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Tedrow Glass Chillum Pipes are hand blown and are really cool hand pipes to own. They are super portable, sleek and discreet. For those who like to collect artwork or want to own a special hand blown glass chillum pipe made in Ohio, USA, then get this now before we run out.

Tedrow Chillum Pipe Includes

  • 1x Tedrow Glass Chillum Pipe

Tedrow Chillum Pipe Details

  • US Made Hand Blown Glass (Check out @TedrowGlass)
  • Small, Sleek, and Discreet Design
  • Glass Material is high-grade borosilicate glass
  • Bowl Piece is deep so you can pack enough dry herbs for multiple hits.
  • Chillum Pipe Length - 4 inches long

Tedrow Chillum Pipe FAQ

How to use a Tedrow Glass Chillum

  • Using a Tedrow Glass Chillum Pipe is super easy. If you have an herb grinder, we suggest using one because after you grind up your dry herbs, you can dip the chillum pipe's bowl into the dry herbs and the bowl will fill up. Other Chillum pipes tend to be bulky, which make it harder to pack directly from an herb grinder.
  • If you don't have an herb grinder, then you can break up the dry herbs into little pieces and pack your chillum pipe. Once it's packed, you can hold the chillum pipe in your mouth and use one hand to light the chillum and the other hand to keep the light from getting blown out by the wind.
  • After you've taken a hit, you can take the chillum pipe out of your mouth as if you're smoking cigarette and nobody will know what you just did.

How to Clean a Tedrow Glass Chillum

  • It's super easy to clean a Tedrow Glass Chillum Pipe. You can use 420 cleaner if you want to do it super quickly, but you can also put it in boiling water for 5-10 minutes and then using a Q-tip to clean out all the dry herb resin.
  • If you're going to use 420 cleaner, make sure that after you finish, you rinse it out with warm hot water and then use a lighter or blow torch to burn off any extra chemicals or bacteria on it. It's always better to be extra safe when cleaning your smoking pipes.

Why Buy a Tedrow Glass Chillum?

  • Tedrow is a famous glass artist from the US. All of his designs are hand blown by himself. The Tedrow glass chillum pipe is a super cool and sleek design. You'll impress anyone that tries using it. Get this one of a kind glass chillum pipe and you'll be super satisfied. Great for on-the-go use too!

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