Is There Any Quick DIY Recipe for Vaping?

DIY Vaping Introduction

Anxiety and depression are our new hashtags. It is not as fashionable as it sounds. However, the busy world makes us so busy that we cannot spend time on ourselves. We have forgotten to live a healthy life and often we cannot imagine how it feels to be on vacation anymore. However, people tend to choose smoking as a reward for working hard. A report says 15 out of 30 people nowadays are addicted to nicotine. We cannot blame them for making this bad habit a routine of their daily life and people find smoking relaxing over their anxious minds and restless bodies. But the question is, what does a regular cigarette do to a human?

The answer is simple. And it is even inscribed upon the cigarette packet itself. But people do not believe that burning tobacco is harmful to them. People find them relaxing because of the way they work on our bodies and smoking hits the receptors in our brains and gives us a calmness over our anxiety. That is why we find this habit hard to quit.

To find a natural alternative, doctors and researchers worked hard. They addressed some natural ways that can solve the health issues of humans and can also decrease nicotine addiction. According to them, vaping is a lot better than smoking. The reason is that vaping contains liquid nicotine, which is not so harmful as burning tobacco. Apart from these, vaping has a lot of benefits. Vaping can relieve chronic pain, reduce anxiety, and decrease addiction to regular cigarettes. Vaping process needs a device, which is known as a vape pen. A vape pen or e-cigarettes contain vape juice, which you can make yourself at home. Let's learn about the diy vaping recipe.

What Is Vaping?

You certainly are familiar with electronic cigarettes nowadays. You are probably thinking, what is this thing? Let me tell you. Electronic cigarettes are not a cousin of regular cigarettes. However, both follow a similar action, but inhaling e-cigarettes is known as vaping rather than smoking. You may often see people using vaping and smoking together, but they are wrong. These are different from each other. Regular cigarettes contain burning tobacco and solid nicotine, whereas e-cigarettes contain e-juice or vape juice, or nicotine in liquid form. There are other elements of vape juice apart from liquid nicotine. These elements are as follows.

Nicotine remains in liquid form, and it is one of the main ingredients of vape juice. Other elements are vegetable glycerin and propylene, which are FDA-approved. People have been using them for a long time in various food preparations and medicines.

Flavoring is also another element in vape juice. Vape juice has various flavors such as blueberry, candy, sweets, etc.

Benefits Of Vaping

Vaping provides us with various benefits, be it health benefits or others. The benefits vaping provides are as follows.

  • Vaping is an eco-friendly process. It does not harm someone around you or the nature you live in, in contrast to the regular cigarettes.
  • It is also pocket friendly if compared to ordinary cigarettes. And the flavors of vape juice are FDA-approved and safe to digest.
  • It is widely available online and does not ask for any experience. Anyone can use it.
  • According to many smokers, vaping decreases their cravings for cigarettes. Isn't it an extra and healthy advantage?
  • Among health benefits, vaping reduces anxiety and depression. CBD vaping is the best alternative for patients with mental illness and muscle aches. It has less THC, which will not get anyone high. When someone vapes, it spreads quickly in their veins and works instantly. Among other benefits, it can make our brains work faster than ever. Vaping also increases focus among teens.
  • An analysis of the insomniac patients showed improvement after using CBD vape juice. People also find this helpful over any other drug addiction, as it helps to decrease their side effects. 

What Is DIY Vaping?

DIY or do it yourself. Yes, you are hearing it right! You can customize your vape juice. Vape juice is available in different flavors, such as candy, sweet, blueberry, honey. You can easily make flavor all by yourself. Preparing is usually trouble-free and comfortable, but you must be vigilant throughout the process. First, you need your vape pen device and a package of ingredients for your vape juice flavor. You can purchase it online from any authentic site or DIY vape shop. You also must have an online e-juice calculator for the perfect measurement of the ingredients.

How Can You Do It?

You can make your e-juice all by yourself by following some steps. These steps are easy to follow. You must be careful about this.

  1. First, buy the complete package online or from a DIY vape shop. The package must contain propylene, the flavor you like, vegetable glycerin, liquid nicotine, and that will be all.
  2. You will also need a tightly capped plastic bottle, syringe, gloves, and goggles.
  3. First, wear your armor, your goggles, and gloves, then be ready to prepare a healthy recipe. Use each syringe for each ingredient for a perfect amount of every element.
  4. Then, in the bottle, start adding the elements one after another.
  5. Then you must prepare the nicotine. Be careful about the measurement that you are using. One can use an online e-juice calculator or app or e-juice recipe recommendations to get an idea about the perfect amount. One can add vodka and water to get an intense hit inside your throat.
  6. Then prepare the flavoring. If you are a beginner, use flavors, not over 3%, and using only one, rather than mixing up different flavors, is preferable for the first try. But you can give it a go if you are comfortable. You can take a guide from an online e-juice calculator to use the perfect amount.
  7. Now add propylene and vegetable glycerin to prepare the base. Be careful about the measurement while adding these to the bottle. The amount varies depending on how deep clouds you want to create.
  8. After adding everything, your blend will be ready.
  9. Then, cap the bottle and shake it dynamically to mix everything properly.
  10. For the next step, you can either follow it or not. We know this step as steeping. It will take a few days, but this step will make your vape juice taste better.


Vape your favorite flavor by making it yourself. This DIY recipe is manageable. One can easily make it at home, but you must be careful while making it. You must put on your gloves and goggles all the time to avoid unnecessary problems. Using different syringes for each element would be great because you will not end up messing with them. Remember to use an online e-juice app or calculator for the perfect measurement and create a wonderful flavor for your own. Vaping is nothing like smoking, and it will not cause many health issues. But it can solve many of your health problems. Making vape at home will be a money saver too. So, choose your favorite flavor and dive right into the preparation.

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