Can You Smoke B-Bud Dry Herb?

Not all the dry herb you see on dispensary shelves is the same. Dry herb comes in different strains, is grown using different techniques, and offers different percentages of cannabinoids. There is a lot of variation between jars, and those are just some of the differences to consider. You may also notice that dry herb is categorized in different ways on dispensary shelves.

Some dry herb is referred to as "A-bud", which is considered the cream of the crop. A-bud is what you are aiming for when you trim a plant down to dry herb. This type of dry herb offers the highest potency possible and can also sparkle in the sunlight with trichomes. There is also "trim", which offers the lowest potency and can be a bit too harsh to smoke. However, a type of bud that often goes underappreciated is "B-bud". Read on to learn more about this alternative to high-priced dry herb and what it is good for.

Yes, You Can Still Smoke B-Bud

Despite what some people might say, you can smoke dry herb that is considered “B-bud”. B-bud is often referred to as “popcorn bud”, due to its small size and fluffy texture. However, these small buds still contain a good percentage of cannabinoids and trichomes. So, they can still provide the effects you are looking for. B-bud might be a bit harsher than A-bud, but it ends up smoking the same when ground up and added to a joint or bowl. You can also mix B-bud with other products that have a high potency, such as kief or hash, to increase the potency of your bowls or joints.

But You Can Also Do So Much More With B-Bud...

However, you do not have to stop at loading a bowl with B-bud. There is so much more you can do with this type of dry herb. With its fluffy nature and trichome density, it can also be used to create a potent edible, tincture, topical, and more. Anything you can do with A-bud dry herb, you can do with B-bud dry herb too.

1. Get Creative When Rolling a Joint

If you prefer to only smoke dry herb but find B-bud a bit harsh to smoke in a bowl, you can roll it into a joint instead. B-bud grinds up quickly and easily, and still retains some of the fluffy texture that makes it easy to roll. If you are worried about the potency of your joint being low, you can choose to sprinkle some kief on top of your joint before you roll it up. With B-bud as the base to your rolling session though, you can also feel free to get creative. Roll that cross joint you thought you could never make. Or attempt to roll the most massive joint you have ever seen. B-bud can go a surprisingly long way.

2. Make Butter for Edibles

You can also stretch the use of your B-bud dry herb by making butter or cooking oil for edibles. The process is simple and involves just a bit of decarboxylation and time for the plant matter to steep with the butter. If you have any dietary restrictions, you can opt to use coconut oil or another fat-based oil to extract cannabinoids from the B-bud. Once the B-bud has steeped in the butter or oil for long enough, it just has to be strained and allowed to cool. Then you can use your infused butter to make any edible your heart desires.

3. Make A CBD Tincture

Another great DIY project with B-bud is to make your own tinctures. All you must do is decarboxylate the B-bud in an oven, allow it to cool, and grind it up. Then add the ground-up dry herb to a food-grade, high-proof alcohol, such as Everclear. Place your soon-to-be tincture in a cool, dark location to steep for a few weeks. After a bit of patience, a few shakes, and a good straining, you will have a homemade tincture. You can also add other natural ingredients such as mint extract, to improve the taste of the tincture.

B-Bud Is the Same as Dry Herb, Just Cheaper

The lesson to be learned here is that B-bud dry herb is basically the same thing as A-bud dry herb. However, the advantage to buying the smaller buds at a licensed dispensary is that they are typically sold for cheaper. An ounce of A-bud dry herb can be twice the price of an ounce of B-bud dry herb. So, if you are on a tight budget, or like to get creative with infused DIY projects, check out what your local dispensary has to offer when it comes to B-bud and trim. You might be surprised by what a worthwhile bargain it is.

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