How are Box Mods and Vape Batteries Different?

Box Mod and Vape Battery Overview

Box mods are one of the most popular options for vaping, as they offer more customization and battery power than smaller vape pens can provide. When referring to batteries and box mod style vapes, you may have heard certain vapes be referred to simply as “batteries”. Some smaller varieties of pens are simply called “batteries” due to the fact that the pen is mainly made up of the vape battery. Box mods themselves and other larger vaporizers all contain a vape battery, but recently the term battery has been used more interchangeably for small pen-sized vapes that are basically just a battery and coil. Box mods are more of a specific type of battery that have much more variety in terms of battery life, power, design, and functionality. When choosing between the two, it is important to know what you want out of your piece, as both have very unique benefits and drawbacks.

Larger and Powerful versus Sleek and Discreet

Box mods are mostly known for their power, bulk, and unique customization features. Vape batteries, or vape pens, are known for their small, compact, and efficient design. Both contain a vape battery, but it is important to remember that pop culture refers to pen-shaped vapes as batteries. If you are looking for a replacement battery for your box mod, it is better to ask for mod battery replacement rather than a vape battery to avoid any confusion. Box mods are much more geared for vape enthusiasts and those who are interested in the many customizations and cloud-enhancing accessories you can add to the setup. Vape batteries provide a very enjoyable experience but are not as transformable.

Box Mod Vaporizers can use any atomizer

What is a Box Mod?

Box mod vaporizers are basically modified vaporizers that have a lot of different customization options. The box contains the battery, coils, and entire inner setup of the vaporizer that is responsible for providing energy and heat to the coils and concentrate. One of the fan favorite characteristics of box mods is the ability to completely customize and build out the inside of your box, giving the user complete control of the power, temperature, and overall feel of your hits. When you do this, you have complete control of the power, feel, and mechanisms that contribute to the flavor and that make up your piece. There are many different types of modifications you can add to your box mod that include longer-lasting batteries, new coils, LED displays, attachments, and more. The customization prospects for box mods are virtually endless, making it easy to create your ideal smoking setup and adapt it to your preferences as you please.

Box mods are relatively compact and based on the size of your battery, they can last for hours with constant use, and they can also produce much more vapor than their smaller counterparts. The batteries simply aren’t powerful enough in smaller vape batteries, and while they can last for a long time they cannot keep up in terms of power. Vape pens do come in with many different functionalities, but normally whatever is initially equipped is unable to be altered. Some may have long battery lives or shorter, but unlike box mods, this cannot be changed within the piece requiring you to buy a completely new setup if you want a change.

Box mods were initially made popular during the rise of e juices and the vaping craze, as the virtually unending amount of flavors have become a very popular pop culture trend. Box mods were the original piece used for this purpose and for good reason, they offered a better tasting and more fun way to smoke. Box mods are moderately bulky and produce large clouds, but have a ton of customization potential. In addition, box mods can be compatible with almost any type of liquid whether it be a juice or concentrate. Vape batteries, on the other hand, are easy to use, small, and very discreet, but they lack the customization options and power that box mods possess. Vape pens are very popular among those who prefer to use pre-filled cartridges of e juice or concentrate and those who want a simple plug-and-play option.

Oil Vape Battery with 510 Cartridge

What is a Vape Battery?

Technically, a vape battery is a collective term that can include box mods, smaller vape pens, and everything in between that has a battery and burns concentrate. Most often, this term is used to describe the smaller variety of vape pens that simply consist of a slender pen design and screw-on head for concentrate attachments. Vape pens are great for the popular pre-made cartridges that can be found at head shops and dispensaries across the world, and come in a discreet and easy to use package that makes vaping concentrate convenient and easy.

510 oil cartridges with oil vape batteries

These pens can, in some cases, be fitted with atomizers or separate attachments in order to allow for e juice functionality. They are standalone vape batteries that are not quite as customizable or powerful as box mods, but they do come in many different varieties that include unique features such as wattage control, unique attachments, and design. The batteries pens can last over a year if taken care of, and some models can last for days on end on a single full charge.

Vape batteries are perfectly geared for casual smokers who just want a simple and efficient package. They are not the best option for customization as mentioned, but they can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. There are plenty of trendy and cool vape pens that are sure to appeal to your tastes if you are not as into constantly remodeling your vape setup. In addition, there are plenty of options that offer great battery life and wattage capabilities that are comparable to box mods right out of the box.

box mod vape vs vaporizer battery

Box Mod Vape vs Vape Battery


  1. Technically, box mods and vape batteries both contain batteries that provide heat for the coils.
  2. Both are used to power an attached heating chamber or atomizer for the purpose of vaporizing herb, wax, or oils.
  3. They both can have long battery lives.
  4. Both box mods and vape pens can have adjustable wattage settings.
  5. Both can come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes.


