Top 5 Safety Tips For Vaping

Vaping and dry herb vaporizers have became a hobby that hundreds of thousands of people enjoy. They enjoy the flavors, making huge vapor clouds, or even used it as a tool to wean themselves off of cigarettes. However, between the vaping illness scare that affected hundreds of people, to stories about vape pens exploding, many people are concerned about the safety of using vape pens. While using a vape pen is extremely low risk, there are some steps you can take to make sure that you are not putting yourself in needless danger.

Top 5 Safety Tips for Vaping

1. Buy Your Vape Cartridges From a Reputable Store

If you stopped following the vaping illness story, researchers were able to track the problem down to specific products. They were Blackmarket THC vape cartridges that were bought from oversees (generally China) that contained vitamin E acetate as a filler. This should, of course, raise significant red flags to the conscientious consumer. You should never buy illegal products from shady sources where the contents of what you are vaping are unknown. You should be buying from either a retailer you trust or consistently buy from a brand that you trust. Also, you should always look to buy legal products.

2. Buy Your Vape Pen From a Reputable Store

Going into a gas station and buying a $5 vape pen is a surefire way to put yourself in needless danger. If a vape pen seems to offer a lot and is at an extremely low price, there is a reason that price is so low. Usually, costs are saved through low-grade vape batteries, which have a tendency to degrade quickly. While not particularly common, they also run the highest risk of exploding due to overcharging or mechanical failure. Again, always buy your vape pens from a reputable store and be buying a brand of vape pen that you trust. If you are new to the vaping scene and are not sure where to start, reach out to us! Our customer service experts will guide you to safe, beginner-friendly options!

3. Keep Your Vape Pen Out of Direct Sunlight

This is a good rule of thumb for any portable, battery-powered device, not just your vape pen. Direct sunlight can overheat your pen, which can cause the battery to leak and, at times, catch fire. Again, while this is uncommon, you run the risk of ruining your battery with repeated long-term exposure to direct sunlight or heat. 

4. Do Not Perform Complicated Maintenance

Many vape pens allow for the easy replacement of key components, like vape coils, batteries, and other essential parts. We strongly encourage you to continue to do this (in fact, we sell many vape pen components right here at!) However, you should never attempt maintenance on the circuit board or other enclosed electrical pieces yourself. Not only will you likely ruin your vape pen, but it is also a great way to cause electrical failure that may result in a battery explosion or small fire. If your vape pen is not functioning and you are unable to determine the cause, reach out to the manufacturer or to the retailer where you bought the pen. They will have steps to help you troubleshoot and will be able to help with potential warranty exchanges if you qualify.

5. Do Not Continually Vape Without Breaks

Every time you vape, the battery is providing power to the heating element to produce vapor. If you are repeatedly taking hit after hit after hit, you are not giving the battery or heating element a chance to cool down. While many vapes have an auto-shutoff feature when temperature thresholds are met, many do not. A superheated vape pen can transfer heat to the mouthpiece, which can burn your lips, and it can also put undue stress on the battery and heating element, causing either to fail far before the average lifetime of the product has been reached. In rarer cases, this can cause the battery to buckle under the heat and explode. If you feel your vape pen getting hot, power it down and give it a chance to cool.


Vaping is an extremely safe hobby to enjoy, but that doesn’t mean you should be careless in how you treat your vape pen or what you choose to vape. Always research the products you buy to make sure that you are getting high-quality, safe vape oils or vaporizers. If you are unsure which vape brands to trust or where to start shopping, ask us! Our store is full of safe, high-quality vaping products, and we can make sure that you get into a product that will be safe and enjoyable!

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