What Size Bowl Piece Goes With Your Bong?

Did you break the bowl on your bong and now you don’t know how to go about replacing it? Don’t worry, we will point you in the right direction. The process is a lot simpler than you might think. Although bongs are typically sold with a bowl piece, that bowl can always be replaced if lost, broken, or doesn’t fit your smoking style. However, there are a few different factors about your bong that you should make note of before beginning searching for the perfect bowl piece.

What is a Bong Bowl Piece?

The first place to start is by knowing exactly what part of your bong you are replacing. The “bowl” on a bong is arguably the most important piece of the smoking device. It is the bowl-shaped piece that fits in the downstem, which you load ground-up dry herb into for smoking.

Available in a Variety of Options

Bowl pieces come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes to fit different types of bongs. Some bong bowls come with built-in screens to prevent ashy inhales, while others are made of glass that is easy to clean. A bong bowl can be completely customized or generic and can fit a variety of budgets. However, not all bowl pieces will fit every bong, and you must first determine the gender and size of the joint on your bog before you can purchase a new bowl.

What Type of Bowl is Needed?

Bong bowls are made to fit either a female or a male joint. So how do you go about determining the type of joint? Most bongs are female and you can see when looking down the bong’s downstem, where a male bowl piece will slide into and connect. A male end joint (popular with those doubling a dab rig as a bong) is smaller and will slide into a bong bowl.

If the connecting joint is male, then you’ll need to purchase a bowl with a female joint. But if the joint is female then you will need to purchase a bowl with a male joint. Most bongs will need a male bong bowl piece.

What Size is the Joint?

There are three standard sizes for the joints on bong bowls, including 10 millimeters, 14 millimeters, and 18 millimeters. The 10-millimeter joint size is the rarest to find on a standard bong, however, it is more common on dab rigs. The 14-millimeter size is the most common for standard bongs. And the 18-millimeter size tends to be standard for oversized bongs, meant for hosting large sessions with multiple people. The female and male joints of the bong’s downstem and bowl will fit together perfectly if they are the same size. But how do you know what size you need?

The Penny Trick

A great trick for measuring the size of your bong’s joints is by using a standard U.S. penny. If the joint is smaller than half the size of the penny, then you are working with a 10-millimeter joint. However, to determine if your bong has one of the more common joint sizes, you can take a penny and place it inside the joint. If the penny goes down about halfway, then you are working with an 18-millimeter joint. If the penny only goes down as far as a little below the halfway mark, then you are working with a 14- millimeter joint.

What Type of Bowl Will Fit You Best?

Once you have determined the gender and size of the joint you need, you still must consider the size and shape of the bowl itself. Bong bowls can be large or small, made with glass or metal, or shaped like your favorite cartoon character. The possibilities today seem endless, and which one fits you best will come down to your smoking preferences.

Consider Your Budget

You should also consider the budget you are working within since bowls can range anywhere from just over $10 for a standard bowl piece to way over $50 for a custom bowl masterpiece. Once you’ve determined your budget, you can move on to consider how you like to have your smoke sessions.

Types of Bowls

If you tend to host large sessions for multiple people, then you might want to purchase an oversized bowl. These bowls are both wide and deep and can easily hold a grinder’s worth of dry herb. But if you tend to smoke solo then you might want to opt for a snapper bowl. These style bowls are a bit smaller than average and have a funnel shape, which makes it easier to smoke every bit of a micro-bowl. If you are all about style during your sessions, then you might want to opt for a custom or double bowl.

Double Bong Bowls

A double bowl can allow you to smoke two different strains of dry herb side by side and is especially impressive when loading a bowl at a party. Other bowls are made to showcase your personality and can be created to resemble a flower, cartoon character, sea creature, animal, or abstract design.

Glass and Other Bong Bowl Materials

After you’ve selected a few that look good, you’ll finally have to consider the material the bowl is made with. Bong bowls tend to be made with either glass or metal, both of which are resilient to heat stress. However, there are a few rare custom bowls made of wood or other heat-resistant materials. A metal bowl made of brass or stainless steel will be more durable than a glass bowl. But glass is considered the cleanest and safest material to smoke out of.


Which bowl fits you best will come down to how often you smoke, how you prefer to clean your piece, and what bowl fits your bong. With a little bit of searching, we are certain you will find the perfect bowl to replace the one that you lost, broke, or got tired of looking at.

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