let out your inner geek every time a new smoke sesh starts up or simply when the feeling is right. Besides getting a good laugh every time the grinder destroys some herb, this grinder is a quality product that will certainly last longer than the original Death Star.

AGO Vaporizer

AGO Vaporizer Kit For Dry Herbs

The AGO Vaporizer is an effective, old workhorse. It is one of the original portable vaporizers to have hit the market in the dark days before vaping became the penultimate way to consume herb (and well before wax and oil skyrocketed in popularity). The fact that this model continues to sell in high volume is a testament to the AGO’s ability to provide a quality and reliable experience. Of note, it is not a ‘true’ vaporizer as far as purists are concerned. The AGO, like many older vape pens, are a combustion vape pens. Meaning, they physically burn the herb as opposed to vaporizing the herb. While this may be a turn off for some, for smoke enthusiasts this means that a beautiful piece of vaping technology can be added to the arsenal of smoking apparats.

Unbreakable Silicone Ashtray

Unbreakable Silicone Ashtray

An ashtray may seem like a relic from a bygone era, however, they’re extraordinarily helpful at prevent errant ash from flying and falling all around the house. Not to mention, it protects any carpeting, rugs, or furniture from burns putting out joints or blunts. Most importantly, this product is indestructible because it is an ashtray made of silicone! One of the most tragic sounds anyone can hear is when a glass ashtray shatters sending shards of glass and ash everywhere. Worry no more!

Wooden Chillum made in the USA

Badash Wooden Chillum Pipes

As mentioned before, Bad Ash makes these chillum pipes right here in the USA. More importantly, this product contains a beautiful brass finish all along the interior and onto the bowl piece end of the pipe. This will prevent any inhalation of smoke from the burning of the wood when someone is smoking this pipe. Not to mention, it will also preserve the flavor profile of the herb and the woody texture of the interior. This is a quality pipe to add to any collection.

USA Made Pipes with Real Bugs & Sea Life

USA Made Glass Spoon Pipes with Real Sea Life and Bugs

One of the most unique items in our collection – pipes made by Cherry Glass that contain real insects and sea life in them! Through a process called electroforming, essentially coating the animals and insects with metal, that preserved their bodies and all the contours and details about them. This is certainly going to impress any houseguests and will be a wonderful conversational piece as part of any glass collection. Most importantly, the glass is quality stuff made right here in the USA by Cherry Glass. With a purchase of one of these pipes, a unique domestic artist is supported in their craft and passion.

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