15 Reasons Why You Should Get a Silicone Bong

While most smokers will tell you that glass bongs and water pipes are considered the golden standard in smoking, some will argue that silicone bongs are a better alternative.

In fact, using a silicone bong is actually a great way of enjoying the benefits of your favorite herbs and botanicals. Interested to find out why many herb consumers are switching to using a silicone bong instead of a glass one? Check out as we like 15 reasons why you should get a silicone bong.

1. They are Safe

One of the most asked questions of smokers who are planning to use a silicone bong is safety. Silicone bongs are safe as manufacturers see to it that the raw materials, they use to achieve their final product will not compromise the health of their customers.

Silicone bongs do not emit toxic waste when heated as they use non-toxic and food-grade materials.

2. They are Durable

One of its strongest suits, some of the more expensive and high-end silicone bongs are nearly indestructible. Especially when compared to glass, having a silicone bong makes it so that you have a smoking or a vaping companion that can stand the test of time.

If you want a lifetime investment, buying a silicone water bong might be a good start.

3. They are Portable

Compared to carrying a glass bong, you will have an easier time carrying a silicone bong. That is because a silicone bong is easy to pack making it a more portable option. Say you have a backpack with a limited capacity, the silicone bong can be bent and folded to adjust its form and fit in your backpack, especially during short trips.

4. They are Lightweight

Silicone bongs are also lighter than glass bongs which is why it is easier to bring them with you during vacations and trips out of town. You need not bother yourself about packing separate luggage for your smoking paraphernalia. You can easily bring your silicone bong with you and not have to worry about hauling a heavy load.

5. They are Affordable

Because silicone bongs can be mass-produced, they are generally cheaper and more affordable than glass bongs. See, glass bongs require the skill and adeptness of a professional glassblower so there is some level of craftsmanship involved in the making of glass bongs.

This makes the price of glass bongs a tad higher compared to the molded and mass-produced silicone bongs. Some glass bongs in the premium category can fetch as much as a thousand dollars.

6. They are Easy to Clean

Because silicone bongs are flexible compared to their glass cousins, it will be easy to reach every nook and cranny of silicone bongs. You can also use cleaning agents to make the upkeep easier but typically, keeping a silicone bong squeaky-clean is easier than a glass piece.

A glass bong may develop resinous buildup which requires careful cleaning as you can easily break the glass in the process.

7. They are Easy to Maintain

What makes maintaining a glass bong easy is that you can either wash it with soap and warm water or you can leave it in your freezer. Because silicone is heat-resistant, you can be sure that it can withstand the warm water that will melt the resinous buildup.

The freezer method will freeze the buildup and you can just twist the bong a few times until the buildup is loosened. From here you can just wash it until it is clean. If you are feeling a bit lazy, you will be happy to know that most silicone bongs are also dishwasher safe.

8. They are Beginner-Friendly

A silicone bong is also easy to recommend for beginners because they do not require as much care and attention as a glass one. Because they are durable you do not have to worry about breaking them when using them.

Even those without much experience smoking or vaping will soon feel confident and comfortable using a silicone bong because it eliminates the potential risks of damage due to mishandling.

9. They are Easy to Use

Somehow related to being beginner-friendly, using a silicone bong can be seen as something that’s easier compared to using a glass one. Because silicone bongs have a reputation of being tough, it involves a smaller possibility that things will break if you do it wrong.

A silicone bong may have a bowl made of glass or steel. These components will be fitted or attached to a silicone body that does not require any special actions. It is typically just plug-and-play. This no-fuss no-muss operation makes silicone bongs one of the smoking apparatuses that are easy to use.

10. They are Travel-Friendly

Silicone bongs are also travel-friendly because you do not have to worry about them breaking inside your bag or in your suitcase. Remember, it is nearly indestructible.

11. They are Aesthetically Beautiful

Glass bongs can also be aesthetically beautiful as a glass bong. These often come in a marbling hue which gives silicone bongs their unique look.

12. They come in a Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Because silicone bongs are typically molded into shape, they can be had in various shapes and sizes. They do follow the general water pipe structure, but other aesthetic improvements and supplementations can be added to create a distinct form.

13. They are Widely Available

Because silicone bongs can be mass-produced, they are more widely available than glass bongs. Some glass bongs are even made to order so those who want a glass piece right away may need to wait before they can get their hands on one.

Silicone bongs, on the other hand, are typically available in your local head shops and dispensaries.

14. They Do Not Smell

Because silicone bongs closely resemble plastic, many consumers suspect that they might leave the same smell of heated plastic. Contrary, silicone helps faithfully maintain the overall quality of the smoke and the vapor of your select materials.

15. They are just like Glass Bongs

If you have used a glass bong before, you will not have to make any adjustments as silicone bongs do function similarly to glass bongs.

Final Thoughts

Silicone bongs make for a good alternative to glass bongs. They may not overtake traditional and conventional glass pieces, but you can be sure that almost every smoker and vaper has some form of silicone pipe in their arsenal.


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