Why Does My Grinder Have a Screen?

A grinder is a classic item used to break down herbs into fine particles that make your herbs much easier to smoke. It is usually made out of metal and has little “teeth” in the top compartment that, when you spin the grinder, breaks up the clumps of herbs and drops it into another compartment. Depending on the type of grinder that you have, there may be a screen built in to it. This screen is included on a four-piece grinder, and is used to sift the pollen from your herbs into the bottom chamber. These are perfect for dry herb vaporizers.

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Why should I use a grinder?

Using a grinder comes with many different advantages, one of them being that screen that is built in. The pollen that falls through it is often more potent, and can enhance your experience smoking the herb of your choice. Grinding up your herbs also makes everything evenly sized so that way everything burns easier, making your experience more enjoyable. Additionally, using a grinder unlocks the tastes and aromas of your herbs, which can also add to your experience.

Not to mention that it makes it way easier to travel with. Simply grind your herbs and take the grinder to go in your purse, or stash it away in a drawer with ease.

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What are the different parts of a grinder?

It was mentioned a little bit earlier, but there are different grinders that come in many different shapes and sizes. Grinders typically come with three chambers: the top chamber where you put your herb, the middle chamber where the ground up herb falls into, and the pollen chamber under the screen. However, there are also grinders that have a fifth piece, or a fourth chamber. This is a compartment where you can store your herb, however this compartment is not necessary for storing it.

What is the Best Grinder with a Screen?

Drawing a comparison between grinders is easy, and each grinder is different and might be beneficial to you depending on what you need. Owning a 2 piece grinder is great if you are not concerned with any of the pollen that collects on your herbs, and if you need a compact, quick, and easy way to grind up your herbs. However, if you want the ultimate experience, it would be better for you to get a 4 piece grinder with a screen. That way, you can use the pollen on your herbs and still have a compact way to store and carry it.

There are several great 2-piece and 4-piece grinders out there. Sharpstone grinders offer extremely sharp blades and have both 2-piece and 4-piece grinders. They also offer electric grinders, commonly used with vape pens as well as vibrating grinders that shake all the pollen down to the pollen catcher.

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Why does my grinder have a screen?

Your grinder most likely has a screen because it has a place for pollen to fall into from your herbs while you’re grinding. It’s possible for some of the pollen to get stuck. To fix this, put a penny in the pollen chamber so that when you’re shaking the grinder around, it should bang the pollen into place. The pollen in the bottom of your grinder has different, more potent effects than just the herbs that you grind, and can be used no matter how you smoke your herbs! Most people sprinkle it on top of the herbs that they pack into a bong or a bowl, or put it into their joints for a more concentrated, intense smoking experience. It can even be used to make herbal tea or edibles that can be enjoyed without the harmful effects of smoking. No matter how you choose to enjoy your herbs and pollen, having a grinder with a screen is the first step to collecting your pollen for everyday use!

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