How Much Is A Vape Pen?

The question of how much a vape pen costs is highly subjective and the answer can range from less than $20 to over several hundred dollars. To answer the question accurately lies directly with each individual model. Vape pens come in all sorts, especially since it is a new term used very loosely to cover a broad range of vaporizers from expensive dry herb vaporizers to cheaper oil vape options.

What makes a Vape Pen Cheap or Expensive?

The value of each vape pen (even those from the same vape brand) can change due to different attributes from display screens to battery size, and more. To understand the wide variety of options that most impact the value of a vape pen, we will discuss some of the more common reasons the price of a vape pen can change.

Different Types of Portable Vaporizers

Different Types of Vaporizers

Vape pens come in many varieties. Before you will be able to determine the specific price range you will be looking at, you have to determine what you plan to vaporize. Vape pens are specific, and many options are only able to be used with a particular substance (dry herbs, e-liquid, oil, or wax). Others can vape more than one material with the addition of different coil attachments, atomizers, or cartridges, but typically you will want to choose an option for the specific material you plan to vape.

The most common forms of vape pens fall into one of the following categories: dry herb vapes, wax pens, box mods, and oil vapes. Within each category, there are different price points depending upon the specific options and functions of the vape pen. No matter which option you choose, one thing is for certain, the average dry herb vape will cost more than the average oil or wax vape pen. Generally, this is due to the fact dry herbs require more power to vape than other vape materials. Although box mod vapes are not exactly a pen, it is a vape. Nevertheless, box mod vapes also tend to be more expensive than your typical oil or vape pen. However, even the most expensive box mod vapes are still cheaper than the more expensive dry herb vaporizers.

Vape Battery Capacity and Quality

Vape Battery Capacity and Quality

Simply put, the larger the vape battery capacity, the more expensive the battery usually is. However, when it comes to batteries, size does matter. In fact, most mods will only support certain size batteries. To know for sure what size the battery needs to be, you can look in the user manual for the specifics on the size. 

A common practice many users try to help overcome the size limits is by stacking batteries. Unfortunately, this practice should always be avoided. Although it is true stacking batteries can increase the voltage of the batteries, it can cause damage or even ruin both the device and the batteries.

When it comes to quality, there are many levels of quality when it comes to vape batteries. The battery is one of the most (if not the most) expensive components you will find in a vaporizer. Therefore, many manufacturers will shave costs by either reducing the quality or capacity of the battery. Unfortunately, there is always a catch to reducing quality. While poor battery quality doesn’t show up right away, it will eventually rear its ugly head in the long run.

Vape Functions

Technically speaking, the part of the vape pen that controls it (or is the brain of the vape) is the PCB Chip. The more functions the vape pen has, the more complex the PCB chip is, and the more complex the chip, the more expensive the vape pen is. These additions can include temperature controls, better quality functions, auto heat settings, or more. For example, the SteamCloud Stylus while cheaper doesn’t have a power button, while the SteamCloud Box Mod can do a variety of different things.

Vape Display Screens

Vaporizer Display Screens

There are two forms of vape pens, ones with vape display screens and ones without. The ones without typically do not have a display screen because they are too small. Examples of these can include vape pens such as Steamcloud Stylus or Micro Vape Pens. Vape pens with display screens (such as the Titan 2 or E-CLIPSE), while more expensive, offer the ability to customize your vape pen more than ones without. This can include providing more accurate information, better temperature control, or even data about your vape usage. When there is no display screen, you will be less informed about your experience. For example, you won’t know the exact temperature you are vaping or how much battery is left.

Vape Brand Names

When it comes to vape brand names, you will pay for them. Typically the additional pricing comes from many reasons from advertising and marketing to the quality parts involved in making the item. However, despite the additional costs, you are at least assured you are getting a quality product. If nothing else, brand names offer a quality product with a name to back it up if something happens.

Vape Coil Attachments

Although this is mainly in respect to oil and wax pens, vape pens offer a variety of vape coil attachments. These can include cartridge options such as ceramic, quartz, or wick to single or multiple coil options. Depending upon the specifics of your choice will impact the overall cost of the vape pen. This is especially true if the vape comes with extra replacement coils or spare cartridges.

Cheap Vape vs Expensive: EVOD vs BOX MOD

SteamCloud EVOD vs Box Mod

In terms of cheap versus expensive, this does not refer to the quality of the vape. This is referring to the price. While the price of a vape pen is subjective to the individual, and what one person finds expensive, another may not. Therefore, when deeming something expensive versus cheap, in this article, we are talking about the overall price as a whole.

To understand the differences in price and what you may face, here is a comparison between the SteamCloud EVOD and the Box Mod. offers the EVOD for $19.99, while the Box Mod is more expensive at $59.99. Although both can be purchased with free shipping, the specifications for each model are different.

The SteamCloud Box Mod offers a display screen, temperature controls between 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and a 1600 mAh battery capacity. It can also be interchanged with 510 atomizers to allow for dry herb, liquid, oil, or wax concentrates. On the other hand, the SteamCloud EVOD comes with a 900 mAh battery and works with a variety of threaded 510 cartridges and other vape attachments. While it does not have a display screen, it does still have the ability to raise and lower the power output by twisting the dial.

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