How To Choose The Right Battery For Vaping

Everything to Know about Vape Batteries

Vaping refers to the act of inhaling aerosolized liquid from a vaping device, e-cigarette, electronic nicotine delivery system, or e-vaporizer. Many vaping devices look similar to cigarettes or traditional tobacco cigarettes and some closely resemble pens or USB flash drives.

Irrespective of how they look or how they were designed, e-cig vaping devices are used in almost the same way and all of them run on vape batteries!

Experienced vapers and dry herb vaporizers users will give you several reasons why the type of battery you use on your vaping device determines its performance. One of the most important components of your device besides the coils, tanks, and wicks is the vape batteries. Some vape pen brands and models make use of different kinds of batteries to operate at an optimal level.

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Notes for selecting the right Vape Battery

Lithium IMR Batteries (Lithium Manganese)

When it comes to vaping, it is advisable to use with lithium-ion batteries. Li-Mn are high-drain batteries, which are presently the most popular and recommended battery for vaping devices. Manganese enables the batteries to discharge at a high current, as it keeps its temperature at low levels. It’s also one of the safest batteries to use on your device. It does not need extensive inherent protective circuitry.

18650 Batteries for Vaping

These batteries are widely used in powering vaping devices. As batteries have the ability to determine the performance level of your device, using a 18650 battery can extend your vaping experience to go longer and beyond limits. 18650 batteries serve as a size classification of Li-Ion batteries. It’s has a size of 18mm by 65mm, which is a little larger than AA batteries.

They are reliable and readily available from many vendors. Up till now many brands power their products with 18650 batteries due to their tried and tested performance.

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Find Out Vape Battery Rating

Know your battery rating so that you can get a battery that perfectly works with the coil. This might not sound easy as it involves some calculations and scientific theories. Thus, you need to have a knowledge of Ohm’s Law to effectively pair your battery with the coil. The battery you intend to use on your vaping device must be capable of discharging sufficient amperage to conform to the coil's resistance.

Battery Voltage and Temperature

You need to be cautious in choosing a battery for your vaping device to avoid challenges in selecting the most appropriate voltage and temperature. Buying a battery with higher voltage helps in making bigger clouds as more current are sent through the coil. Moreover, vapers mostly pay less attention to temperature when choosing a battery for their device. The temperature developed by a battery while in use or when being charged depends on how long the battery lasts. Low-priced batteries often operate at higher temperatures, which lead to damages or shortened lifespan. Vaping devices do not have safety measures that prevent them from extreme heat.

Disposable Batteries on Vaping Devices

Disposable batteries do not last forever so it is best to buy these batteries from authorized and reliable retailers. Using disposable batteries ensure you don’t have to regularly replace your batteries.

Ultimately, inbuilt batteries have only a limited time of being functional. They soon start burning out, which necessitates disposing your device and buying a new one since the battery is integrated within.

Replacing the batteries on your device offers more control and saves cost since the batteries can simply be replaced rather than disposing and buying a new vaping device. If you lack knowledge of Ohms law and vape battery dynamics, you may unknowingly lessen the lifespan of your batteries.

Using the wrong batteries can easily cause damage. All vapers have their individual needs, which may include handiness, portability, or longer battery life.

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Additional Tips for Using a Vape Battery

  1. Before buying the vape batteries examine its body for tears. The wrapper serves as a protection for the battery against shorting, and also from shock emissions. You should avoid buying batteries that show signs of defect in order to guarantee your health and safety.
  2. Go for batteries with high capacity. Battery capacity is measured in MilliAmp-Hour (mAh). This totals the aggregate amount of battery energy that can be generated hourly on a vape. It's advisable for you to acquire batteries with higher mAh to ensure its extended operations.
  3. Besides choosing the right batteries for your vaping device, you also need to maintain them properly to ensure effective performance.
  4. Several vape battery issues, explosions and injuries from vaping are caused by using faulty batteries. Firstly, it's a negligent act to use faulty batteries on your vape.
  5. Always monitor the battery whenever it's charging. Advanced vaping devices have a feature that disables charging when the battery is fully charged. However, overcharging isn't good for batteries as it can quickly damage new batteries. It's necessary that you consistently check your vaping device as it charges. Moreover, it's a bad idea to charge it all through the night as you might sleep off without checking on it.
  6. Ensure not to surpass your vaporizer battery's rating as it can diminish its span and probably cause dangers. This can be attained by dividing the discharge rate (amps) by the voltage level by coil resistance (ohms). Make sure you don't go past this rating. Besides, knowing Ohms law is essential for battery safety.
  7. Endeavor not to switch or use different batteries on your vaping device. Always charge your device with its recommended charger
  8. Avoid charging or placing your device on flammable surfaces like mattresses or pillows. They also need to be kept away from direct exposure to sunlight.
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Conclusion on Vape Batteries

If you act in accordance with this vape battery guide, you should be able to get the right kind of battery for vaping and enjoy your device without risking explosion or exposing yourself to serious health issues.

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