A List of The Best Titanium Dab Nails To Use

Dab nails are great for several dabs. They help you enjoy a good size of dabs you want per session. A lot of dab nails are in circulation, and each has unique functions.

The Titanium dab nails for one is designed for enhancing the heat resistance of your smoke. You will agree then that some dab nails just stand out in their functions.

Titanium dab nails – domeless titanium specifically – are an excellent choice of accessory. Your options are quite numerous and with many benefits.

Titanium dab nails often require a more extended period to get fully heated, when compared to other nails. Despite that, they have better heat retention and also ensure longer dabs. They are available in several types and designs. They are durable, and therefore, it is rare to see a titanium dab nail crack due to heat impact.

Before choosing a fresh titanium dab nail, you should consider the style and shape, titanium quality, and then dab size. Based on these elements, we have compiled a complete list containing different titanium nails. If you are looking for adjustable titanium nails with excellent quality and functions, this list is a must-read.

Female Titanium Nail for Dabbing

Female Titanium Nail for Dabbing

The Female titanium nail is not your regular dab nail. There is a screwing mechanism of the dab plate right at the top of this nail. You are working it more straightforwardly than it appears. It allows for easy cleaning too. Furthermore, an influx of air is the main highlight of the nail as it has six-hole intakes on the dab plate. In all, there is optimal airflow and no stress at all on your lungs.

The female titanium nail will fit 14mm and 18mm male rigs, making it an essential accessory to have. With the size of the dish, your dabbing promises to be just pleasurable.

Domeless Nail for Dab Rigs

The domeless dab nail for dab rigs is a male nail that will simply fit most dab rigs. It is well-matched with 14mm and 19mm female joints. So, you know it has multiple attachment capacities.

There is a dab hole of diameter 6 mm. Through this, the air influx is set. Also, a dab plate of 0.75 diameter is a part of the nail’s design. It is sufficient for all kinds of dabbing.

In addition to this, the dab plate may be unscrewed from the top. Unscrewing and tightening makes it easy to clean and even easier to dab. You could undoubtedly use this nail for years.

Domeless Titanium Nail Male and Female

Domeless Titanium Nail Male and Female

A typical titanium nail heats up faster than quartz or ceramic nails. However, it will cool as quickly as either will. Your timing should, therefore, be nothing short of perfect because it will give you better results.

This particular accessory is a one fit for all since it works for both male and female. It is compatible with 10mm and 15mm of the same.

It has a stable grade 2 titanium body and makes for a reasonable investment; you know it will last. You do not need a glass dome to use this nail; it works fine independently. It is also quite famous for compactness of size. You can consider purchasing dab plates of interest alongside as you switch from male to female in seconds.

Domeless Titanium Dab Nail

Domeless Titanium Dab Nail

Starting from its structure and physical appearance, the domeless titanium dab nail is built for longevity. It is robust and allows ease of use. It is a female dab nail and works well for 10mm male stems.

The domeless nail can be split or unscrewed around the midsection into two parts. It makes it easy to clean and maintain.

It is a great pick for beginners and existing enthusiasts. Just apply wax via nail top and feel the flavor of the vapor. You can absolutely depend on its quality for multiple dab hits and sessions and will last longer when managed well.                                                                

Male Titanium Domeless Nail

Male Titanium Domeless Nail

This male titanium nail is as sturdy as any domeless nail gets. You will conveniently use a carb cap with this kind of nail. Of course, you continue to enjoy the last bits of your concentrate in shallow temperatures when the carb cap is on.

It comes with a dab plate that can unscrew from the top. So when scooping your extract in, you can screw off too if the airflow is too much. This way, you are in control. Also, 14mm and 19mm female joints are suitable for the nail. The dab hole diameter is quite adequate for all medium dabs and robust kinds.

Universal Domeless Titanium Nail

Universal Domeless Titanium Nail

It is universal in the name and function. This titanium nail is a 10, 14, and 18mm reversible domeless accessory. It fits just about all, if not all, kinds of dab rigs. The reversible function is such that it can work as a female or male connection at will so that it can fit any dab rig of choice.

In addition to this, there is a GR2 titanium female joint that is suitable for male rigs and accessories of the same size. Like this, the male fitting also fits in the right female connections. With their quality, you enjoy repeated use for as long as you maintain correctly.

Titanium Nail with Sidecar

The sidecar feature of this titanium nail is the ultimate switch up for your whole set up. You could use this nail every other day without breaking a sweat. The side piece or sidecar heats faster than a regular titanium nail, since the nail is disjointed from the full joint.

Male and female joints fit this accessory, so you can fix up the nail on either and heat up. Scoop in some extract and enjoy the vapor. Mostly, the sidecar keeps the heat off your rig by holding the dab bowl at a safe distance. Also, it protects your face. This titanium dab nail is super easy to clean and offers a direct inject.

Multi-fitting Nail

The idea behind multi-fitting is to accommodate as many rigs as possible. So, it fits 14mm and 18mm dabs rings. The nail is exclusively made for e-nails with long-lasting components. When using the nail, avoid direct contact around rig joints. Instead, consider using a drop-down or glass adapter. It enhances rig preservation. However, you should slow down on the heat application to preserve the glass adapter. The airflow of the multi fitting nail is smooth and is friendly for your lungs.

Titanium Banger

We did mention material quality as a basic requirement for tooth titanium dab nails, and this banger has it. It can be used with 14 and 18mm male joints, respectively. The combo with either male joint makes it a great fit with almost all kinds of pipe with a female linkage.

You can simply apply heat to the bucket around the banger until you have enough for your dab. Scoop in your concentrate and enjoy it. Even though it heats faster and lasts longer, the banger is protection against heat, away from your glass. Heat lasts longer, so you have an optimal smoking experience.

Titanium Nail with a removable head

This nail has a removable head; therefore, it merely stands out amongst other varieties. It is made of grade two aluminum, which enhances faster heating and, ultimately, a quicker dab. The 3 inches size is built to house 18.8mm dab joints. It is a super combination that you can consider if you want to upgrade.

To use this nail, measure in some concentrate. Luckily this is perfect for tiny and waxy concentrates. You feel the vaporizing sizzle if not even hear it. After this, it is ready for use; continue to dab. The nail is built to last long and produces a burst of flavor.



E-nails are formerly called electronic nails. They are the newest addition in the world of domeless nails. A few qualities naturally set them apart since they are not the regular kind of dab nails.

Using one will prove to be an exciting experience because they are a very safe breed.The heat source of this nail is electricity in place of a blow torch. Yes, that easy. It completely kicks out the stress of predicting how much heat is appropriate and how to protect your face from the heat. You only need to adjust the temperature according to preference. It is the ideal dab nail as vapor remains as fresh as ever. Some of the most popular e-nails are titanium made and are still efficient for dabbing.

Final Thoughts

A titanium dab nail is a better choice when switching away from metal or quartz. Even better if you are just beginning your journey as a dabber. If you like to dab at low temperatures, it will take a while to achieve this temperature on a regular titanium nail. Once completed, your hits become as robust as you want them to be. A titanium domeless nail is a good investment without much stress.

Remember to clean off after every dab session because extract builds up produces less fresh dabs. Happy Dabbing!

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