How to Replace a Broken Banger Nail

Did you just break the most essential part of your dab rig? A dab rig without a working banger is hardly a rig at all. It can be devastating when your banger cracks or breaks. To help extend the life of a banger, you should be careful about which one you choose to attach to your dab rig. Some are built to last a lifetime, while others are made to deliver the purest vapor. So, which one should you choose when replacing your broken banger? And what features really matter? Read on to learn all about bangers and how to replace this essential piece of your dab rig.

What is a Banger and is it Needed to Dab?

Let’s start with first identifying what a “banger” is, besides a great song. In the world of dabbing, a banger can also be called a “dab nail” or just a “nail”, and it is what you load the wax into on a dab rig. The dab nail is typically heated with a butane blow torch and works to evenly apply that heat to wax in order to vaporize it so that it can be inhaled. So, a dab nail is absolutely essential if you want to use a dab rig, and a great option is a banger nail. However, if you are using a nectar collector or dab pen to vape wax, then you can feel free and skip this helpful article. Or, if you are using an electronic dab rig instead, then the banger should be built into your device and be built to last.

What Material is Best for a Banger Nail?

But if you are using a traditional dab rig with a blow torch, you do run the risk of exposing your banger to heat stress or other elements that might cause damage. Depending on the material the banger is made with, it will withstand heat stress and being dropped differently. The most durable types of bangers are made of titanium, but they don’t offer the purest sessions. Glass bangers offer pure-tasting vapor, but they are known to shatter easily. Quartz and ceramic dab nails land somewhere in the middle though for durability and vapor purity. No matter which type of banger you use though, it will probably need to be replaced eventually from wear or breaking. So how do you go about replacing this type of dab nail?

What Sizes are Banger Dab Nails?

You’ll want to start by identifying the size of the joint on your dab rig and banger. The joint size on the banger and the downstem on the dab rig must match to make a perfect fit. The standard joint sizes for bangers and all dab nails are either 10mm, 14mm, or 19mm. So thankfully, you have just three options to choose from and you can use a tape measure to figure out which one it is.

What Gender is a Banger’s Joint?

Next, you’ll need to identify what gender your dab rig’s joint is. A male banger joint will fit inside a female downstem joint. So, if you have a dab rig with a female joint, then you need a banger with a male joint. Or if you have a dab rig with a male joint, you will need a banger with a female joint.

What is the Best Nail for a Dab Rig?

Finally, after you have determined what size and gender joint will fit your dab rig, you can consider what style banger you will prefer. There is a myriad of options but do not allow them to overwhelm you. There are only a handful of style variations that you will have to consider.

45-Degrees versus 90-Degrees

Your first option is to choose between a 45-degree and a 90-degree banger dab nails. Depending on the angle of your dab rig’s joint, one of the two styles will fit your rig better. If the joint is facing directly up, then you need a 90-degree angled banger nail. But, if the joint on the dab rig is angle diagonally, then you should use a 45-degree angled banger instead.

Flat-Top versus Angled

Next, you can choose between a flat-top banger and angled banger nails. If you are using a carb cap to dab, then you will want to match the design of the banger with the design of your carb cap. This will ensure that the carp cab has a good fit over the banger, and no vapor escapes during the inhale.

Thermal, Core, or Trough

You also have the option of choosing either a thermal, core, or trough banger. A thermal banger will feature a double-walled design to improve heat retention and provide consistent heat for your wax. However, a core banger features a central core element that increases the surface area of the banger and heats your wax more evenly. Finally, the trough banger dab nail is shaped differently to provide a larger bucket for loading wax into. It also has thick walls and a large surface area that allows it to heat quickly and retain heat for a long time.

In the end, you should consider your options carefully when picking out a new dab nail for your dab rig. There are many options out there, but not all of them will fit with your dab rig. Always remember that you get what you pay for, and don’t skimp when it comes to the banger. It is the most important piece of a dab rig after all.

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