The Classiest Smoking Supplies

Are you looking for a way to class-up your smoking style? The right accessories can help you stand out in your smoke circle and get noticed. There’s nothing better than having just the right tool when it is needed, besides having the right good-looking tool when needed. We’ve hunted down some of the classiest smoking accessories that will make you look like a pro when it comes to hosting a smoke session.

silver and black metal herb grinder

Herb Grinders

The best herb grinder always makes a smoke session run smoother. However, a bad grinder could bring the whole session to a stand-still. A sharp herb grinder is the perfect tool for getting your dry herb primed and ready for being loaded into a bowl, dry herb vaporizer, or paper.

Checkout the Sharpstone Vibrating Herb Grinder

Sharpstone has set the standard for quality sharp grinders since they started. However, this vibrating grinder is a step up from their usual high standards. With the push of a button, it works to shake down your ground-up herb, and settle any additional kief into the bottom kief-catching chamber. You can then use the kief scooper to then pile it onto your bowl or preroll for the perfect extra-loaded smoke. No need to keep a dirty quarter in your grinder to shake down the kief anymore!

A silicone ashtray


Almost any non-combustible material can be used as an ashtray, but not any material will look good while doing it. We’ve seen everything from a soda can to a handmade sculpture being used as an ashtray. But those weren’t designed to be the perfect ashtray for your smoking collection.

Checkout the Motion Activated Debowler Ashtray

This ashtray is the perfect fit for your pieces though. It is equipped with a bowl-clearing poking tool and additional slots to store all of your smoking supplies. Even if skulls and bones are not your personal style, it will be hard to argue against using this useful ashtray. The food-grade silicone mold fits perfectly into the base and has a designated spot for your ash, lighter, rolling papers, dab tools, and prerolls. An extra nice touch is the fact that it is motion sensored and the eyes of the tray light up when you go to ash. Even if you don’t want to use this ashtray year-round, it is perfect to get you into the spirit of the Halloween season!

Stash Containers

Keeping your stash concealed properly can help make your smoking setup look even cleaner. There are many common containers that you can use to store dry herb, ranging anywhere from mason jars to repurposed peanut butter jars. However, if you have a designated container for your stash, it can take your style to the next level.

Checkout this soda Can Stash Safe for sale

This soda can stash container is definitely unique enough to get you noticed, but discreet enough to keep your stash well-hidden. From the outside, it looks like your standard favorite soda can, but the lid screws off easily to reveal the stash compartment that can store a vape pen, herb grinders and etc. It almost looks too much like the real thing though, and you’ll want to be sure that none of your friends accidentally swipes it when they are looking for a drink to fight off post-session dry mouth.

Martian Bubbler in blue with yellow background

Preroll Pairings

A classic preroll is one of the most common ways that people prefer to smoke. It is familiar, involves no additional devices, and can be taken with you almost anywhere. However, prerolls also hit the harshest, with no filter being placed between the combustion and your mouth.

Checkout this Martian Blunt Bubbler for sale

However, the Martian Bubbler fills in this gap perfectly. You can place the end of any blunt, backwood, joint, or cigarette to the mouth of this tiny bubbler and have your smoke filtered through water before it hits your lungs. It is made of high-quality, food-grade silicone so that it is easy to carry around as well. There’s even a little keyring attachment on the bubbler if you want to attach a lighter to it with a good chain and really step your preroll-smoking-game up.

raw rolling tray with an ashtray on it

Rolling Trays

The perfect tool to have when rolling a preroll though is a rolling tray. After you use one it’s hard to think about going back to the days before its aid. It’s not classy to dump out your ground-up dry herb on just any surface and roll-up. It can make you scrape up crumbs and dust to be smoked right alongside your precious dry herb.

Checkout these Awesome Metal Rolling Trays for sale

But this “Stay Classy” rolling tray can help prevent that from happening, and give you a touch of class. It is the perfect way to keep your smoking mess contained and prevent any excess materials from sneaking into your prerolls. If you don’t prefer to roll your own, then this tray is also the perfect size to contain everything you need to smoke in one place, at eight inches long and just under five inches wide.

There are so many smoking accessories available now online, but not all of them were created with a touch of class. Keeping your smoking setup classy can separate you from the average smoker, and making smoking a ritual instead of a process. Take a look at your current smoking setup and see if any of these specialized tools are needed in your kit. And once you decide, be sure to take advantage of free shipping on all US orders from the VapeVet Store!

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