Should You Use a Quartz, Ceramic, Or Titanium Carb Cap?

There are some out there who will claim that a carb cap makes a world of difference when dabbing. This relatively simple tool can help you control the airflow on a dab rig and make it easier to inhale cool, smooth, tasty dabs. However, like most dab supplies, there is not just one option available for carb caps. Carb caps are typically made out of either quartz, ceramic, or titanium, with each material offering a different advantage over the others. Read on to learn which type of carb cap will fit you and your dab rig best, so that you can take your dabbing to the next level.

What is a Carb Cap?

A carb cap is a relatively simple tool that is made in a variety of colors, styles, shapes, sizes, and materials. All materials used to make a carb cap are heat-resistant, in order to withstand the heat of a blowtorch or e-nail. But, you do not apply heat directly to a carb cap. Instead, this innovative tool is placed over a banger, bucket, or e-nail, while you are inhaling on the mouthpiece of the dab rig. They are all designed in a similar way, with a hollowed, round end that acts as a cap. From the cap portion, there is usually a pointed handle that can also be used as a dab tool.

The main benefits of using a carb cap is to improve the air circulation, retain heat, and reduce wax waste while dabbing. There are typically small holes that allow air to pass through when the carb cap is in place on the dab rig, which control the airflow within a heated nail. This also means that you can heat your nail to a lower temperature, and help prevent your hits from tasting harsh. With the aid of a cap, wax will still melt evenly at lower temperatures and preserve more of the flavorful terpenes. Which in turn means that if you use a carb cap while dabbing you will waste less wax in the long run.

How Do You Use A Carb Cap?

A carb cap works to control airflow and conduct heat, which helps to evenly melt the wax loaded into the rig. It accomplishes this by stealing the bucket, nail or banger on your dab rig, after the wax has been loaded in. The wax is then trapped in a heat-conducting bowl, similar to a saucepot, which does not allow any vapor to escape. This also helps preserve the terpenes in your wax for your inhale, instead of burning off into the air. However, there are a few carb cap designs to consider before you pick one out for your dab rig.

One type of carb cap focuses on providing you with directional airflow, thanks to a sliding ventilation design. They are also referred to as spinner caps, and have a hole and angled tube stemming down the cap. This cap seals on a nail and can have the airflow adjusted when rotated. The next option is bubble carb caps, which feature a large carb stem and ball-and socket design. Bubble carb caps work best with flat-top nails in particular. Finally, there are universal carb caps, which work with most irregularly shaped e-nails, castle-style nails, and domeless nails. It’s important to choose the right kind of carb cap that will work with your dab rig setup.

What Materials Are Carb Caps Made With?

There are also a few options when it comes to the type of material a carb cap is made with. All of the materials are heat-resistant, but they each offer different advantages from there. Typically, carb caps are made of either quartz, ceramic, glass, or titanium. A quartz or glass carb cap is thought to provide the cleanest vapor or smoke, while a ceramic carb cap offers more flavor on the inhale. Titanium carb caps are by far the most durable options however, and fairly common because of it. You can match your nail, bucket, or banger with the carb cap though, since they are often made of the same heat-resistant materials.

What Type Of Carb Cap Is Best?

The best type of carb cap for you will really depend on your dab rig. The most important factor, over the material it was made with, is if it fits your rig’s nail, banger, or bucket. A carb cab needs to achieve a solid seal around the ‘bowl’ of the dab rig in order to function properly and provide you the advantage of control over the airflow. It also needs to withstand the heat of a dab rig, but that is a given with quartz, ceramic, or titanium.

Carb caps come in many designs, colors, and shapes, so you can also choose one based on your personal style or to match your dab rig. If possible, check with the manufacturer of the dab rig you have, to see if they offer a custom carb cab that fits their rig perfectly. If not though, a standard titanium carb cap will work well and is nice and affordable. If you haven’t used a carb cap to dab with yet, then you should definitely give it a try and see how well it improves your dabbing experience.

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