  1. A box mod is always a larger, box-shaped high-tech battery, whereas the general term “vape battery” can include the thin, SteamCloud EVOD Vape.
  2. Box mods are much more customizable than vape batteries.
  3. Vape batteries are easier to use with pre-made cartridges.
  4. Box mods are more powerful and can create much larger clouds than vape batteries.
  5. Vape pens are much more discreet than mods.
  6. Box mods create bigger clouds and larger hits than pens.
  7. There are more options for better quality batteries to put in your piece with box mods.

Box Mod and Vape Battery Pros vs Cons:


  1. Box mods hold a lot of charge so they can easily last all day and longer. Plus, in the long term, these batteries typically last for longer periods of time.
  2. Some vape battery options are very compact and very easy to travel with. In addition, they can be very discreet while using.
  3. Box mods can be altered in many different ways to make your ideal vaporizer for concentrates, e juices, or whatever your preferences are.
  4. Vape batteries come in many different varietiesand are cost effective and reliable.


  1. Smaller, stylus pen style vape batteries don’t hold much charge and they are not as durable as box mods.
  2. Although portable, box mods can be larger and bulkier than other alternatives.  And with that they are not nearly as discreet as the smaller vape batteries. Powerful box mods can use up a lot of battery and result in shorter battery lives than the more power-efficient vape pens.
  3. While some varieties do offer it, temperature adjustment functionality is more commonly found on box mods and allows for a perfect temperature hit every time.

Today, box mods and vape pens alike may be the devices in which manufacturers focus on the most. Most of the big companies carry box mods and vape batteries in a wide array of sizes and power levels. These are just a few of the features that might find when you buy box mods online:

  • Variable settings for wattage, voltage, temperature or all three.
  • Much higher power range than a vape pen.
  • Very high battery capacity, often more than 4,000 mAh.
  • Charging and/or firmware upgrades via USB.
  • Digital displays showing current settings, atomizer resistance, battery charge level, and error messages.

These features barely scratch the surface of what box mods can do. Some of the more unique features that you can find in advanced mods include:

  • Bluetooth support for tracking usage or changing settings from your mobile device.
  • Touch screen for changing settings quickly or displaying pictures.
  • Ability to adjust the thermal coefficient or any atomizer coil settings.

Why Buy a Box Mod Vape Battery?

With all of the advanced features that box mods have, it makes them seem as if they are tailored more towards very advanced vape enthusiasts. This is actually not the case, aside from the wattage setting — which changes the amount of power supplied to the coil — you can safely ignore most of the other settings on a box mod until you’re ready to tinker with them. Normally, temperature-controlled box mod vapes are ready to go as soon as you buy them, and the settings set to the manufacturer recommended default.

Many box mods include tanks, too. If you use the tank included with your device, you never have to worry about using your box mod in a way that isn’t supported. One thing to note is that box mods usually include very low-resistance tanks with unrestricted airflow settings. If you prefer to inhale from your mouth to your lungs, as most new vapers prefer, a common box mod probably won’t include a tank appropriate for that. Most tanks work best if you inhale directly to the lungs. There are actually are only a few companies that still make large e-cigarette tanks appropriate for mouth-to-lung inhaling, which means that you’re probably better off starting with a smaller and more casual vape pen.

taking a dab hit out of the kamry box mod vape

Only you can decide which vaping setup is right for you in the end. If having more features and higher power settings is more appealing to you then the answer is yes. In terms of capabilities, box mods have the most diversity of functionality among vaping pieces. The reason being that box mods simply have more internal space than vape pens and tube mods. They hold larger batteries, enabling them to last longer, deliver higher wattage, and offer more unique features. Vape pens are a close second in terms of popularity and functionality, they are just geared for a different user base. They can still produce great tasting and potent hits and contain very long-lasting batteries, but overall simply have less capabilities than their larger rivals.

It is important to note that either way, you are purchasing a vape battery within your piece. Box mods are simply more complex and bigger pieces of equipment that pull more power from the battery and burn hotter to create bigger clouds and rips. If you are interested in vaping a lot of e juice and getting big clouds, then learning about building a great box mod may be your best option. If you are simply looking to burn some pre-made cartridges or have a small and discreet vaping option on the go, than a vape battery may be the better choice. When deciding between the two, just keep your preferences in mind and remember the different pros and cons of each option that we mentioned above.

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