10 Tips for the Best Vaping Session Experience with Friends

Vaping has been one of the most popular alternatives to smoking. Not only has it presented a healthier means of reaping the benefits of your select herbs, waxes, and oils, but it also allowed recreational consumers and medicating patients to share sessions with their closest friends.

For those who like partaking with their friends, here are 10 tips to enjoy the best group session with your friends. So, let us get started.

1. Find a Place to Vape

While you can start a group session just about anywhere else, it is important to find a vape-friendly place before any of you start firing up your vaporizers. After all, you don’t want to be interfered by bystanders and passersby who would give you and your friends the look of disdain and disapproval.

That said, it’s best to find a place where vaping is accepted and where you and your friends can consume your favorite materials in private. Ask a buddy to help you locate spots in the city where you can hang out and get to vaping.

2. Use a Desktop Vaporizer

If you or your friends can get the chance to use a desktop vape during your sessions, grab it. Desktop devices are often more powerful than their portable counterparts and will most likely be able to deliver more potent rips that can knock you and your buddies off your feet.

In addition, using a desktop vaporizer can make your sessions more social. Instead of passing around a pen, you sit the desktop vape at the table and pass the whip instead. Here, you and your closest friends can gather around, exchange stories, and catch up.

3. Carry an Extra Vape

If vaping with a desktop vaporizer is not an option, the next best thing to do is to bring a spare vaporizer. This means that you might have to carry an extra vape from your arsenal so you guys would not have to wait for a long turn.

Furthermore, carrying an extra vape means that should the one you are using break down, you can easily replace it to continue your sessions instead of cutting it short because you no longer have a vaporizer. And while we are on the topic of spares...

4. Bring an Extra Battery

Just in case that the place you and your friends have selected does not offer an electrical outlet to plug in or to recharge your vaporizer, carrying spare batteries ensures that you and your folks can continue your vaping sessions — at least until your spares run out.

On that note, you might also want to bring an extra charger or an external charger to keep the session going.

5. Have Extra Herbs, Wax or Oil

Whether you are into vaping herbs, wax concentrates, or oils, whichever you guys are into, you should bring extra when with friends. That is because no matter what preparation you make in terms of the vaporizer, if you do not have any materials to consume, you will have to end your session.

Make sure to bring your herb container, an additional wax jar, or spare cartridges. You might also want to assign it to a particular friend who can procure these items from a dispensary.

6. Bring Food and Water

All that huffing and puffing will deplete your energy. And when that happens you and your friends are going to have the munchies. So, make sure to pack a few snacks, especially if you do not have the means to order food or if there are no nearby stores that sell snacks in the location where you will be vaping.

You also might want to bring water to keep yourself hydrated while vaping. You would want to have that bottle of water when you start coughing after having a long pull from your vaporizer.

Speaking of which...

7. Bring Edibles 

While most of your friends would not mind inhaling vapors, others might want other means of experiencing the recreational effect of your favorite plant matter. That said, you might want to bring edibles infused with the psychoactive effects of your favorite herbs.

You can bring cookies, gummi bears, and even infused beverages so that everyone (using a vaporizer or not) will be in the same vibe as you are.

It’s good to take note that before the effects of edibles start to hit, your gut must digest the food you ate so it may take any time from several minutes to an hour before its effect is felt. In addition, you might want to tell your friends that its effect will be more potent and longer lasting than that from a vaporizer.

8. Think of other Activities

While stories never end, especially when you and your friends are having fun, there will come a point that everyone will get bored. So, to spice things up, you can think of fun games to play when you are all baked.

Board games are the best. Think of Jenga and other interactive board games that require participants to engage. You might also want to watch a movie as there are tons of stoner movies you can enjoy watching while in a group session.

Just remember that these activities are meant to kill boredom so avoid being overly competitive.

9. Take Pictures

Group sessions are slowly becoming a rarity, especially with the pandemic and all. So, make sure to take photographs to capture memories of that fun time you had with your friends.

Did anyone say fun?

10. Have Fun

Lastly, remember to always have fun. Different people consume herbs, waxes, and oils for different reasons. Some consume them to address certain medical issues while others use them to help them relax. But when you are vaping with your friends, always remember that you are out there to have fun.


Vaping with your friends is always a fun activity. Not only do you get to consume your favorite vaping products, but you also get to share them with people who have the same interest. When looking for a vaporizer to bring on your next group session, check out the Titan 2 from Dark Side Vapes and the Steam Cloud EVOD from Steam Cloud Vapes.

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