The Basic Smoking Pieces for a Day at the Beach

Summer is finally here, which means plenty of day trips, road trips, and trips to the beach. However, not all of the locations you might be headed to this summer are smoking-friendly. And not all pieces can accommodate a sneaky toke on the go. But if you’re a rule bender with a hint of discretion then we have some suggestions of pieces you should consider packing up for a day at the beach. Read on to learn about the different types of herb smoking styles and what pieces can help you achieve a session on the beach.

Classic Smoking Pipes

The first type of smoking piece you can never go wrong with is the classic smoking pipe. Although this kind of pipe comes in many different forms and styles, the spoon pipe is probably the most convenient and easy to use on the go. If you have a solid carrying case then you can pack up a bubbler or water bong, however, we would not recommend filling your piece with ocean water. Instead, you'll want to make sure you also pack a bottle of water to go with your piece, so that you can actually use it. You will also need a lighter and a line of hemp wick to go with it all. This can add up alongside your beach towel, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, umbrellas, and more. That’s why we think it’s best to stick to the classic spoon pipe.

The silicone versions of the classic pipes are especially nice to pack, since the frame of the pipe is durable and the bowl is made of sturdy metal or glass with an herb screen. Another great option is a simple chillum pipe, since they are easy and discreet to use. This glass octopus chillum also fits the theme of the beach perfectly.

However, if you prefer to smoke dry herb then you can always go with the piece that you also prefer to use. You should just take into consideration all the supplies needed to go with your dry herb and how discreet your sessions might be when you’re laying out on the sand.


If you prefer to be even more discreet though when toking on the beach, then you should consider packing a portable vaporizer instead. Although vaporizers used to be a large piece of equipment that would sit on a table and only vaporizer dry herb, modern vaporizers are incredibly portable and vape multiple types of materials. You can easily vape oil, wax, or dry herb with the touch of a button. No matter how you like to smoke or vape there is a portable vaporizer out there for you.

One of the key differences between portable vaporizers that should be considered is whether it is using conduction or convection heating. Although this will not make a difference in the size or shape of a portable vaporizer, it does make a difference on the inhale. If you switched to vaping in order to avoid inhaling harmful smoke, then you’ll want to opt for a vaporizer that uses convection heating. This means that the air surrounding your wax or dry herb is heated in order to vaporize the material. With conduction heating, however, heat is applied directly to the material you load in and causes it to combust, or create smoke. So, one type of vape provides smoke and the other provides vapor. However, which method you prefer to inhale is entirely up to you.

You’ll also want to keep a few vaporizer features in mind when choosing the best option for the beach. This can include voltage, battery life, heat up time, and chamber capacity. These simple features can all make a real difference in the type of vaping experience you have at the beach. Since you’ll be laying out all day we would suggest sticking to a device that offers a long battery life and short heat up time. It is also good to have a large chamber so that you can load up your vape with a day’s worth of wax or herb and not have to mess with a grinder or dab tool in the sand. Having an adjustable voltage setting is also great so that you can adapt your vape throughout the day.

However, if you want a simple session without the fuss then we suggest sticking to a classic vape pen with an attachable oil cartridge. These devices often have a battery life that can last for days, depending on how often you vape. The disposable vape cartridge also allows little to no fuss, and simply screws onto the vape pen battery. The SteamCloud Evod Vape Pen Battery is a great option with an adjustable voltage feature that you’ll be thankful for:

Dab Rigs

If you are a diehard dabber then having a session at the beach can be a bit trickier. A dab rig is often equipped with a blow torch or e-nail, as well as a dab tool, slick mat, and dab containers. The banger should reach an ideal temperature before you drop some wax in, which can be difficult if the wind is blowing across the beach. You also can’t forget to pack an extra water bottle to fill your dab rig up with. All of these supplies add up, and you can be stuck without a session if you forget just one piece.

Fear not though, if you love wax then you can still dab at the beach easily, thanks to the invention of electronic dab rigs. They are more expensive than your average smoking piece, but if you love to dab on the go then they are worth every penny. These modern dabbing devices are easy to use, all you have to do is add water and wax, and push a button. Instead of using a blowtorch, the device electronically heats the bowl to the perfect temperature to vape wax. The vapor is pulled through the water bubbler portion of the e-rig for a smooth inhale. There are more version of e-rigs hitting the market every day it seems and you can find some great options.

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