Glass Pipes: Everything You Need to Know About Them

Considered as a smoker’s best friend, glass pipes are one of the most important investments an herb consumer can ever make. Want to find out why? Well, then you are in luck because today, we will talk about everything there is to know about glass pipes. So, stick around and we'll first discuss what glass pipes are about.

What are glass pipes?

A glass pipe is a smoking paraphernalia made from glass designed and engineered for consuming a wide variety of herbs. A glass pipe will typically have a bowl, where you put your herbs in, and a mouthpiece, where you draw the smoke from.

Why use a Glass Pipe?

One reason why many smokers opt to use a glass pipe is because glass is a clean material. Compared to wood or plastic, glass will not leave a particular smell or taste when you smoke herbs in it. This means that the smoke you inhale from a glass pipe will not taste like burnt wood or melted plastic and adds a certain level of purity to your sessions.

Glass pipes are the choice of most health-conscious consumers who want to reduce the amount of toxins they inhale when using other varieties of pipes.

What kind of glass is used in a glass pipe?

Glass blowers who make glass pipes use only the best glass when making this smoking apparatus.

They are not made from the same kind of glass you see on your windows or even on mirrors. They are usually made from laboratory glass which offers better heat resistance, so they do not break easily even when used on the daily.

These glasses will not only stand heat longer but will also not emit harmful compounds which could end up getting mixed in the smoke. This makes them a safe choice for smoking your herbs, wax concentrates, and even oils.

A glass pipe can come in a wide variety of designs and can be shaped to look like almost anything a glass blower wants it to be. That said, it has branched into several other varieties that offer their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Glass Pipe Types and Varieties


A chillum is a basic type of glass pipe that has been made to look like a glass tube. A chillum will have a chamber on one end and a mouthpiece on the other. Using a chillum would look pretty much like smoking a cigarette.

Spoon Pipes

Spoon pipes are one of the most common varieties of glass pipes. They are close to chillums in anatomy however, instead of having a chamber, a spoon pipe has a bowl piece.  That said, it offers the ability to pack more herbs in a single session. In addition, the herbs will not have to fall off from the chamber like in a chillum because the bowl is designed to prevent material loss when smoking.

Sherlock Pipes

The name gives off the idea. Sherlock pipes are glass pipes designed to look like the ones used by none other than Sherlock Holmes. It is built similarly to a spoon pipe but will have a deeper, more generous bowl. On that note, you can reap the benefits of your select plant matter without having to keep reloading the bowl.


Bubblers are a different breed of glass pipes in a way that they combine the benefits of a traditional glass pipe and a water pipe. It is small and is highly portable, but it can accommodate water like a bong.

Bubblers allow smokers to experience the advantage of water filtration as the water can help sift irritants and impurities out of the smoke. In addition, the water can dull the harshness of the smoke making it easy for consumers to inhale the smoke. If you hate coughing when smoking, you can use bubblers instead of the other glass pipe models.


Here is a glass pipe that looks basic but is complex in nature. A steamroller will resemble a chillum but will be outfitted with a bowl on one end and will have several chambers inside the glass that act as carburetors that will cool and somehow, purify the smoke.

On that note, steamrollers are recommended not for beginners but typically for advanced smokers.

Dab Rigs

Another new and popular paraphernalia that can be considered a glass pipe is dab rigs. They are used for vaping wax concentrates and are kind of like a larger version of bubblers. They will have a receptacle for water, a mouthpiece where you can inhale the vapor from, and a banger that is to be heated and where the wax concentrates are placed.

Dab rigs can even be designed with a percolator which helps filter and cools down the vapor.

How to choose the Right Glass Pipe?

When shopping for a glass pipe, it is best to remember a few things: smoking experience, design, and your budget.

Smoking Experience

Different glass pipes allow the user different smoking experiences. If you need something that can get you through with less fuss and preparation, then glass pipes like chillums and steam rollers might be a great choice. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more advanced, you might want to investigate using a bubbler. Say you want to try something else other than smoking ground botanical plant matter, then you might want to consider investing in a dab rig.

Do not buy just any glass pipe you see. The type of glass pipe you have will determine your overall smoking experience.


As we briefly covered above, glass pipes can be made in any form depending on the skill level of the glass blower. Some can be shaped like a rocket, your favorite character, or made to look like a plain glass piece.


Lastly, you want to look at your budget. Glass pipes that offer more functionality and are made from better quality glass will be more expensive than others. Remember that in glass pipes, you get what you pay for.


So, here we have it. Some of the most important facts and information about glass pipes. Make sure to check them out and consider the points we have mentioned so you can buy the right glass pipe when you go glass pipe shopping.


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