How To Pick The Best Vape For My Oil Cartridge

Before you can get into the best choice for an oil cartridge, you need to have a good understanding of what it means to vape. Vaping is the action of inhaling and exhaling of a concentrate which has been changed into a vapor. The most popular choice among vaping enthusiasts is vape pens, an electronic device used to vape dry herbs, oil, liquid, and wax concentrates. They are a common choice for users due to their portability, reliability, and versatility. While oil cartridges have a variety of types for vaping options, knowing what will work best for you is not always a straightforward answer. Ultimately, there is no right or wrong answer, as the best vape pen for your oil cartridge depends more on an individual's personal preferences. Read on to further understand more about vaping oil cartridges and how to pick out the top vape pen for each selection. 

Oil Cartridge Threading and Size

Oil Vape Cartridge 510 Threading and Size

Threading is a term used to describe the thread used to connect the vape cartridges and the batteries. For instance, a 510 threaded cartridge, the cartridge is generally five millimeters long and contains 10 screw threads. The main concern with a threaded oil cartridge is whether it will fit the vape to begin with. Most cartridges are 510 threaded. However, there are specialty vape pods that exist which can work with only specific vaping devices. Remember, size is important and it plays a vital role in what vape pen will work best. Even with 510 threading, some vapes many not be able to equip 510 cartridges. For example, some vapes are only able to accommodate skinny cartridges, while others (like box mods) are better suited for larger atomizers (such as the popular options used with E-Juice).

Oil Cartridge Resistance and Overall Power Limit

Resistance is based on the battery voltage. It is the amount of heat created by the coil. When using a value that is greater than the recommended resistance, less vapor will be produced. Therefore, if you use devices with a lesser resistance, you will often experience a thicker vapor, a burnt taste, and stronger hits. 

Not all cartridges are created equal and thus cannot take the same amount of power. Due to this, you do not want to choose a vape that does not have enough power, (or worse) too much. For example, some cannot handle a lot of power and should avoid using vapes such as a box mod. Others, on the other hand, work best with a mod vape and can handle over 50 watts of power. 

Vape Oil, CBD Oil, E Juice and More

Vape Oil - Ejuice - CBD Oil

In addition to the actual cartridge, what is actually inside the cartridge will determine the amount of power that needs to be sent in order to vape. There are CBD oils, E-Juices, vape oils, and more. Each vaporizer is made in a specific way, with each option determining the amount of heat and power it can withstand.

Ceramic Cartridge vs Wick Cartridge

There are different types of cartridges. Depending upon the specific type will determine whether or not it works better with thicker or thinner oils. Two of the most common cartridge options are the ceramic and wick cartridge. Ceramic cartridges work better for thicker oils, while cotton wick cartridges work better for thinner oils that tend to absorb more quickly into it.

Choosing the Oil Vape Pen

Oil Vape Batteries For Sale

After you fully understand the type of oil cartridges out there (and which one you prefer), you can confidently search the market to find an appropriate oil vape pen. Many of these options can work with various cartridges, so ultimately your decision will be based upon personal preferences, a specific vape style, or function. There are some categories of vapes that will work with oil cartridges. Below is a small explanation of each of the vape categories.

Variable Voltage Vapes

This category covers all vape pens that can change the amount of power the battery can send to the cartridge. By sending out more or less power, variable voltage vapes allow you to heat the oil at varying temperatures. This offers the ability to customize your vaping experience and to adapt to different thicknesses of oils.

Box Mod Vapes

This style vape offers the original variable voltage batteries. They are very powerful, so you need to be careful if you are using skinny oil cartridges. Box mod Vapes offer a wide range of temperatures, but when used improperly, they can burn out skinny cartridges.

EVOD Vapes

This is the quintessential vape pen. It offers a long cylindrical shape like a pen and is usually around 4-5 inches. The SteamCloud EVOD fits this description. It comes with twist variable voltage functionality and is compatible with 510 thread vape cartridges. 

Stylus Vapes

One of the most popular vape styles is the stylus style vape. While some offer a power button option, others do not. Often times, your cartridge is included with your stylus vape purchase. These vapes are simple, but not very powerful. They also do not offer a variable power setting. 

Micro Vapes

This is one of the first categories of vape pens to hit the market. It is available for multiple style oil cartridges and can handle multiple voltage forms.

Cartridge Vape

SteamCloud Mini 2.0 Cartridge Vape

This type of vape is specifically meant for the skinny 510 oil cartridges. A prime example is the SteamCloud Mini 2.0. It is a very popular device and features a variable voltage. 

Pod Vape

Pod vapes are a type of vape that can only be equipped with the pods designed for them (similar to the Juul). This type of vape uses a two-part system. A pod filled with oil or E-Juice which snaps into some form of a battery. You can find them in both refillable and pre-filled options. Typically they are automatic, but some will have power buttons.

Making the Final Decision

Once you fully understand your options for vape and oil cartridges, you to take the time to evaluate which one you want and will work for your personal preferences. Unfortunately, when trying to decide you may come across many vape options that seem great. Therefore, the next thing to consider is each device personally. Take time to evaluate battery life, design, power, price, and other key factors (for example, does it offer options to vape more than one type of concentrate). For a nice and easy way to compare any products and see their information side by side, check out

Buying a Vape Pen for your Oil Cartridge

Once you have decided to buy a vape pen for your oil cartridge, it is time to make your purchase. offers free shipping on all orders with no minimum requirements. If you would like to purchase any of the above options or if you have any further questions, our representatives are more than happy to help.

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