How to Choose an Oil Vape Pen and All About Them

Vaping with oils has become one of the most convenient means of reaping the benefits of your favorite oil concentrates. An oil vape pen lets you consume vapors almost instantly with very little to no preparations compared to vaping herbs and wax concentrates.

Pre-filled Cartridge versus Herb Reloading

Using an herb vaporizer requires you to grind the herbs first before painstakingly loading the ground material to the chamber while a wax vape also demands some level of effort as it requires the user to constantly load the wax pen with a wax dab tool. On the other hand, an oil vape pen simply requires the use of a cartridge, often pre-filled but can sometimes be refillable, to let you start vaping.

How do you exactly choose an oil vape pen? That question and more will be answered in this article, so make sure you stick until the end.

Choose a Discreet Vape Pen

Because you will be using an oil vape pen, chances are you will be vaping oils on the go. That said, one of the best choices to make will be to go with a discreet vape pen.

Small Dimensions for Most Discretion

A good place to start are vapes that have smaller dimensions. If possible, go with an oil vape pen that’s as small and thin as an actual office pen for writing. This allows you to stash your oil vape pen in places where you can keep an actual pen. We’re talking about special pockets in your bag, your purse, your jacket, and in your jeans. Moreover, because it is small and thin like a real pen, it will most likely be lightweight.

Different Color Vapes to Choose From

You can also choose an oil vape pen with discreet colors like black, gray, and white. These hues do not attract as much attention as other colors like red, orange, and yellow. Stay away from vibrant colors as they can easily get noticed when you pull them out of your pockets, especially in public.

An oil vape pen like the Steam Cloud EVOD Vape Pen makes for a good choice. The EVOD Vape can be used with not only oil vape cartridges, but also wax and herb cartridges as well.

Easy to Use

Because you will most likely be using your oil vape pen for quick hits on the fly, it is best to use a vaporizer that is simple and straightforward to use. The standard and basic vape pen will have one power button in which the vaporizer is to be controlled. The basic way to operate a vape pen is to press and hold the power button to start your sessions.  The SteamCloud EVOD mentioned above has one power button, but also has a dial that allows you to control the vaping temperature.

Auto-Draw Technology

On the other hand, some other vaporizers are fitted with auto-draw technologies that automatically activate the heating element in the vaporizer the moment you inhale from the mouthpiece. This means that you do not have to press any buttons just to start vaping. All it takes is to inhale from the mouthpiece and you should be able to inhale the vapor from the cartridge.

This makes for an ideal option since you no longer must fondle with your vaporizer when you are out vaping in public. You can just pull out your oil vape pen, take a quick hit, and slide it back in your pocket. No need to make a scene or to have people see you pressing the buttons on your device before you make a pull.

Variable Temperature Settings when Vaping

Another feature you should look out for are variable temperature settings. Variable voltage or variable temperature settings is a feature that allows you to select a temperature level or a voltage level that would suit your needs depending on your session.

Vaping at Low Temperatures

As a guide, a lower temperature profile works best for flavorful vapor production. That is because a lower temperature setting allows the extraction of flavonoids and the terpenes that give your vapor its natural flavor and character. Furthermore, low-temp vaping extracts vapors without the risk of burning your oils.

Vaping at High Temperatures

Meanwhile, vaping oils on a high temperature level enhances the psychoactive effects of your oils. Especially oils rich in THC, the high temperature settings will allow immediate release of these cannabinoids and get you medicated quickly.

On most oil vape pens, variable temperature settings are preset. This means that the manufacturer has already designed and programmed the oil vape pen to operate on a certain level of temperature profiles which typically range from three to four presets. Make sure to choose an oil vape pen with preset temperature settings that best suits your needs.

510-thread Vape Connection

Make sure to also buy an oil vape pen that has a 510-threaded connection. What this does is that it allows you to enjoy more vape oils. The majority of today’s vape cartridges designed for vaporizers have a 510-threaded parts.

On that note, it is best to go with a vaporizer that can allow superior compatibility with a wide variety of cartridges so you can enjoy and experience a wide variety of flavors and potencies using oils made from various strains.

510 Vape Carts are Simple to Use

Another benefit of using a 510-threaded oil vape pen is that it is easy to remove a 510-threaded cartridge from the battery. All you need to do is to twist the cartridge counterclockwise to remove it or clockwise to connect it. There is no need to learn any new method to seat and unseat the cartridge. It allows you to enjoy fewer learning curves which can make using and operating your oil vape pen easier.


So, that’s it. Some of the most common factors and features that you need to look out for when choosing an oil vape pen. Just remember that when buying an oil vape pen — or any vaporizer for that matter. Make sure to get your devices from a trusted seller like vapevetstore.

You Get what You Pay For

Avoid relatively cheap devices that promise a lot of features because they may be made with substandard components to make up for the reduced costs. Remember to use these tips so you can get the right oil vape that is worth your money.


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