Yocan Regen Vape Review

Yocan has earned a reputation as a leading provider within the vaping industry. Their products include vaporizers for waxes, oils, as well as dry herbs. Each Yocan vape is unique and has its own pros and cons depending on what the user is looking for.

A solid addition to the Yocan lineup is the Yocan Regen, one of the best portable wax vaporizers on the market today. From a sleek, low-profile to variable voltage settings to cutting-edge magnetic coils, the Regen offers wax users functionality at a super affordable price – less than $50.

In this article, we will be exploring the Yocan Regen and break down exactly what it has to offer wax enthusiasts who are both beginners and seasoned veterans.

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Yocan Regen Vape Features

In addition to being highly affordable, discreet and portable, the Yocan Regen comes jam-packed with useful features and a powerful 1100 mAh battery capable of vaporizing practically every wax imaginable.

Users can choose between three voltage settings, including 3.0v, 3.5v, and 4.0v. This gives vapers the ability to fine tune their experience with a voltage that best fits their needs. Of course, beginners can always leave the voltage settings as is and have an amazing time, nonetheless.

On top of variable voltage and a robust battery, the Regen boasts a magnetic atomizer for extra convenience as well as a triple-quartz coil. If you are a fan of dual-quartz coils do not fret, they are included with the Regen as well.

Another nifty feature of the Regen is its built-in silicone wax jar which allows you to easily store your favorite wax without additional accessories.

Using the Yocan Regen

Before using your Yocan Regen, it is highly recommended to fully charge the vaporizer prior to its first use. Once charged, it is incredibly easy to start vaping your favorite wax products.

First, load your wax into the magnetic atomizer – how much you pack into the atomizer is entirely up to you. Next, power on the vaporizer and choose a voltage setting that best fits your preferences.

Once the device is loaded, charged and on, simply press the firing button and slowly inhale to vaporize your wax. Rinse and repeat until all wax residuals are gone and the atomize is empty.

It truly is as simple as that!

Tips for Vaping the Yocan Regen

As with all vaporizers, it is crucial to make sure they are fully charged to guarantee a consistent vaping experience. In some cases, vaporizers with little battery life are incapable of properly vaporizing most materials, leading to lackluster experience.

Thus, it is highly recommended to fully charge the Yocan Regen before taking it on the go. Depending on how heavily you plan on using the device, it may be worthwhile to bring an external battery to charge your vaporizer.

If you are just starting out, we advise users to stick with the standard 3.0v setting and fine tune from there.

Maintaining the Yocan Regen

Unlike dry herb vaporizers and pipes, the Regen requires far less maintenance on a regular basis. For one, there is no need to empty a heating chamber of ash or clean residue stuck to glass, which admittedly can be quite bothersome.

We recommend you periodically clean the magnetic atomizer to ensure it closes/seals properly as well as the mouthpiece. It is also important to ensure your battery is fully and properly charged.

Outside of these three tips, the Regen offers users an amazing experience with little upkeep, which is a win-win in our book.

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Yocan Regen vs. Other Vaporizers

The Regen is a highly unique vaporizer that offers a robust battery and triple-quartz coils (the first of its kind) in a super compact package that can easily slip into a pocket, backpack or container.

For users looking to achieve greater potency between their vaping sessions, you would be hard pressed to find another wax vape as powerful and small as the Regen. Furthermore, it is incredibly easy to use and maintain with its magnetic atomizer.

In all, the Regen offers users ample battery power to vaporize wax with ease at price point that is incredibly affordable.

Is it right for me?

At the end of the day, landing on a wax vaporizer is subjective and comes down to the personal preference of users. If you are looking to start wax vaping or improve your experience, you will be hard pressed to find as solid of an option as the Yocan Regen.

Of course, the Regen cannot offer the same experience of a traditional dab rig. But, it certainly can rival it.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we discussed the Yocan Regen, one of the best portable wax vaporizers on the market today. The Regen offers a sleek, low-profile and equally powerful vaping experience for wax enthusiasts regardless of experience.

For one, the Regen boasts a robust 1100 mAh, one of the largest batteries available in a portable wax vape which is beyond capable of efficiently vaporizing all waxes. While the Regen does not offer full variable voltage, users can choose between three voltage settings to fine tune their experience.

Overall, the Regen offers an incredibly powerful battery and nifty features at a competitive price point. Why spend $100+ when you can just buy the Regen? Plus, the fact that it is a Yocan product practically guarantees you will be in good hands. Few brands in the vaping space have built such a solid reputation.

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