Glass vs Silicone Pipe: What You Should Know

Most of us would typically choose a pipe based on aesthetics, and while that is not bad, choosing pipes is more diverse and extensive than ever before, and many ones exist today that are much more than functional devices for smoking herbs but are works of art.

But you have to take into account several factors, before buying a pipe because the truth is that what pipe you chose can impact your smoking sessions.

In this article, we look at the abilities of glass and silicone pipe with regards to everything including handling heat, and there is no herb smoking if there is no heat. So, which of them can handle heat much better without burning you or shattering or just delivering a perfect smoke? Before we get on to it, let us first take a look at what glass and silicone pipes are.

What are Glass Pipes?

Unlike silicone pipes, glass pipes have been around for a long time and are still widely used up to this day. Glass pipes are made from durable glass materials to prevent them from breaking easily, as we might think.

Glass pipes are of two types, which are standard pipes and water pipes. Standard pipes are extremely easy to use and only consist of a bowl, stem and a mouthpiece. Water pipes cool smoke through a water chamber, which creates a bubbling effect as you draw in air from the mouthpiece.

What are Silicone Pipes?

Compared to other pipe materials, silicone pipes are still new and are continuing to growing in popularity. One of the reasons for their main appeal is their durability, because no matter how tough glass materials can break when dropped or knocked over. Silicone cannot be broken, being that it is a synthetic polymer of sand and quartz. 

Another way silicone pipes appeal to us is in the way they do not need as much cleaning. With time, the pipe may have an accumulation of trace amounts of ash and resin, which need to be cleaned. But they are not more prone to getting dirty than is found with silicone pipes.

Benefits of Glass Smoking Pipes

Smooth Hits and Resistance to Stain

Glass smoking pipes have a chic appeal that sets them apart now and even into the future. Their percolators help to deliver a smooth, tasty hit, and the material is highly stain-resistant and unique when it comes to percolation. It is easy to clean glass smoking pipes as a whistle, ensuring you enjoy a pure session.

Efficient Percolator Design

Glass pipes are artistic pieces by design, and some smokers get so attached to their device, it is considered a valuable item. The creativity in the smoking gadgets can be seen from the many brands and intricate designs available out there. Glass pipe percolation is pristine, ensuring a thick, clean smoke and deep flavor.

Light to Carry and Easy to Use

Pipes are typically pocket-sized because they are meant to be portable, allowing you to carry them wherever you go. Glass smoke pipes guarantee an enjoyable smoking session wherever you are. Most of all, you should always ensure the gadget is kept in its designated carry case.

The Benefits of Silicone Smoking Pipes

Silicone is Quite Versatile

When used for smoking pipes, silicone can be molded into just about anything so it produces terrific products. If you find that your glass pipes don’t last because they are prone to breaking, a silicone smoke pipe is a great alternative.

Silicone offers a Non-stick Surface

The non-stick surface has many benefits like being super easy to clean when the time comes, plus they will NEVER shatter or even break in any way, they offer a good smoking session, and the silicone leaves no taste while or after smoking. A silicone pipe will only bounce comically around but will eventually land unscathed, and you can just pick it up, refill and resume your smoking.

Rugged and Lightweight

Another major selling point is the durability or ruggedness of a silicone pipe. They are especially great for traveling or hiking, especially if you are hanging out with your friend, watching stoner movies. Some silicone pieces are even foldable or collapsible, which makes it easy to store them wherever you go with them. A glass piece, on the other hand, will require the use of padded storage cases. These can be very expensive and may not be able to protect your piece all the time.

Differences Between Silicone & Glass Pipes

Under ideal circumstances, silicone or glass pipes can be a great choice. So, if you are thinking about getting one of these, you need to understand the differences first.

  1. Durability

We know for sure that glass is brittle, and the glass bong can break easily if not properly handled with care. The silicone pipe, however, is durable but can be dropped, twisted or whatever and it would go unnoticed, unlike with glass pipes which can shatter, chip, etc.

  1. Quality

While glass will deliver high-quality smoke, silicone can do the same. Counter to what you would think too, many users even claim to have smoother hits from silicone pipes; not so much with the bongs, but with the silicone hand pipes. Also, one cannot see the smoke in silicone which many people enjoy. Silicon is a great solid color that blocks any smoke from the user.

  1. Cleaning

Whether you are using a glass or silicone tool, you need to clean your smoking pipes. Not always, but typically silicone pipes are typically easier to clean. Granted any complicated pipe with small notches, twists and turns can be difficult to clean, but the non-stick surface of silicone sometimes makes them very easy to clean.

  1. Cost

Both Silicone pipes and glass pipes can be very affordable priced under $20. But it is really only glass that can go up to the hundreds and more. Silicone is a great choice if you are in the market for a new piece and are on a budget.

Choosing Between the Two

You need to personally experience both to completely understand which of the two is the best pick. While not many people want to spend plenty of money to get silicone and glass smoke pipes, it is not a bad decision to pick one. If you care and maintain it well, it should serve you well for many years.

While glass is still very much a popular opinion from the two due to its sleek look and ability to deliver a complete flavor, silicone offers you this experience without having to worry about accidents, whether you are new to handling smoking devices or not.

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