Crafty Plus Vape Review - Storz and Bickel's Newest Vape

Storz and Bickel are well-known for crafting high-end, quality vaporizers. To the dismay of many, one of their most popular vaporizers, the Crafty, has ended production. However, the spirit of the Crafty lives on in the upgraded new model of the Crafty Plus. 

The Crafty Plus continues to provide a high-quality dry herb vaporizers dream of an experience that will leave fans of the Crafty quite pleased. It offers three pre-set temperature settings, including a new “Super Boost” mode that will automatically bring it to peak temperature (410F). It can reach that temperature in as little as 60 seconds, which is a significant improvement from the original Crafty. Along with that extra power comes an extended battery life, too. You can expect about an hour’s worth of vaping while using the Crafty Plus.

Are you a heavy vaper and concerned about long charging times? The Crafty Plus offers yet another improvement from its previous model, getting to a full charge in about an hour and a half. There is also an improved circuit board for extended life and an impressive 3-year warranty (as long as you register the device with Storz and Bickel). The Crafty Plus will be with you for years to come! 

The flavor and vapor production are on par with what you would expect from a high-end brand like Storz and Bickel. It combines convection and conduction, not only providing heat from direct contact with the ceramic heating chamber but also heating from below the dry herb chamber. This allows for quick, even vaporizing for your dry herb!

There are many that are dry herb enthusiasts but also like to have the flexibility to vape other substances, like wax concentrates, without having to buy another dedicated vape. The Crafty Plus comes with all the pieces you need to be able to enjoy vaping wax concentrates as well (though its specialty is still dry herbs).

The Crafty Plus is one of the easiest to use, highest-end dry herb vapes you will be able to find on the market.

What Comes with the Kit?

What Comes with the Kit?

The kit has everything you need to get started vaping (aside from your dry herb, of course!) Inside the box, you will find:

  • Crafty Plus Vaporizer
  • USB cable for charging
  • 3x base seal rings
  • 3x normal screens
  • 3x course screens
  • 2x concentrate drip pads
  • 1 piece dosing capsule
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual as well as a safety manual

Why Buy the Crafty Plus Vaporizer?

Why Buy the Crafty Plus Vaporizer?

There are a lot of great reasons to buy the Crafty Plus Vaporizer. Consider the following reasons that really help the Crafty Plus stand out from the crowd.

Crafty Plus Vape Battery

The battery on the Crafty Plus is incredible and a huge improvement from the Crafty. It can power 40 continuous minutes of vaping, which will last most vapors easily throughout the day. The battery also has an automatic two-minutes shut off that resets every time a button is pressed. The battery powering the Crafty Plus is incredible. 

Crafty Plus Vape Power Features

The battery is the force behind some of the great features provided by the Crafty Plus. You can use a vape pen anywhere between 104F - 410F, giving you huge options of how exactly you want your vapor to taste. The design of the Crafty Plus also takes advantage of convection and conduction heating, which provides even, efficiently heating over all parts of your packed dry herb or concentrates. The Crafty Plus will also heat to your desired temperature in 90-120 seconds, meaning you can start vaping faster!

Crafty Plus Vape Physical Design

The Crafty Plus is built to not only be a powerhouse but to also be easy to carry around and travel with. It sports a simple, sealed design to help prevent odors and messes, and has a small profile so it will easily fit in a pocket. And since it does not look like a traditional vape, it is easy to use discretely.

Crafty Plus Vape Is Easy To Use

The Crafty Plus is also just easy to use. The heating chamber is large and easy to pack dry herb into (and if you are using concentrates just remember to use the included cotton pads). You only have to hit one button to get it heated, and it will automatically turn itself off after 2 minutes of non-use. If you have struggled with full-featured vapes before, the Crafty Plus has a partner app where customizations can be made, which is a bit more user-friendly than only using an LCD or OLED screen.

Extra Features and Warranty

The Crafty Plus has a partner app (available on Andriod devices) that will allow you to pinpoint the exact heat customizations you want to have. You will also get a two-year warranty, three if you register the device with the manufacturer.

How to Use the Crafty Plus

How to Use the Crafty Plus

Using the crafty plus is simple for dry herbs or concentrates. First, make sure your dry herb has been put through a grinder. Especially when using a dry herb vape like the Crafty Plus, ground herb makes sure that air can easily pass through and your herb burns evenly. 

Once ground, open the heating chamber and pack in your dry herb. You do not want to overpack, as this may lead to clogs. A very gentle tapping is all you need to make sure that the heating chamber is full. If using the included cotton pad.

After the device has been packed, close the heating chamber and click the “on” button. A continuous red light means the device is beginning to heat. Remember, the partner app can be used to adjust the heating temperature. When the set temperature is reached, a green light will show.

From here, unfold the mouthpiece and begin vaping! If you want a temperature boost, double-tap the power button and you will get a surge of power, producing more vapor.

After vaping, allow the device to completely cool. Remove all spent dry herb and wipe any residue that may be present on the outside of the device.

Crafty Plus Vape Tips

Crafty Plus Vape Tips

The Crafty Plus is a great device for dry herbs. In order to get the best experience, we recommend following these tips!

Always Grind Your Dry Herbs

We mentioned this early, but it is worth mentioning again. Vapor production and flavor will improve if you take the time to grind your herbs before loading them into the vaporizer.

Adjust the Temperature Settings

Is your Crafty Plus producing too much vapor? Try dialing the temperature down. Less vapor will be produced and more flavor will be evident. The opposite is true as well, a higher temperature produces thicker vapor clouds but you will sacrifice some tasting notes.

Use Higher Temperature Settings for Wax Concentrates

If you are using the Crafty Plus for concentrates, you will definitely want to use a higher temperature setting. We still recommend that you start low and work your way up so you do not burn concentrate. Also, if your primary goal is to vape concentrates, you may want to look into a vape that specializes in wax vaping.

Crafty Plus Vape Maintenance and Cleaning

Crafty Plus Vape Maintenance and Cleaning

Any device is going to need regular maintenance and cleaning, and this is especially true for dry herb vapes. Eventually, your filter screens are going to clog and residue will begin to build in your device. We recommend that if you notice flavor or vapor production deteriorating, you take apart your device and give it a good cleaning. A cotton swab will generally be enough, but for stubborn residue, you could try soaking the swab in isopropyl alcohol.

Smaller spaces can prove a bit more difficult to clean. A pipe cleaner will generally do a good job of getting inside the mouthpiece and other smaller spaces of the vapor path. If there are stubborn clogs or residue, pipe cleaners can also have isopropyl alcohol applied.

It is extremely important that you NEVER soak any part of this device. There are small electrical components all throughout this vaporizer, and soaking it will ruin it.

Is the Crafty Plus Vape Right for Me?

Is the Crafty Plus Vape Right for Me?

There are a lot of questions to ask yourself to know whether or not the Crafty Plus is a good choice for you. Do you want a dry herb vaporizer, or do you want to easily be able to vape liquids, dry herbs, and concentrates? Do you want a vaporizer that is discrete and easily portable, or do you prefer one that is eye-catching? The best thing to do is take inventory of what you want out of a dry herb vape and then see how well the Crafty Plus fits into that. Maybe it fits you perfectly, maybe there is a different device that would fit you better.

Feel a little overwhelmed with choices? Reach out to us for help! We can answer any questions you may have that are not answered in this review. We can also help compare devices and help you make sure you get the perfect vaporizer for you!

Of course, offers more than just good advice. Any purchase made through our online store comes with FREE U.S. SHIPPING with NO ORDER MINIMUMS. Reach out to us today and we will not only answer your questions, but we will also help you get a great deal, too!

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